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NYT Joins Rattner's Delusional Defense and Cuomo Threaten

Two things the NYT does not mention in today's story on Rattner spin fight with Cuomo is that the accused is best friends with the publisher of the paper and that economic future of the paper was depending on the GMAC bailout in Washington which Rattner help put together.  Cuomo Pension Inquiry Grows Nasty * The NYT Shows Why Cuomo's After Rattner Columbia Journalism Review (blog)* Going after Rattner [UPDATED]Politico (blog)

Is Rattner's wife blackmailing Cuomo Thur the NYT?   
Is that a Crime to Threaten the AG?

"In conversations with people in her social circle these days, Maureen White, the wife of the financier Steven L. Rattner, shares a dark prediction: embarrassing information will soon surface about how Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo has handled an investigation involving her husband."

True News Steve Rattner TimeLine of Corruption


Where the Jail Time for Lynch?  She goes right on doing her consulting corruption * Naming Names

Payoffs, Bribes If your connected all you do is pay a fine 

Pat Lynch caught up in pension scandal (DN) Lynch is the second lobbying group to get caught up in the Hevesi pension corruption scandal.  The first to pay a fine was Global Strategy   Quadrangle Settles with Cuomo, Trashes Rattner; Global Fined Too  * Lobbyist Ensnared in Fund Scandal (NYT)

More Pension Scandals 

Andrew Cuomo Settles With Ex-Mario Cuomo Aide Jerry Weiss, who worked for the governor-elect’s father in both political and state government roles, admitted to acting as an unlicensed placement agent. 

89% of New Yorkers think their government is broken

Only 45% think Cuomo will be able to fix that broken government, and 42% say he'll fail at it.
The state Legislature won't be any help, say 57% of those polled -- and 57% also say Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is part of the problem. Can Cuomo Save Albany? NYers Aren’t Sure

True News Wrote On September 2, 2010 
The Pension Fund Cover-Up: Billions in Government Funds Will Be Need to Keep the Funds Afloat

Today the NYP Calls It A Bombshell
$120B bombshell  State retirement funds in hole. New York state's public pension funds are underfunded by a staggering $120 billion -- and taxpayers will have to shell out an additional $8.5 billion a year by 2015 to keep them in the black, according to a report released yesterday.(NYP)

Albany's Pork Parade  Dangle taxpayer cash in front of a New York lawmaker's eyes and you can kiss it goodbye: Much of it is sure to wind up in his or her own pocket. That's the lesson of the endless chain of political scams in Albany -- of which ex-Sen. Vincent Leibell (R-Putnam) is only the latest perpetrator. And the only hope for ending such crimes is to keep lawmakers as far away from the cash as possible. By banning "member items."(NYP Ed) 

NYT Talks About Albany's Member Items Abuses, But Does Mention A Word About the Two Year Federal Investigation of the Council's Slush Fund
Loose Money in Albany The system of passing out millions of dollars to friends and favored institutions in New York is in need of drastic reform.

True News Reporting on the City Council Slush Fund

The State Senate Has Another Monserrate Problem

Is attacking your girlfriend with a glass different from attacking a reporter who wants to take your picture? John Sampson on Kevin Parker's misdemeanor charge: "I'm not thinking that this warrants expulsion."



"Closing NYC OTB Will Lead to the Reduction or End of Tax Revenue From All New York's Horse Racing Tracks." 

OTB sent a high percentage of the money it took in to the NYSRA operators of the state horse racing track.  So not only are 800 jobs lost by the lack of senate action the taxes paid by the NYSRA to the state are now going to be reduced.  Beating a dead horse (NYP) * NYC OTB closing after Senate nixes rescue plan (WSJ)  * State Senate Votes Down OTB Rescue Plan (NY1) * Only two Republicans – Sens. Roy McDonald and Frank Padavan – voted “yes” in the end. The overall vote: 29-21. * New York taxpayers could now be on the hook for $600 million worth of new liabilities due to the bailout bill’s failure.


