Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On NY1 Lobbyist Pretend to be Journalist . . . As They Shill for Themselves and Their Clients

Last night on NT1 the wise guys Koch, McCall and D'Amato all attack Barrett's article warning Cuomo on the lobbyist who control run Albany. Lobbyists Are Waiting For Andrew Cuomo Village Voice)  The wise guys all agreed that lobbyist are not the bad guys and not the problem in dyfunctional Albany.  What the moderator and the guys did not disclose is that each of the wise guys are lobbyist or in the case of Koch surrounded by lobbyist.   D'Amato  Park Strategies, LLCSocial Network Concept of the Gillibrand – D’Amato Influence Machine   McCall  Paterson Names Lawyer, an Ex-Lobbyist, to M.T.A.'s Board -  Koch has helped his law firm win millions over the years and now has a lobbyist Bradly Tusk run his NY Uprising group that is fighting for redistricting refrom.  Lets hope Errol Lewis is able to get rid of the lobbyist when he takes over Inside City Hall.

Are There Reporters Caught Up in Gov. David Paterson's Scandals? (Gawker)

Another  NY Power Failure?
Why is an all out effort need to past the 911 bill in congress?

NYP Opposes NY Efforts to Get 911 Medical Funds From Washington
Mike's sketchy pitch Bloomberg went to Washing ton yesterday to labor on behalf of the Zadroga Bill, a $7.4 billion fund for Ground Zero veterans sickened by their service on the site -- and those who simply claim they were. . . It remains that nine years after the attack, doctors can't conclusively identify a single person who succumbed to Ground Zero's toxic air.  Pretending otherwise makes Mike, and all New Yorkers, look foolish and greedy. (NYP Ed) * Ground Zero Workers Go Lobbying in D.C. (WSJ) *  Zadroga Act needs one more GOP vote to pass (DN) * Mayor, New York Delegation Push For 9/11 Health Care Bill (NY1)

No Heir Apparent to Replace Rangel as the Dean of the State's Delegation

Penalty Hearing for Rangel Starts Thursday
Most of Rep. Charlie Rangel’s potential successors are keeping mum on whether they think he should resign.  * Charlie guilty, whines decision 'unfair' (NYP)  Guilty -- and still whining(NYP Ed) * House Panel Finds Rangel Guilty (NYT) *Rangel Found Guilty of Ethics Violations(WSJ) * Rangel found guilty on 11 of 12 ethics violations. (DN) * Editorial: Wise up, Charlie (DN) * Most of Rep. Charlie Rangel’s potential successors are keeping mum on whether they think he should resign.*Jon Stewart: 'You're a Bad Man, Charlie Rangel'

Black's Sugar Fix
Bloomberg's schools chief opposed his soda ban 

The NYT continues to take shots at Black as the NYP and Daily news write and spin their news stories to support the mayors controversial pick  As Bloomberg Fought Sodas, Nominee Sat on Coke Board (NYT)  *Gonzalez: Close look at Black shows troubling link with Coke (DN) *  Cathie: I'll get the nod (NYP) * At Hearing, Chancellor Is but One Worry (NYT) * Mayoral Pick For Schools Chancellor Defends Her Own Abilities (NY1) * Steiner Outlines Waiver Process *Document Drop: Steiner Letter On Cathie Black And Waivers
* Ex-Mayors Back Black --* Cathie Black Gets a Free Pass from Business Pal Mort Zuckerman's Editorial Page *Bloomberg makes case for Cathie Black in waiver application * Cathie Black Speaks!  * Councilmembers push for Black-out Bloomberg Rallies Business Leaders Behind Black * Bloomberg Makes The Black Pitch* Back in 2002, outgoing Chancellor Joel Klein wasn’t a slam dunk to receive the waiver Black is now seeking.*  Bloomberg Seeks Black Waiver, UFT Calls For National Search
‎.@mikebloomberg's letter requesting waiver for his #nyc schools chancellor pick (Facebook)
Bloomberg Plots $1.75 Billion in Budget Cuts
 New York's Voter Participation Continues to Fall . .  No Calls for Reform
New York State’s Voter Turnout This Year Was Lowest in U.S.

True News Background: Nobody Votes, Special Interest and Incumbents Win*

New York Voter Turnout Lowest In The Nation, Analysis Finds (NY1)



Some Supper Hero 

Spends 108 Million for 11% City's   Vote

. . .  11.7% of all the registered voters voted in the city voted for Bloomberg for mayor in 2009. The mayor received 548,660 out of the 4,657,516.

In 1965 when 14% of the democratic voters voted for Abe Beame in a runoffs there were calls for election reform that led to runoffs like today. Today less than 1% may vote and no media, good government or elected officials say a word. They all become the insiders in a very corrupt election system that cuts the public out for the most part on who wins elections.

2009 Shockingly Low Turnout  It is shocking that in a Democrat runoff Liu received 127,173 or just 4% of the registered Democrats in the city (3,177,740). De Blasio did a little better wtih 138, 736, he got 4.4% of the city's democratic voters. Just 2.7% of all the city's registered voters in the city voted (4,657,516)  

The City's Falling Turnout The City's election results from a half-century ago look like misprints. 3.46 million out of the City's 3.53 million registered voters, a staggering 98%, cast ballots in the 1952 Presidential election. One year later, 93% of registered New Yorkers voted in the Mayoral election. Today, the bottom has fallen out for the City's electorate. Only 27% of the City's registered voters cast their ballots in the last mayoral election in 2005. 39% of registered voters took part in the Mayoral election of 1997. Voter turnout was less than 20% for City Council elections in 1999. NY's Falling Voter Participation

New York's Sinking Vote 1. 337,110 more New Yorkers voted in 2004 than 2008. 2. New York Ranked 42 of 50 in Voting Age Turnout 50.7% 2008. 3. In 1944 NY had 6,291,885 votes for president and 47 Electoral votes. 4. In 1944 Florida had 482,592 votes for president and 8 Electoral votes. 5. In 2008 Florida had 1,204,479 more votes for president than NY. 6. In 1944 New York had 3,423,467 more votes than California. 7. In 2008 California had 6,291,885 more votes than NY. 8. In 1944 New York cast 13.1% of the Nation's vote. 9. In 2008 New York cast 5.5% of the Nation's vote.

