Tuesday, December 28, 2010

40 Years Ago It Was The Lindsay Snow Storm, Today the Media Kid Gloves Shields Bloomberg From Blame

"Get Out of Queens You Bum Lindsay"

Perhaps no event has shown how much the media is in the tank with the mayor than the Sunday's snowstorm.  40 years ago the NYT, Daily News and other media charged Mayor Lindsay for Paralyzed the city Remembering a Snowstorm That Paralyzed the City(NYT) * WINTER OF DISCONTENT LINDSAY'S SNOWSTORM, 1969 (DN) * The "Lindsay Snowstorm" (Feb. 9-10, 1969) * WINTER OF DISCONTENT LINDSAY’S SNOWSTORM, 1969 (DN)

Today the Media Shields the Mayor From Blame

Outrage as transit stops, Bloomy insists 'the city is going on' (NYP) * Choreographing a Snowplow Ballet, to Mixed Reviews (Again) (NYT) *Christmas Blizzard of 2010: LaGuardia, JFK airports are back flying, but mass transit remains a mess (DN) Times continues to pimp for the mayor this afternoon Mayor Asks for Patience as City Struggles With Cleanup (NYT)

Even the NYP Editorial Was Soft on the Mayor Next time, try harder (NYP Ed) After 9 years of practice in office and his eye on the presidency fat chance.




When real problems were written about the media distanced blame from the mayor or included this public relations team spin - Mayor explanation for 3 hour 911 backup "To many non emergency calls"


Only the WSJ Brought Up the Budget Cuts as a possible cause  Budget Cuts Seen Slowing Cleanup(WSJ)  



Only the Staten Island Advance Allowed Anger to Be Expressed Against the Mayor

Islanders slam pathetic blizzard response: City gets an 'F'


"NOBODY is plowed," one Sunnyside resident told the Advance after comparing notes with friends in other Island neighborhoods. "Everybody is cursing Sanitation and the mayor. Something went terribly wrong with the city's response to this."   . . .  "While Bloomberg ate a snack of pickles, coleslaw and Saltine crackers at the diner, callers flooded the Advance newsroom with queries about transit service. Many said they were frustrated after not being able to reach 311 for answers." . . .  "It left Islanders scratching their heads about the root cause of the inadequate response. Some suggested it was the result of Sanitation workers' engaging in a deliberate slowdown as a result of a labor dispute with the mayor. Others thought the city was caught off-guard with staffing levels at a bare minimum during the Christmas weekend. And some deemed the cause simpler yet: Failure of leadership at City Hall."



When the Media Creates A False Reality It Changes History and

Media Cover Ups Public Anger

In the 60's when the media was less corporate owned and public relations experts did not influence reporters like today the public anger came out Mayor Lindsay and ended his political future.


 The Lindsay Snow Storm

A few months later the mayor lost the republican primary. Lindsay was re-elected as an independent but his career was over. He made an embarrassing attempt to run for president in 1972. People from Queens traveled to primaries and heckled him.  In 1980 Lindsay ran in the New York democratic primary for U.S. Senate. He came in third with 15 percent of the vote. By the 1990’s he was sick and broke. Mayor Giuliani appointed him to some city jobs so he would qualify for a pension and health care. He died in 2000.

Mayor John Lindsay, the republican Kennedy they called him, nearing the end of his first term went to Queens and attempted to walk the streets to calm people. His limo got stuck. He got in a four wheel drive truck but it didn’t help. Lindsay walked. Just as he did in Harlem when he stopped race riots from breaking out the year before. The storm was crueler. People booed him. Others yelled ” get out of here you bum.”


Update NYT Follows True News' Comparison of Bloomberg's Storm to Lindsay's

True News Wags the NYT Again

Readers Recall Another Mayor, and Another Storm(NYT)

* NYP Cheerleads Also  Mayor says blizzard clean-up is 'a bad situation'


But the NYT Being Bloomberg's Cheerleader Let the Readers Compare Bloomberg to Linday

NY's Dumbest; NYC sanitation workers destroy a Ford Explorer (Video)


 Media has not reported which subway lines are running

  2.   NewYorkology The mta.info site also now has more line-by-line updates for SI, Queens, Mn and Bx -- (though not as easily tweetable "stay-home" Bklyn) (Twitter) *  NewYorkology  MTA: no bus service on B1, B2, B4, B6, B9, B11, B13, B31, B35, B36, B44, B49, B61, B64, B67, B68, B69, B70 and B74. http://bit.ly/6M5Kq3


