Friday, November 12, 2010

Post and Daily News Sell Sex Today, New School Chief Also

What About the Fiscal Crisis?
What About Corruption?
State inspector general pushes for government watchdog(NYP)

New School's Chief Runs Sex Phones

Where Do  You Sign Up for Advance Phone Sex?

"Are you going to charge for that sex tip of the day?” the host asked. “Yeah, $2.99,” Ms. Black replied, as the host and other guests erupted into giggles. “$2.99,” she repeated. “Cheaper than a hooker,” she continued, before adding, “Did I say that?”  Cathleen Black

Only Barron and Tony Aveila Clearly Opposes Bloomberg's School Pick
Barron Denounces Mayor, Choice of Black as Chancellor 
Tony Avella: Deny Cathie Black A Chancellor's Waiver 

NYT Searching for Subject of Search for NYC Schools Chief If you were interviewed for the New York City public schools chancellor job, the New York Times would like a word with you. *  Big School Problems Await New Chancellor *  Two city education veterans step down one day after Cathie Black's appointment ... New York Daily News * There’s likely to be more where those departures came from. State Ed Should Investigate NYC Schools Huffington Post (blog) *  For Pick to Lead Schools, One Man Left to PersuadeNew York’s education commissioner must decide whether to waive normal requirements for a media executive seeking to run New York schools. (NYT) * For Black, a Cold Call from the Mayor, and a Job Offer (NYT) *  Battle Lines Form for Cathie BlackCathie Black isn't expected to take the helm of the country's largest school system until next month, but the battle lines are already forming. (WSJ) * Bloomberg: Black's Critics Don't Get It  * Joyce Purnick says the pick is classic Bloomberg * David Greenfield, Jumaane Williams Debate Cathie Black Appointment *  Any Intrviews for Chancellor’s Job? (NYT) * Bloomberg: Long search for chancellor was wrong idea * City Council Education Committee Chairman Robert Jackson doesn't think Cathie Black should get a waiver to take over the NYC school system.

Bloomberg Secret Government 
First the mayor picks his new education commission in secret, now he refunds Brooklyn's corrupt political machine. “The Black choice is classic, quintessential, in-your-face Bloomberg. He hasn’t packed his government with many such elitists, but he loves unorthodoxy and always has,” writes Bloomberg biographer Joyce Purnick.
Pay to Play Vito Lopez Still Lives  City restores $12M to Vito's nonprofit * Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo declined to comment on Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s nonprofit.

Cuomo Moves on Sharpton
We would so love to see Cuomo look into what Sharpton did with all the lobbying money he got from AEG * Al Sharpton called the diverse make-up "a step in the right direction."
Cuomo Names Transition Team and Panels, Spotlighting a Hope for Broad Support (NYT) * Cuomo attempts to be a champion of diversity (DN) * Andrew Cuomo won't have to make cuts if he slashes skyrocketing pension, health costs (DN) * GOP Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney, who crossed party lines to endorse Cuomo during the campaign, will be a co-chair. * Eliot Spitzer’s old nemesis, Ken Langone, will serve as an economic advisor to Cuomo. * The Post does not approve of one Cuomo transition team member: Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. * Bronx Borough Prez Ruben Diaz, Jr. To Critics: Mind Your Business * Cuomo should put an end to allowing state lawmakers to earn outside income and lulus, says state Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr.

Update: Battle for Senate Control  Senate uncertainty could leave Cuomo with deficit Poughkeepsie Journal * Make a Deal on State Senate Anton * Grisanti's loyalties lean toward Senate GOP Buffalo News * Jimmy Vielkind thinks Cuomo is almost “resigned” to seeing the GOP take back the Senate majority. * Attorneys in the 7th SD head to court today to ask for a full hand recount. * State Senate Update: Democrats Edition »  State Senate Update: Republican Edition 

New York Economic Meltdown
Mayor Bloomberg's favorite cafe gets lousy score from Health Department (NYP)* 
From the Layoffs Department: 40 of 72 State Capitol security guards are due to receive pink slips.

ABC News explains how Charlie Rangel's trial will work.

NY Mag asks Diana Taylor if Mayor Bloomberg should run for president: ""That's an interesting question. As a taxpayer, yes, absolutely. As a friend, different story."

Terrorism  No Verdict in Terror Trial of Ex-Detainee (NYT)

Law and Order  4 Are Accused of Running ‘Heroin Mill’ in Midtown (NYT)  * Shielding Cops From Cop The only New York Police Officer shot in 2009 was killed by a fellow cop who mistook him for a criminal. Since then, the New York Police Department has been trying to make sure it doesn't happen again(NYP) * NYPD seeks help finding sex attacker  (WSJ) * Police shootings are way down; thank NYPD officers, the best-trained in the world (DN Ed) * The city has three times as many surveillance cameras as it did in June. * City College Student Allegedly Raped Inside Hamilton Heights Apartment  * New York City Murder Rate Spiking

Dinner Party Members
Consolidate Media Ownership
  Daily Beast merging with Newsweek (NYP) * Newsweek, Daily Beast to merge with Tina Brown in char(DN)

Media and New Tech  Bill O’Reilly Had More Total Viewers Wednesday Than All MSNBC Prime Time Show
s Combined *

Facebook to unveil email service to compete with Gmail

Ted Koppel Calls MSNBC And Fox News The “Death Of Real News”

National Politics  Axelrod & other amateurs  (NYP) * The incoming class of House and US Senate freshmen will include the highest number of members with no experience of elective office in decades, likely since 1948.