Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New York Ranked LAST In Voter Turnout: Report

New York Ranked LAST In Voter Turnout: Report (Huff Post)

New York State Ranks Last for Voter Turnout (NYT)

On the basis of unofficial returns, about 40 percent of registered New Yorkers voted on Nov. 2. But an analysis by the United States Election Project at George Mason University found that only 32.1 percent of the 13.4 million who were eligible — citizens 18 and older who are not convicted felons — actually voted.

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Rangel Convicted
 Rangel Convicted of 12 Ethics Violations  A House panel has found Rep. Rangel guilty of violating ethics rules. Of the 12 counts against him, he was found guilty of 11. (NYT) * Harlem politician convicted of ethics violations in House trial (NYP) * Rangel Replies to Subcommittee's Guilty Verdict [Video]
7th SD Update

Opposition to School Pick Growing
The Internet Organizing the Opposition  

Secret Appointment and Ignores Critics, Does the Would Be President Believe in Democracy?

Bloomberg on Cathie Black: What Criticism? * Council Members To Introduce Resolution To Deny Cathie Black Waiver * Cathie Black Knows About Schools: She Votes In Them (Sometimes)

The NYT is reporting the opposition, the person continues it perfect record on not reporting on opposition to Bloomberg's school chief choice.  Facebook has been playing a major role in connecting and giving MOJO to activist to organize grass roots opposition to Black. “This woman is under complete attack,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew. “You should manage the process so you don’t leave the candidate open for attack right from the beginning.”

CityHallNews .@ScottStringerBP speaking at DOE mtg, says #NYchancellor should be more than someone from mayor's "personal address book"  (Facebook)

Opposition Growing to Bloomberg Pick for Schools (NYT) * Minority state legislators have 'serious reservations' about Cathie Black as schools chancellor (DN) * School Board Official Claims Panel Must Be Involved In Waiver Process (NY1) * Some advice for Cathie Black on NYC schools job (Wash Post)

Election Over Real Budget Deficit Leaking Out New York State could fall $1B in red, Controller Thomas DiNapoli warns (DN) * The loss of federal stimulus cash will worsen the state’s already grim fiscal picture.* What’s wrong in New York? “It’s the out-of-control spending, stupid,” writes Bill Hammond.

 After Spending 2 Million on His Defense Charlie Cries Poverty At His Hearing
The DN accuses Rangel of “playing the victim,” while the Post reminds readers the veteran congressman brought this mess on himself.  * The Times thinks the charges against Rangel “are more serious than simple sloppiness” and that his conduct “has raised even more questions about his fitness to represent his district.” *  Walks out over 'unfair' proceedings; panel deems evidence undisputed(NYP) * Rangel buried under mountain of evidence by House probers (NYP) * Rangel's final farce?(NYP Ed) *Mr. Rangel Walks Out Representative Charles Rangel’s failure to prepare a defense to ethics charges raises more questions about his fitness to remain in office. (NYT Ed) * Rangel Inquiry Finds Evidence Beyond Dispute (NYT) * Ethics Panel Agrees to Facts Against Rangel(WSJ*  * Video: Weighing Rangel's Political Future (WSJ) * Rangel excuses himself from ethics trial (DN) * Editorial: Woe is Charlie (DN Ed) * Rangel Tries Adam Clayton Powell’s Approach (NYT) * While his trial proceeded without him, Rangel returned to his congressional office and tried to work.* Subcommittee members are reconvening this morning to determine whether Rangel is guilty of any of the 13 counts against him, for which he will would receive no more than a letter of reprimand or censure.*  Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo On Charlie Rangel: "It's Painful To Watch"

Supreme Court Overturns Corruption Law and Bruno Expected to Escape Jail

Bruno conviction to be nixed (NYP) * It looks increasingly likely that former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s conviction on two felony counts of public corruption will be dismissed. *  Dear Ex-Sen. Bruno: Please Let Us Retry You

David Paterson the Gambling Consultant?   Surprise Step Toward Casino in New York State

THE NEW YORK TIMES Celebrates the Expansion of DEALBOOK TYhe Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC • November 11, 2010 Arthrur Sulzburger, Lloyd Blankfein, Tom Glocer

