Sunday, November 21, 2010

True News Update All Weekend: DN: Tension with the Mayor and Deteriorating Public Education Image Pushed Klein Education Mayor Picked Public Relations Spinner Black

Daily News: Tension with the Mayor and Deteriorating Public Education Image Pushed Klein
Education Mayor Picked Public Relations Spinner Black

With the coming education cuts and the fallout of the scandal with the dumbed down tests, the Daily News says it became clear to Klein that the Mayor wanted him to move on.  The mayor who needs to keep his image as the mayor who turned around the city's schools if he hopes to reach the White House in 2012 picked Hearst Magazines Chairwoman Cathie Black is known for her salesmanship. Tensions with Mayor Bloomberg caused schools Chancellor Joel Klein's surprise exit, sources say (DN) *  Mayor Bloomberg must get Cathie Black as schools chancellor if mayoral control means anything (DN Ed)  The NYP continues to distract by spinning that Black know how to cut. It's slash & 'learn' for Black (NYP)

Albany Waiver Changes?
CityHallNews Marcus Crespo & Eric Adams to introduce bill changing chancellor waiver process. Sure to be a hit in the special session. (Facebook)

The Daily News has another good look into the Secret World of Bloomberg   
Mayor Bloomberg is a master of hiding documents when it's in his best interests (DN)

Bloomberg’s 2012 denials sound a lot like his 2008 denials. 

From City Hall:


'I don't think [Rattner] did anything wrong… I happen to think the charge against him is ridiculous... I've always stood up for anybody that works with me who gets attacked by the press.

Mike Bloomberg Kills Chances for White House by Sticking up for Rattner(CNBC)

The NYP which has down played the Steve Rattner Pension rip off continues to blame only city workers for the pension deficitsPension board to review firefighters' disabilities (NYP)

Battle brews to re-up ROTC at Columbia (NYP)

Former Sen. Seymour Lachman thinks Cuomo is up to tackling the fiscal mess that awaits him.

Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others
Lenox towers' 'board' game  Besides the 4 apartments for Rangel a 2007 "special handling list" of tenants also included Rangel's chief of staff, James Capel; Gov. Paterson, then a state senator; Paterson's powerbroker father, Basil; and state NAACP President Hazel Dukes.

Rangel lost his power when he lost his Ways and Means Committee The Congressional Ethics Committee actions does not change anything

Top Rangel aide bailing (NYP) * The Lesson From Mr. Rangel Future ethics violators are not likely to be so obviously self-defeating as Charles Rangel. That’s why we need to keep the Office of Congressional Ethics. (NYT) * Rangel Responds To Ethics Trial Via Twitter

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads


Paterson’s 900 Worker Layoffs On The Way (WCBS)

iPad 'newspaper' created by Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch Apple and News Corp reportedly set to launch joint iPad news publication exclusively via download

 NYP Should Do A Story On Which Pols Are Vito Lopez's Friends

Feeding VitoWhy is City Hall so determined to keep the cash flowing to the social-services agency founded and long sponsored by Brooklyn Democratic fixer Vito Lopez?

MTA whistleblower: They railroaded me (NYP) * 'Crawl' aboard: Bedbugs writhe the rails * Two Mikes showed Chris the light at the end of the tunnel (NJ.Com)

Law and Order

 NYT What About an Update on the State Senate Recount? How will the new machines the state used for the first time effect the recount? Are there recount rules in place to govern the new voting system? My Florida Recount Memory People at the center of the 2000 presidential election recount share their reminiscences. (NYT)

NY'S Loss of Power in Congress
The Zadroga bill needs one more GOP vote to pass.  
 A Political Master who has trouble passing the Zadroga Bill? * Hopes of snagging shuttle fade with new Congress (DN) * In Wake of Losses, New Powers for a Political Master(NYT)

Inflatable rats, union symbols, turn 20 years old

 Chamomile Tea and Legal Briefs Even out of chambers, the state’s chief judge finds time on Sundays to read a big pile of legal memos. (NYT)

Daily News Thinks One Homeless Person Makes A Trend (Gothamist)

 SNL’s Rachel Maddow Chats With Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner & Charlie Rangel

If Cathie Black can't get a waiver to become the city's next schools chancellor, it's going to be tough to attract anyone else of such stature to the high-pressure post, Mayor Bloomberg argued yesterday. Mike: Things look bleak if we don't get Black (NYP)
How would the mayor know what the interested in the job would be after his secret non outraching selection process?

