Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NYP and Daily News Write Editorials Showing the Public Outrage Against the Mayor. The NYT Remains Aloof

Breaking News   Court rules Black waiver did not violate law

Manhattan Vs the Outer Boroughs

The NYP and Daily News Editorials stood by their readers in the outer boroughs by attacking the mayor for the city's snow disaster.  NYT  stood by the Mayor.  Lets them wonder no more why their circulation numbers are dropping, faster then the other city papers.

NY Post Editorial City Hall snow job Michael Bloomberg, who aspires to be known as the greatest mayor ever, was a tad testy yesterday.

Daily News Editorial Complaints about blizzard cleanup hit Bloomberg like an avalanche (DN Ed) The Daily News did give Bloomberg half a loaf when they allow a lecturer from Columbia to write an op ed in support of the mayor.  Shades of the term limits battle when non profits lined up at  city hall to support the mayor.  New Yorkers, stop complaining about the snow: City Hall is doing its best to recover from blizzard (DN) By Lucius J. Riccio
 Was the word Chasten Chosen to Go Soft On the Mayor? . . .  Did the Newspapers Call Mayor Lindsay Chasten During his 1969 Snow Storm?
NYT had no editorial on the snow storm but did have one the prosecution suggests Russia’s judiciary is still under Vladimir Putin’s thumb.  The only story that included the mayor called him chasten.  New York Struggles as Blizzard’s Impact Chastens Bloomberg (NYT)  Which was oddly the same word the Daily News to described the mayor the day before  Chastened Bloomberg fights to save reputation after string of snow-removal snafus (DN) * The Staten Island street of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty was plowed clean, while the two streets next to his remained "a snow-choked winter blunderland."* Assemblyman Dov Hikind is calling for Doherty's resignation.* A Facebook page—with nealry 250 fans—has already been created for the cause

Fonzie Says He is Sorry
News Conference Update 
Unlike Lindsay Bloomberg hides from the public and surrounds himself with a corrupt Bronx Pol. Lindsay was attacked when he walked among the people of Queens.
Bloomberg Takes Blame for Response to Snowstorm(NYT) * After a day playing defense, mayor issues mea culpa for city's blizzard response...(DN) * On Snow Response, Mayor Goes from Testy to Angry to Sorry

The impact of snow covered streets and an overloaded 911 system: A woman with stroke symptoms in Midwood, Brooklyn, waited for an ambulance for six hours, finally arriving at the hospital with telltale signs of advanced brain damage. In Forest Hills, Queens, bystanders waited for three hours next to a man lying unconscious in the snow before they were able to flag down help. And in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a mother in labor who started calling 911 at 8:30 a.m. on Monday did not get an ambulance until 6 p.m., too late to save the baby.


What Good Does the Mayor Saying Broadway Shows are Open Have to A Senior In Brooklyn Who is Shut in and CannotBuy Food or Medicine?




Snowblind mayor admits: 'Probably could have done better' (NYP)With Ambulances Stuck in Snow, City Resorted to Triage (NYT) * 30 Hours' Wait for Ambulance (WSJ) * Death of newborn among blizzard tragedies as responders don't get to baby in time (DN) * NY1 Exclusive: Snow Hindered EMS Response To Dying Mother, Queens Woman Says (NY1) * Assessing Success at Snow Removal Is Tricky(NYT) * A Morsel of Humble Pie From the Mayor (NYT)Readers Recall Another Mayor, and Another Storm * Snow Complaints Piling Up (WSJ) * City Council To Hold Hearings On Local Snow Removal Efforts (NY1)A shocker: Sanitation boss' street plowned clean (DN)


True News Wags the NYT, NYP And DN  Again 

Yestertday's True News 

40 Years Ago It Was The Lindsay Snow Storm, Today the Media Kid Gloves Shields Bloomberg From Blame

Today's Papers

Readers Recall Another Mayor, and Another Storm(NYT) * NYP Cheerleads Also  Mayor says blizzard clean-up is 'a bad situation' * In Queens, Bloomberg's handling of snow drawing unfavorable comparisons to '69 blizzard bungle (DN)


But the NYT Being Bloomberg's Cheerleader Let the Readers Compare Bloomberg to Linday in their typical hands off approach

Brian Williams Captures the Heart of a Brooklyn with Times Mockery


 Fury as jets wait 12 hrs. on tarmac (NYP) * New York struggles through massive airport backlog Four Planes At JFK Have Long Waits On Tarmac(NY1)



At least the People on the N Train In Brooklyn Will not have to pay the increases until they restore service

Fares going up on NYC subways, commuter rails(WSJ) *   Don't Forget! Fares Go UP on Subways, Commuter Rails Tomorrow (WNBC) * Straphanger on travel mess: 'All of this was predictable' (AM NY)


Welcome to the Recession Albany Democrat Staffers . . . 

Now Your Care About the Unemployed

The incoming GOP majority has told the defeated Democratic leadership to cut hundreds of staffers by Jan. 20 to help close a $7 million to $14 million hole blown in the Senate budget during the Dems' leadership tenure. (NYP) GOP ax bloodies Albany Dem staffers (NYP) * Albany pols - $7M over budget - will be forced to fire 200 workers (DN) * GOP ax bloodies Albany Dem staffers * PEF and CSEA are holding vigils today for state workers who are about to be laid off. * Times Union thinks the Court of Appeals dropped the ball in the Johnson v. Martins case.

CityHallNews Cuomo says he has asked @ShellySilver and Dean Skelos to make remarks at State of the State, which has never been done before  (Twitter) * Cuomo Moves State of State To Larger Venue * Cuomo Seeks to Make a Tradition More Inclusive (NYT)


NY Minor Parties Are Puppet Organization for Sale with Very Low Enrollments
18,000 registered Conservatives in the city
11,000 registered Working Party members registered in the city
5,000 Green Party Members in the city

If you're Con then you're on Vote hike gives Conservatives ballot spot

True News Report on New York Corrupt Political Parties


Mike's mosque myopia He likes the part that gives Muslims the right to build a house of worship just about anywhere they want. But the part guaranteeing a separation between religion and government? Not so much.(NYP Ed)

Crime Stats Like New Math

Answering Critics, Police Release Minor-Crime Data An official says the information should rebuff claims the department had manipulated statistics to make the number of felonies appear artificially low. (NYT) * NYPD crime numbers disprove police-bashers' cockamamie Compstat theory (DN Ed) 

Law and Order Bank thugs make the Yuletide pay (NYP) *'Suitcase killer' defense: 'She hit me first' (NYP) * Writs end for 'Vinny' Judge: Stop notes(NYP) * Man Charged in Death of Woman Found in Suitcase (NYT) * NYPD: 2 shot in barber shop, 1 fatally(WSJ) * Accused gang killer to be tried as adult for double slay (DN) * 'Suitcase murder' suspect says he's sorry for murder (DN) * Play on: Judge tosses suit against Inwood Hill chess players * Jewel heist caught on camera, thieves blasted hole into wall of diamond store (DN)


Media and New Tech Parker Spitzer made David Hinckley’s list of worst TV shows of 2010. *  iwantmedia Mobile media time rising as consumer time spent with TV, newspapers & magazines declines, says eMarketer

National Economy

As Home Prices Drop, 'Serious Reasons To Worry' About Economy