Sunday, November 14, 2010

True News Sunday Update

Bloomberg’s Case for One Schools Chancellor May Weaken a Bid for Another (NYT) *

As Vote Counting Goes On and On, Questions and Legal Bills Add Up (NYT)

Sunday Update  City Councilman Opposes Black as Chancellor  “Cathie Black meets none of the professional experience requirements, apparently satisfying only the undergraduate graduation standard,” the committee chairman, Councilman Robert Jackson, wrote in a letter to David M. Steiner, the state education commissioner." *  This time around, Mayor Bloomberg thinks he knows best after picking Cathie Black to head schools (DN) * Critics protest NYC mayor's schools chief choice (WABC) * Petition and letter from civil rights leaders Norman Siegel and Michael Meyers re the Cathie Black appointment  * Activists Protest Cathie Black Becoming Next Schools Chancellor(NY1) * Cathie Black Press Conference at Tweed Courthouse (Lost in the Ozone)

Dumbing Down the News
NYP Still Keeps Protecting the Mayor on the Black appointment
The paper does a long puff piece on Council Speaker Quinn without asking about the mayor's controversial appointment. The reporter does ask her about the TV show "Glee"  Behind closed doors with the mighty Quinn  Council boss speaks on Bloomy, unions, gay rights & even 'Glee'
Daily News protects mayor appointment also New city schools Chancellor Cathie Black would stick her neck out to help, says pals (DN) * Only real school reform can close gap that separates young black men from white peers (DNEd)

  The Black and Bloomberg Online Tea Party
Online organizing against Black and Bloomberg is buzzing as demonstrated by this site by Brooklyn District Leader Chris Owens 

Poster Fines Protect Incumbents
Posters are a cheap way for challengers to get their name know it is a great antidote to the name recognition advantage elected officials have; A few years ago the council past a law that fined candidates heavily for putting posters on lampposts  John Liu and Bill Thompson are trying to weasel out of big fines for illegal campaign signs (DN Ed) 

Rangel Trial Starts Monday
Rangel tapped his National Leadership PAC for $293,000 to pay his main legal-defense team this year. He took another $100,000 from the PAC in 2009 to pay lawyer Lanny Davis.(NYP) *  Rangel will likely act as his own lawyer at the trial.

Freeze! Or not! City hiring snubs mayor's deadline (NYP) City Controller Liu tells MTA to be wary of CityTime (DN) *  Who Will Stand Up to the Superrich? (Rich, NYT)

NYP Sticks By GOP Old Guard
Does the NYP Want to keep the wonderful people who brought you Rick Lazio, loser to Paladino in the primary?  Cox wanted levy.
The Post calls on state GOP Chairman Ed Cox to step aside, saying the party was “pathetically ineffectual” in the statewide elections.  * The Buffalo News says Carl Paladino did the Senate GOP no favors.

MSNBC And Fox News Make Ted Koppel Sad

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Bankrupt Circus?
The Big Apple Circus, New York's hometown attraction, is struggling to keep the big top up amid slumping ticket sales and dwindling corporate donations.A three-ring drama

NYT Taking Credit for the Sun Rising?

Cuomo says Ethics reform bill's high up on his to-do list (DN) The NYP says Andy wants top dog to root out dirty pols The NYT editorial today either is trying to put pressure on him to do as he says or is trying to show it readers that it still has clout by taking credit for what the man says he will do.  Since all of the incumbent (except Espada) were reelected it has to see how the paper is putting pressure on the state legislature.

From Todays NYT  Editorial
It is time for the governor-elect to put some flesh on those bones.
"If, as he often says, he wants to restore New York to its days of glory (like around the time color TV was taking off?), he must start by cleaning up Albany. That means shrinking a bloated bureaucracy, ethics reform with real oversight of a secretive Legislature, campaign finance reform that finally curbs a fat pay-to-play culture, and redistricting that promotes competition in elections" Mr. Cuomo’s Job (NYT Ed)

Daily News Says Change Needed From Day One New York courts must fast-track disputed state Senate election litigation (DN Ed) * Thompson Asks for More Contributions as Recount Starts Next Week WBEN 930

NYP Takes A Dive on Sex Phone Black
Both the Daily News and even the NYT (online) had stories about Bloomberg's new school's chief appointment has promoted a sex phone type computer app.  The NYP which lives and breathes big shots caught up in sex stories like a junkie on crack, made no mention of the sex app.  As the paper pupped up to Bloomberg it did think it readers needed to know more about another sex story that it posted on it front page  Brooklyn Law School furious over steamy photo shoot (NYP)

Sex-Tip App? New Schools Chief Promotes It (NYT)  * New schools chancellor Black gets into spirit of sex app (DN) *  She jumped to the head of the class  Mayor Bloomberg didn't formally interview any candidates to head the largest school system in the country before he tapped accomplished business leader...  (NYP) * How Cities Pick School Chiefs, for All to See (NYT) * Schools Chancellor Pick to Quit Corporate Boards (NYT) * Bloomberg Defends Cathie Black ( WSJ) * Bloomberg Defends Secretive Selection of Schools Chief (WSJ) *  Mayor left Ed. Commish in dark about Cathie Black pick (DN) * A narcissistic approach to education reform * Training Grounds for a Chancellor? (NYT)
NY1 Exclusive: Incoming Chancellor Mum On "Hooker" Comment  * Federal Education Secretary Arne Duncan praises outgoing Schools Chancellor Joel Klein in a Daily News op-ed.