Sen. Diaz Reporting From The Bronx

  1. BushwickBK bushwickbk Every train and especially bus is still suffering severe delays, the L doesn't run from Myrtle all the way to Rockaway Pkwy now. (Twitter)
  2.  2010 

Bloomberg Tries To Take Control of Narrative of Snow Clean-Up (Obsever) * Angry City Council members to hold hearings on snow removal failures * Sarcastic Bloomy quips, says 'we are doing the best we can' as reputation takes hit (DN) *Sarcastic Bloomberg Regrets “Everything In The World” During Hostile Blizzard Press Conference (Mediaiate) * Sarcastic Michael Bloomberg: 'I regret everything in the world' (Wash Post) * ItCH Alert: Sanitation Commissioner Admits Storm "Got Ahead of Us," Used Workers With Less Training (NY1)

benpolitico  RT @samgf: Hey @CoryBooker if you come plow my street in Brooklyn, I'll vote for you when you run for President. Bloomberg hasn't done jack. (Twitter) * Ben Smith benpolitico RT @andylevy: BREAKING: Mayor Bloomberg to go on "Morning Joe" and blame NYC's poor blizzard response on hyper-partisanship. (Twitter)

Well I quess a presidential run would deffinately be out of the question now. Imagine Bloomberg managing the aftermath of a category 5 hurricane hitting Florida and the southern Gulf states while there is a terrorism alert in the north east. At presser he says, “Shit happens, take the day off.”(Twitter) 
Manhattan Get - Brooklyn Gets Nothing

Go To Hell, Mayor Bloomberg: This Is Why We’re Angry (Sheephead Bites) 

Even His Puppet Turns Against Him   Et Tu Brute  Quinn Calls For Hearings On City Storm Response

Joseph MercurioWouldn't it be refreshing if the City Council did oversight of the mayor's disaster planning before the winter storms set in? (Twitter)

Remember: MTA Fare Hikes Just Two Days Away! (Gothamist)

Rep. Charlie Rangel has started a legal defense fund.

    Paterson Welcome To The Real World

    Gov. Paterson campaign's rent is too damn late for Park Ave. office space The state Democratic Committee has been hit with an eviction notice because the rent on office space it shared with Paterson's now-defunct campaign has not been paid since Oct. 1. (DN) * The TU thinks convicted ex-lawmakers should forego their pensions. * Carl Paladino strikes again.

    Gov. Paterson commuted John White’s prison sentence, now he must pardon John O’HaraIn his last days in office, Paterson should use his pardon power in a very different, very easy case: the unjust felony conviction of John O'Hara, who committed the crime of bucking the Brooklyn Democratic machine by voting. (DN Ed)


    The Data and the Reality Despite optimistic economic forecasts, a national survey highlights the deep and continuing pain experienced by millions of jobless Americans.(Herbert, NYT)

    An critique of the New York’s new paper ballot system.



    New House Members Wake Up to RedistrictingAlbany lawmakers will soon begin redrawing New York’s Congressional map, a process that favors insiders.


    A Great Day for the RiverThe General Electric Company has embraced its responsibility and agreed to finish removing toxic PCBs from a stretch of the Hudson River. (NYT Ed)



      How Big Is Too Big For New York City?


    CityTime Off Track: How NYC lost track of its $700 million (and counting) payroll software. (WNYC)

    Ballot Issues: Inadequate privacy and instruction are among the problems experienced in the debut of paper ballots in NYS, says the League of Women Voters. (Times Union)



    Suspect confesses in so-called 'suitcase murder': Sources (DN) *Man Arrested in Body-in-a-Suitcase Murder Law and Order  College slugger in 'rape' E. Sider charged, too (NYP) * Man held in suitcase slay (NYP) * Gun stash mystery is solved (NYP) * Shot Seton Hall hoops star on the rebound (NYP) * Fund-skimming sec'y gets schooled (NYP) * Shootings Leave Two Dead, One Wounded (WSJ) * Men tried to smuggle 92 pounds of cocaine: Prosecutors(DN) * NYPD hero watches son graduate from Police Academy (DN) *  Hassan Malik, suspect in 'suitcase murder' of Betty Williams, tells reporters he is sorry for crime (DN)


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