Andrew Cuomo is keeping up the heat on Steven Rattner.
Letter to the NYT on Rattner
Jane Smith
New York, NY
November 15th, 2010
Steve Rattner's new book has a chapter praising the work of the now defeated Republican candidate for New York State Comptroller, Harry Wilson. If he had not lost the election and assumed this role, Mr. Wilson would have served as the sole trustee of the NYS Pension Fund, the exact resource that Rattner is accused of misusing by AG Cuomo and the SEC. Steve Rattner enthusiasm shopping Wilson to his Wall Street and political contacts thru the campaign is well known. The New York Times was bold in its support for Wilson, on both the editorial pages and what was supposed to be their journalistic coverage (how many times in one article is it appropriate to mention a Harvard pedigree?). It should also be noted that not only does Rattner manage the funds of Mayor Bloomberg (also a supporter of Wilson's, go figure!) but the Times' own Arthur Sulzberger is a close personal friend and receives financial advising from Rattner. If that is not considered a journalistic breach- I don't know what is. I hope AG Cuomo holds Mr. Rattner accountable for the entitlement and misdeeds he participated in, and the Times comes clean on their role in covering this story. More Comments on NYT Site

The State Senate Dems hired powerhouse election attorney Ken Gross.

Is NY in danger of losing all its power in Washington? 
Failure Again to Pass the 911 Will Single Dramatic Lost in Power
Joseph Mercurio The number of Americans on Food Stamps is up 10 million from a year ago, to 42 million people. FACEBOOK
New York Economic Meltdown Buyers Balk, Claiming No LoansWSJ) * New York State May Hire Outside Debt Collectors The state may hand some business to the kind of for-profit agencies that Andrew M. Cuomo once cracked down on. (NYT) *   The owner of Michael Jordan's The Steakhouse and six Strip House restaurants filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. * Mayor: City stuck working with slumlords * New York Studies Extending Subway Line to New Jersey

NYU's Massive Expansion Makes Enemies Is Greenwich Village big enough for both a rapidly expanding New York University and the tens of thousands of non-students who call the iconic neighborhood home? (WSJ)

Just Bring Back the Checker Cab

City Unveils "Taxi Of Tomorrow" Finalists (NY1)  *  Bloomberg adds Ford to final three for 'Taxi of Tomorrow' (DN) *  Cab of Future: Still Yellow, But Different(WSJ)  

Terrorism   'Deadlocked' jury imperils terror case (NYP) * It was a year ago this week that Attorney General Eric Holder first announced plans to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a New York federal court -- provoking wholly justified outrage and a swift suspension of the scheme. The issue has been bubbling in the background ever since. Now, 12 long months later, the administration still hasn't decided what to do with KSM. The undeciders (NYPB Ed) * Juror Asks to Be Excused in Embassy Bombing Trial (NYT) * Molloy: 'Groin check' is small price to pay to keep our country safe (DN) *  Somalia, Pakistan are top terror targets, new report finds (DN) * War on Terror: World Trade Center Security Could Kill Its Success   Subways not prepared for mass evacuation, bombshell lawsuit claims

Alcohol-related emergency room visits skyrocket in New York

Law and Order Boasts put 'wrist-slap' creep back on trial Cononfessed serial pedophile nearly got off with a no-jail deal (NYP) *  Cop killed by 'drunk' driver (NYP) * Wrong-way driver who killed NYPD Officer Andre Menzies had blood-alcohol level of 0.25  * New York City Police Photograph Irises of Suspect  *   NYPD Adopts Eye-Scan Technology * Off-Duty Officer Killed (WSJ)NYU's Massive Expansion Makes Enemies Is Greenwich Village big enough for both a rapidly expanding New York University and the tens of thousands of non-students who call the iconic neighborhood home? *  Driver who killed pregnant traffic agent may walk soon (DN) * Traffic agent was drunk when she crashed into car: cops (DN) * Queens man sues over Rikers beating (DN) *  Queens man sues the city: I was not a fugitive (DN) * Cy Vance has narrowly avoided a gross miscarriage of justice in sordid child rape case(DN Ed) * Texting While Driving Turns Himself In (NY1) * A state Supreme Court justice dismissed Albany County DA David Soares’ steroid case, citing a conflict of interest.

 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- The BeatlesVideo Song
Media and New Tech  Working It Out, iTunes to Sell Beatles Titles (NYP) * Apple Gets Rights to Beatles Music(WSJ) * A blogger who sued for the right to attend mayoral press conferences got the first question at today's Bloomberg presser. He asked about pillow talk * Newsweek.com Staffers Protest Impending Shutdown With 'SaveNewsweek.com' Site

Cable TV Fights Back on Journalism Standards 
Keith Olbermann Slays The “False God Of Objectivity” In Scorching Special Comment  * Bill O’Reilly Challenges Ted Koppel: Give Me Examples Of My Lies And Shut Me Up For Good * Bill O’Reilly And Keith Olbermann Both Get Critique Of Ted Koppel Wrong

Europe Fears That Debt Crisis Is Ready to Spread (NYT)