Job Posting
New York City Schools Chancellor
Requirements: No Education experience needed. Working with Parents, students, community or unions not required. Must be a Millionaire or friend of Mayor. Must look clueless when asked questions. Apply through the secret/public process of ''Jobs for my friends'' at NYC Cityhall. Persons with E...ducational Experience of any kind need not apply.See More William McDonald (Facebook)

When People are Out of Work Crime Goes Up Big Apple slay rate growing (NYP)

UFT Buys the Government the American Way $$$

To counter a surge in independent expenditures and donations from charter advocates, New York State United Teachers created a new committee that was less restricted by campaign-finance limits than the union's political arm. Spending more than $360,000 to help three incumbent Democrats, including Sen. Bill Perkins, defeat primary opponents, the committee didn't file its first disclosure statement until 10 days after the September primaries. Election Funds Avoided Limits (WSJ)

New York's Congress Power Free Fall
We Could Have Been the Champ

Now we need the Mayor to Push Senators to Pass 9/11 Health

NY'S Washington Fall A couple weeks ago it looked like Schumer was going to run the senate, then Reid pulled out his election.  The city's all democratic delegation (one GOP next year) lost their power with the Republican take over of the house.  It been a bad year for New York in congress as one time dean and power house faces a hurried up ethic trial next week so he could escape punishment in the GOP house that begins in January.  Rangel Ethics Trial Looms(WSJ). More bad new coming from Washington to NY besides cutback in services.  In 2012 the states 29 house delegation will shrink to 27 because of the nations population change.

New York Economic Meltdown
City Sees Slowdown in Mortgages The number of home loans issued in New York City fell by more than 25% in 2009, a much more dramatic drop than the decline nationwide, according to a study released Friday. (WSJ) * Hot over tax break -- Albany must end strip joint 'giveaways' (DN) * Unemployment Benefits For New Yorkers Set To Expire (CBS) *Pondering another MTA political attack (2nd Avenue Sagas)

NY1 Exclusive: Video Shows Subway Motorman Texting As He Runs Train * Texting motorman's train of thought interrupted (NYP)  * Many Access-a-Ride Passengers Directed By MTA To Use Mass Transit (NY1) * Morgue workers dragged Ropell McBeth's body down the stairs (DN)

Troubled time-clock company may get MTA pact (DN) 

Obama Agrees With Bush on Terror Trails
"Obama administration officials told the Washington Post that the administration has concluded it wasn’t feasible to put Khalid Sheik Mohammed on trial in federal court."
Terrorism  Court Ruling Limits Scope of State Law on Terror (NYT) * KSM wil not go on trial in NY: report (NYP) * KSM won't be tried until after 2012 elexReport: 9/11 Mastermind Won’t Be Tried In NYC, U.S.

Law and Order   Cops grill suspect that may be behind rape in H. Heights (DN) *  Rikers visitor's beating by guard to be investigated (DN) *  Bronx man sues city, NYPD over injury in Harlem shootout (DN) * Police Question Man In Connection With Sexual Attack On Student (NY1) * 'Candy killer' a bellyacher * City hit with shootout suit (DN) * NYPD: A New York police officer forced to chase a street vendor. (Video) *'Sweet 16' shooting hurts 3 in Harlem
* Hunt on for 12-year-old assassin * New York City’s Murder Rate Up In 2010 (CBS)

That Is the Way It Was

Media and New Tech 3-headed Beast  Newsweek deal sets stage for battle of egos * Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O'Reilly and the death of real news (Washington Post) * Real Time: Bill Maher Explains How ‘America is Like a Dog’ * Michael Moore To Democrats: “You Can’t Keep Blaming [Bush]” For National Woes *
HOW WE'LL SAVE NEWSWEEK: Tina Brown & Sidney Harman On 'Reliable Sources' Spitzer's Comments Keeping Mario Off CNN New York Observer  * Comcast NBC Deal Review Quickens (WSJ)

SNL Mocks George W. Bush – Kanye West Feud (VIDEO)

 Congress  House Dems Reach Leadership Deal (The Daily Beast  * A Journey From Lawmaker to Lobbyist and Back (NYT)  * King’s elevation once the GOP takes control of the majority could be good for his mentor, former Senator-turned-lobbyist Alfonse D’Amato.