Monday, November 15, 2010

The 3 For Me 2 For You Mayor: Lying to Achieve Self Interests

The 3 For Me 2 Term For You Mayor
Lying to Achieve Self Interests

The mayor who once said it would be wrong to extend term limits and did when he needed to remain in office and then support the Charter Commission role back to a two term limit once he was reelected.
Now must bull shit his way to make the case to the state education commissioner that his pick for new schools chief has education experience to get a waver of required education credits.  The NYT says the case he made in 2002 for Klein waver could hurt him this time around  Mayor’s Case for One Schools Chief May Hurt Bid for Another * Bloomberg abused power, teachers union boss says * Did Rupert Murdoch hire Klein because he wants to get into the education business? * Andrew Wolf thinks there should be a public hearing on Black in Albany before she gets her waiver and notes there’s precedent for denying it to her. * Norman Siegel called the appointment of Black "cronyism."

In a 4 Billon Campaign I like Schoen's Paycheck
Dave Weigel found Doug Schoen’s and Pat Caddell’s column making the case for President Obama not to seek re-election in 2012 “moronic,” and thinks it was a pro-Bloomberg 2010 plant. 

4 Year Ban Against Reporter Lifted By Surprise 

Sorry Charlie: Today's A Bad Day 
Details Are Few Ahead of Rangel’s Hearing (NYT) * For House’s Prosecutor, an Ethics Trial Will Be a First (NYT) * Rangel may not show for hearing on ethics case todayEx-pol warns Rangel Trying times today (NYP) * House Panel Says Facts in Rangel Case Are Undisputed (NYT)

Ethics Hearing Goes Ahead After Rangel Walks Out


Financier Is Said to Accept a Ban in Pension Case (NYT) * Cuomo Won’t Let Up On Rattner * Cuomo Issues New Subpoena to Quadrangle About Rattner

Father Vito

Cuomo Transition Team Brings Everyone In
Giuliani is just one of a growing list of Republicans helping out on the governor-elect’s transition.  * Gov-elect Andrew Cuomo taps former Mayor Rudy Giuliani to keep New Yorkers safe will co-chair Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo's transition committee on public safety * RFK Jr. joining Cuomo's transition team * Andrew Cuomo camp blasts report that he laid off on Joe Bruno corruption charges (DN) 
* Albany County DA David Soares reportedly also took a pass on prosecuting Bruno.* The Post makes a pitch for Cuomo to keep state IG Joe Fisch on after his term expires. * EJ McMahon notes Cuomo has some considerable bargaining power when it comes to the budget. 

Longtime Senate GOP Spokesman John McArdle To Retire
* Azi Paybarah parses Cuomo’s transition committee picks so far.

                                           Paterson Ready for His Final Close-Up

                                                            and spending needlessly state money

 Gov to take a quack at lame-duck session(NYP)

New Yorkers Prefer State Senate Gridlock

Five key races in New York remain undecided.


Watch Dogs Not Enough
The SEC had watchdogs who slept through Madoff ponzi seam
Ever wonder why Albany is such an ethical cesspool? Well, state Inspector General Joe Fisch has an answer: No one's watching the kleptocrats. Fisch out of water (NYP Ed)

At Least No Hanging Chads
Nearly two weeks after Election Day, a handful of New York’s Congressional seats and State Senate races were still undecided, and party leaders showed no signs of giving up. Key New York Races Remain Undecided

 New York Economic Meltdown OTB bankruptcy plan repays state only a fraction of debts (DN) * Kingsbridge Rd. station shows effects of MTA cuts (DN)  * He has $$$ to burn 'Disabled' FDNYlt. fighting fires on LI

School for $candal Touro prexy's $4.8M pay tops Yale

Mayor Seeking 9/11 Health Aid (NYT) *Kentucky senator could stand in way of 9/11 Zadroga health bill The bill needs two GOP senators to sign on. If Mitch McConnell said yes, many more likely would follow. (DN) * Local politicians must rally round to push Zadroga WTC health bill through the Senate (DN Ed) 

Media and New Tech Facebook's New Messaging Integrates Email, IM, SMS Into One Platform

Years Later, Armey Once Again a Power in Congress (NYT) 

Law and Order  Charges in Rape After Tip to Police (NYT) *Fiend was freed (NYP) * Shot from cop's gun crippled teen: suit (NYP) * Scary parole stats for New York sex offenders (DN) *PA police will slash brass to save cash *Two killed in Queens melee, Bronx shoot *Qns. is car-theft king (NYP) * Crooks' holiday shipping scam delivers misery (DN) * What's really to blame for the murder spike?