Friday, December 10, 2010

NYT Follows True News: Albany Infested With Lobbyist Sleazy Way

Yesterday's True News WAGS the NYT DOG

Lobbyist Patricia Lynch Pension Corruption Gives Us A Real View Of Albany Pay to Play Culture

Lynch's  Kickback to Pols and Their Staff is the Albany Norm


Todays NYT Editorial  

Lobbying for Gold in Albany "Tougher lobbying laws are needed in order to change Albany’s relentlessly corrupt culture. Patricia Lynch, one of the most influential lobbyists in New York State, has agreed to pay a $500,000 fine and will be prohibited from doing any business with the state pension fund for five years. When one considers the sleazy way she maneuvered to get lucrative pension investments for her clients, that is only a slap on the wrist."  *


NYT What About Steve Rattner?

You have not written an editorial against this man who did the same Sleazy Pay to Play as Pat Lynch.  Lynch paid Mod Squad Peggy Lipton kid as a payoff to her boy friend a Hevesi aid to get on the New York Pension fund gravy train.  Rattner funded the movie of the brother of another Hevesi aid to get $$$ from the pension fund.  And Rattner truthfulness could soon be the subject of a criminal indictment by the AG * An attorney sees a cautionary tale in the NYT story about the fight between Steve Rattner and Cuomo.

True News Steve Rattner TimeLine of Corruption

Blame Shel for the mess: poll  That's one of the findings of a new poll on the dysfunctional state government that found 57 percent of voters say the powerful Democratic Assembly speaker from lower Manhattan is part of the problem. (NYP)  Albany ethics watchdog warns agency is underfunded (DN) * "The fall of Vincent L. Leibell III, who pleaded guilty Monday to federal corruption charges, is a case study of why so many people can no longer stomach politics or politicians, especially those who make deals in Albany. Right or wrong, it confirms the worst of what so many skeptics believe about their public servants," says GNS.

More Anti Incumbent
State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s “underperformance” in his old assembly district does not bode well for the Nassau County Democrats, Dan Janison says.

GOP-controlled Legislature picks self to do redistricting

Where are the NYC Papers on This  . . .  Parker Went After A Journalist
The TU calls on the Senate to punish Sen. Kevin Parker following his conviction on misdemeanor charges.

Jon Stewart on 9/11 Health Bill: G.O.P. Putting 'Bros Before Heroes' [VIDEO]

Team Andy stars AG, HUD & Mario alums (NYP) *A new business committee plans to raise $10 million to help Governor-elect Andrew M. Cuomo in an expected battle with New York public-sector workers. Cuomo Gains an Ally for a Looming Fight With the Public-Employee Unions (NYT) * Governor-Elect Turns to Longtime Aides as He Fills Top Jobs in His Administration (NYT) * Making Appointments, Cuomo Turns to Familiar Hands(WSJ) * Gov.-elect Cuomo raids his AG's staff for top posts (DN)* The man occupying the top post among Cuomo’s senior staff, Steve Cohen, wanted to leave state government, but agreed to stay after prodding by the governor-elect.*  Labor Wars (YNN) * Nearly two-thirds of respondents to a RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll say GOP control of the Senate will improve Cuomo’s chances of achieving fiscal reform.

Sen. Craig Johnson filed an appeal brief seeking a hand count in the 7th SD. 

Pay No Attention to the Billionaire Behind the Curtain Running A Presidential Campaign

Mayor Bloomberg launched a high- profile national campaign this week -- but for whatspecific path forward for America.  Mike's wandering eye (NYP Ed ) * exactly is not clear. And though he makes valid points, he fails to offer any Mayor Bloomberg calls out both Republicans and Democrats for failing the nation on jobs (DN) * Bloomberg LP has big, big plans that coincidentally correspond with the timing of the next presidential election. * New York is not Washington, Joyce Purnick reminds us (and the mayor). * The Post, which endorsed Bloomberg for a third term, suggests he focus on the job he already has.*  ‘No Labels’ Line-Up Includes AKON…Bloomberg * Ralph Nader has 21 reasons why President Bloomberg could actually happen. * Mayor Bloomberg talked immigration reform with fellow captains of industry. *Mike Bloomberg Pumps Up the White House Volume With A Christmas Story (Robbins, Village Voice)

What the Crow
The less money the state has the less money it will send to NYC
Bloomberg Crows Over Dumping NYC OTB On The State (YNN)

"The statistics are staggering: among 30 developed countries, the U.S. is ranked 25th in math and 21st in science. It's estimated that by the year 2020, there will be 123 million high-paying, high-skill jobs in the United States, but only 50 million Americans will be qualified to fill these positions."     Waiting to Superman 

Class-backwards 21 new schools added to fail list (NYP) * Educator Is Said to Have Rejected Chancellor Job (NYT) * Bronx Teacher Has Miscarriage After Trying to Stop Fight (NYT) * Report: Black was Bloomy's second choice for schools post (DN) * State adds 21 more to list of 'failing' city schools (DN) * Cathie Black Says She WAS Bloomberg's First Choice (UPDATED) * US Education Secretary Arne Duncan says Black has the potential to be a “fantastic leader.” 

NY Weaklings Blame the GOP

Republicans Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers (NYT) * GOP blocks number of dream bills for New Yorkers (DN) *   Senate Republicans refused Ground Zero responders a vote or even an explanation on Zadroga bill (DN Ed) * Senate Votes Against Beginning Debate On 9/11 Health Care Bill (NY1) * "With the Zadroga 9/11 health care bill stalled in the Senate, Manhattan Congressional members Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney traveled to Ground Zero to take aim at their colleagues in the upper chamber" -- and sing, writes David Freedlander.

Terrorism   Zazi dad denies rap  The father of the New York City subway-bomb plotter appeared yesterday in Brooklyn federal court to plead not guilty to immigration fraud. (NYP) * Hate Charges for 2 Accused of Attacking an Imam (NYT) * Two Brought Up On Hate Crime Charges Following Attack On Imam (NY1)

Murder At the Soho House?
Law and Order   Son of 'sicko' songwriter grilled after swimsuit star tragedy at Soho House (NYP) * Creepy life with Oscar-winner ‘rapist’ father (NYP) * Scandal runs in family for dead fashionista's boyfriend (DN)  * Drug' den Columbia frats shut (NYP) * Gang Activity Now a Focus for Immigration Agents (NYT)  *  Designer Found Dead in Bathtub at Hotel * Designer's Death at Soho House Probed(WSJ) * Trump loses round vs NYS(WSJ) * NY man charged with child pornography (WSJ)  * Fashion designer Sylvie Cachay was on her way to industry's top (DN) * My dad's a Grinch, says Columbia University drug suspect (DN) * Feds intercept bags o' cash meant for Genovese family (DN) * Queens man, Ukrainian teen busted in call-girl ring (DN) * Police Search For Harlem Burglary Suspect (NY1) * Report: Man Being Questioned In Death At SoHo House (NY1) * Crown Heights Rabbis’ Gag Order (NYT) * NYPD Commish Kelly outraged that gunman who wounded cop walking free (NYP) * Jewish hate crime victim testifies after being beaten by two teens (NYP)

President Obama Brings Bill Clinton In To Talk Tax Plan…And Then Leaves To Go To A Christmas Party!

Chuck Schumer vs. President Obama (Politico)

Weiner Has Schumer Back
  Liberal Split: Sharpton, Weiner Battle Over Taxes * Weiner: Obama Sees Presidency As 'Negotiator-In-Chief'