The 3.6-mph bus (NYP) * The Bus You Can Outwalk(WSJ)

In City, a Bridge for Koch and a Tunnel for Carey (NYT)




Black Still Wants Her Kids to Go to Gossip Girl Type Private Schools 

Cathie Black Lawsuit No. 2 Norman Siegel and Herbert Teitelbaum * Parent Group Sues State Over Cathie Black Waiver

Black not sure if she'd send her kids to city school (DN) *  Cathie in UFT snub (NYP) * For New York, Teachers Still in Idle Limbo (NYT) * 14 More Schools Targeted for Closure * Cathie Black grasps the dire fiscal realities she faces as new schools chancellor (DN Ed) * CSEA acknowledged the Paterson administration’s plan to lay off some 900 state workers is legal due to exploitation of a “loophole.”* Incoming NYC Schools Chancellor Cathie Black has been too busy to meet with UFT President Michael Mulgrew. 

"New York City officials estimate that cleaning up potentially cancer-causing PCBs from hundreds of its schools would cost a staggering $1 billion, and they want more time before taking action," says the WSJ.

$100 ticket - for throwing out newspaper (NYP)

Officials Look to Turn Up Heat on Landlords(WSJ) * Thousands of New Yorkers freezing as mercury drops (DN)

New York's Election Meltdown NY's electric pickpockets (NYP Ed) * To Trim Deficit, Mayor Seeks Increased Fees for Recreation (NYT) * As City Fixes Buildings, Reimbursements Lag (NYT) * City Delays Cleanup of PCBs at Schools(WSJ) * Port Authority's new budget holds line on tolls(WSJ) Strapped city urges workers to power down their computers after work (DN) * Drivers are meter mad over $1/hour parking (DN) * The state’s pension system is a ticking financial time bomb, according to a new Empire Center report.* Bronx motorists and businesses are upset with the Bloomberg administration’s decision to raise parking meter prices in the outer boroughs.* Andrew Cuomo's No-New Taxes pledge could bring transit cuts.

Law and Order 'Columbian' drug ring is broken up Five Ivy Leaguers busted (NYP) * 'Hooker' gets off cheaply (NYP) * 'Ice-pick' charges (NYP) * 5 at Columbia Are Charged in Drug Sales (NYT) *Columbia Five in 'Operation Ivy League' Drug Sting (WSJ) * Time Served for Woman Once Called ‘No. 1 Escort’ (NYT) * 'Young guns' shock A quarter of Manhattan's gun-possession defendants are 18 or younger (NYP) * Even at Columbia, couldn't escape the lure of drugs (DN) * Bride killer says husband paid to have her whacked * Queens woman says cops beat her over dog poo * Indictment Expected In Garza Murder Case


Creating Jobs in A Press Speech While Laying Off City Workers.  Does Anyone Remember the Term Limits Economic Augment to Allow the Mayor to Run for  A  Third Term and the city would be in good financial shape

Bloomberg Critiques Economic Policies (NYT)* Ben Smith notes Bloomberg’s economic platform basically mirrors the views of the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups.

At the Brooklyn Navy Yard press conference, the mayor outlined six principles of job creation -- none of which he could accomplish as mayor, but all of which he could tackle as president.*

Bloomberg Urges Centrist Solutions to Nation’s Economic Woes

Mike Bloomberg is laying out his vision to grow jobs this morning. Which is also something a presidential candidate would do. Just saying.* To help close a $2.4 billion budget gap, the Bloomberg administration has proposed doubling the admission fee at the city's 32 recreation centers and increasing the fee to play on tennis courts and ball fields.
Mayor Bloomberg’s speech this morning on job creation will all but certainly fan the “Bloomberg 2012″ flames. And that, according to one dignitary invited to the event, “is what this is all about.”   President Obama's tax deal with Republicans is a sorry piece of politics (DN Ed) * Bloomy shares presidential vision for job creation (DN)  Mrs. Mayor: Patti Harris Is the Gatekeeper for a Bloomberg Empire That Extends Well Beyond Government



Can New York's Senators Deliver?

 9/11 Health Bill Headed to a Senate Vote(WSJ)  * Supporters Of 9/11 Health Bill Make Final Push (NY1)




8 Charged with Polluting Brooklyn Creek





 Lennon's eerie last interview (NYP) *The Tea Maker By YOKO ONO(NYT ED) *  John Lennon loved New York, and the city loved him right back (DN) *  The Dark December of John Lennon


Media and New Tech Will “Parker Spitzer” soon be just “Spitzer”?