Gang of 4 Sticks
Former Mayor David Dinkins was sticking up for his old friend on Friday, saying Rangel has been sufficiently punished already. "This great, proud man, this hero, this man who has served 40 years in the Congress, 50 years in public service, I think he has been embarrassed and humiliated enough. And I see nothing to be gained by further seeking to humiliate him."

Rangel censure would raise bar on ethical standards (DN) * Charlie Rangel's tragic last act: On the road to censure, he's cheapening his legacy (DN) * angel a sole man (NYP) * Other Great Moments Of Congressional Shaming (Huff Post)

Laws don't Apply to Me I Am An Elected Official
Bill de Blasio is trying to weasel out of well-deserved fines for illegal campaign posters (DN Ed)

As the State Senate Turns (Gotham Gazette

The Times disapproves of the governor’s casino deal, saying he “clearly hasn’t learned enough from his disappointing tenure.” *  Casino interests in states adjacent to New York are nervously watching Gov. David Paterson’s efforts in the Catskills.
MTA supervisors faked subway inspections (NYP) * Subway Signal Inspections Found to Be Falsified (NYT) * MTA workers skipped thousands of safety checks (DN) * MTA Reportedly Falsified Signal Inspections (NY1) * Slacker Subway Signal Inspectors Were Only Pretending To Do Their Jobs (NY Magizine) * Wide outrage that MTA blew off safety checks (DN)

Bypass Planned for Leaky New York Aqueduct (NYT)

911 Health Care Settlement
Over 95 Percent of 9/11 Workers Approve Settlement (NYT) * 9/11 Health Deal Gets OK(WSJ) * Ground Zero worker Daniel Arrigo, who suffers from severe lung disease, says why he voted for deal (DN) * 9/11 heroes settle (NYP) * Lawyers: Sickened 9/11 Workers Reach Settlement Deal With City (NY1)

Daily News Rose Color Jobs Editorial Cheerleading?
Job creation is in high gear in New York, with 7.5% of the nation's new private-sector positions (DN ED)  BUT  300,000 businesses have left New York in the last ten years because of high taxes and cheaper overseas labor costs.  Perhaps New Yorks 7.5% share of the nations growth rate has more to do with the economic wreck the rest of the country is in.  Since most of jobs increases in the city come from the financial sector the coming federal indictments from insider Wall Street trading might reduce the number of jobs on the street.Feds' insider trade bomb (NYP) *U.S. in Vast Insider Trading Probe(WSJ)

New York Economic Meltdown  Budget hacking means cut in carbs for prison inmates (DN) *Layoffs are pending at the DMV.* Bronx boxing champ's tumble from $5M glory to homeless woe (NYP)

Terrorism North Koreans Unveil Vast New Plant for Nuclear Use (NYT) * Local jihadist site tied to terror thugs returns under new name (DN)

Law and Order Sharpton Joins With the Police(WSJ) *Truce! Sharpton And Kelly Make Nice To Fight Guns * 54 Arrested in Sweep for Undocumented Immigrants (WSJ) * Mob rat, who hacked bodies, gets off with time served (DN) *  Corrupt ex-carpenters union boss sentenced to 11 years (DN) * Cuffed convict's escape was great, says girlfriend (DN) * Real estate lawyer claims he didn't scam sick pal (DN) * Every parent's nightmare: Bus driver allegedly fondled kids (DN) * Song's over for 'rob' 'n rollers (NYP) * School Bus Driver Charged With Sexual Abuse Of Three Young Girls (NY1) *  POLL: Stunning Number Of Americans Don't Know GOP Took Back The House
**SUNDAY * Braggarts at 'site' of the crime (NYP) * Calling all thug pals (NYP) * Queens gunplay kills one person, hurts another (DN) * Wrong way drunk driver kills man in crash on Major Deegan (DN)

Geraldo Rivera’s Mustache Will Not Save His Junk From The TSA * Hillary Clinton: I Would Not Submit to One of TSA’s Patdowns * TSA head: 'Not going to change' (Politico)

What Ever Happened to Real Journalism? Huffington Post (blog)   Media and New Tech   MSNBC suspends Joe Scarborough for political donations (NYP)* After mag's 'turnaround,' EW publisher exits revolving door (NYP) * WATCH: Chicago Anchors Have A MELTDOWN After Missing Implosion * Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction (NYT) * Teachers on Technology in the Classroom (NYT) * Audio & Photos: Constant Companions (NYT) * A.M. News Links: Growing up digital, wired for distraction and more


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