Bloombers's Political Charities Resort

Charity Backing 3rd Term Got Millions From Bloomberg -

Mike Bloomberg's Foundation Growing -- in Cayman Islands (Robbins, Village Voice)

Mayor Bloomberg's charity sent millions to Caribbean tax havens New tax filings released yesterday show Bloomberg's charity was worth $2.2 billion at the end of last year, after the mayor donated an additional $420 million to it. Bloomberg's advisers invested through low-tax companies based in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands instead of companies that pay city, state and federal taxe

 Morning Joe And the Mayor?

Bloomberg-Scarborough 2012?
Mayor Bloomberg said he has “no skills to be the secretary of the Treasury.” 
Report: Bloomberg And Scarborough Exploring A 2012 Ticket? (Update)

Bruno's Jail Escape U.S. Seeks to Retry Ex-State Senate Leader Bruno (NYT

Prisoners improperly collected $178,000 in unemployment benefits. (TU)

Cuomo Asks Courts To Fast Track Senate Recounts * Ballot Counting To Start In 37th SD

Vito Lopez A Living Legend Newspaper Paid for By the Government

Assemblyman Vito Lopez is promoted by a state-funded, in-house newspaper. (Brooklyn Paper)

Second Ave. Sagas SecondAveSagas Walder on 7 line extension to NJ: "There is no money in our capital program for any megaprojects except the three we have under way."  (Facebook)

Priorities: If you cannot hold the fare and run the subways on time how you going to dig a tunnel to Jersey?
We understand building for the future economic development on the Westside, but what the city leaders much decide is the damage done by rising fares and poor service going to cause more economic damage than can be recovered by future development
More subway 'slow' woe (NYP) * Delays on subways spiked in September, hurting riders (DN) * Suit Challenges Subway Safety (WSJ) * Delays on subways spiked in September, hurting riders (DN) * Russianoff: How Cuomo can get on track * Take the No. 7 to Secaucus? That’s a Plan (NYT) * City Could Extend No. 7 to New Jersey(WSJ) * Tunnel Decision Has Ripple Effects(WSJ) * City Floats Idea Of Extending 7 Train To Jersey (NY1)

Paterson Post Gov Career As A Lobbyist and Consultant has Begun $$$
Paterson Is Set to Approve Deal on an Indian-Run Casino in the Catskills (NYT) * Catskills Casino Closer to Reality (WSJ)

After Cracking Down on Debt Collectors, New York State Is Now Set to Hire Them (NYT)  The state may hand some business to the kind of for-profit agencies that Andrew M. Cuomo once cracked down on.)

 New York Economic Meltdown  Lipstick Building's Owners File for Chapter 11 (NYT) * Trump Project Refunds Money (WSJ) * Fire in Illegally Converted House Kills Boy(WSJ) * NY lawmakers to protest highway rest stop closures * Grant helps keep NY hospital open (WSJ) * The state is cracking down on prisoners who are collecting unemployment benefits.* Budget woes have wiped out plans for the 2011 Empire State Games. (GNS/BN) * State Museum patrons are upset by plans to close it on Sundays. (Gazette)

Jealous of the New Kids on the Block?
Old Media Says the Internet Spins Lies. Is Friedman saying the newspapers do not spin lies to support their publishers ideologies and political goals ?

Too Good to Check   On Nov. 4, Anderson Cooper did the country a favor. He expertly deconstructed on his CNN show the bogus rumor that President Obama’s trip to Asia would cost $200 million a day. This was an important “story.” It underscored just how far ahead of his time Mark Twain was when he said a century before the Internet, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” But it also showed that there is an antidote to malicious journalism — and that’s good journalism. (Friedman, NYT)International arms dealer extradited to U.S. (DN)

Law and Order Judge let suspect walk 2 days before rape (DN) * Could be jail if landlord can't clean up act (DN) Iris scans could be a big help to the NYPD, so its usual critics don't like them, of course (DN Ed) *Felix Lanting: 83-Year-Old Staten Island Doctor, Secret Drug Kingpin * Coke & heroin gang busted (NYP)

Terrorism International arms dealer extradited to U.S. (DN) * Detainee Acquitted on Most Counts in ’98 Bombings

Media and New Tech 

Bristol Palin Advances To Dancing With The Stars Finale—Thanks To The Tea Party?

Bristol Palin And “The Situation” Would Like You To Know They Endorse Abstinence * Shocking Washington Post Story Reveals That Journalistic Ethics 'Amuse' Nick Denton

Senator Jay Rockefeller calls for the elimination of MSNBC and FOX news. Senator Rockefeller: Eliminating MSNBC, Fox News ‘Would Be a Big Favor to Political Discourse’ - TVN 
State GOP Chairman Ed Cox said party needs to rebuild “brick by brick.” 

WATCH: Taiwanese Animators Take On TSA Pat-Downs

Reps. Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner are expected to retain their leadership posts (albeit switching roles from speaker to minority leader) when their respective conferences meet behind closed doors today. 

U.S. Sets 50 Bank Probes (WSJ)