Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bloomberg's Old Media Dinner Party Unqualified School Chief Pick Outs the Elite

Oldest and only remaining American WWI vet Frank Buckles 108

Bumper-Sticker Patriotism Is No Way to Honor Our Veterans

Bloomberg's Old Media Dinner Party
Unqualified School Chief Pick Outs the Elites

A review how today's tabloids covered for the mayor on his pick of his dinner party hack reveals how New York's Elite considers themselves are a ruling class who can do what it wants. Someone squarely in his comfort zone of wealthy and socially prominent Upper East Side resident.  NYT on this one breaks with the ruling class * Chris Quinn, John Liu Hedge On New Chancellor 

Murdock NYP's Conflict of Interests
Pumping Up Klein their new innovative education product salesman
Departing innovator Klein gets high marks (NYP) *Joel: 'We played big - and got big results'Cig-tax hike creates total drag on sales Sales of taxed cigarettes have plummeted a staggering 27 percent statewide since the highest cigarette tax in the nation took hold in July (NYP)

Murdock's WSJ Supports Black   Cathie Black Used to Tough Choices  (WSJ) * The WSJ looks for clues on how Black might manage the public school system in her book.

Dinner Party Member Mort Zuckerman's Daily News Supports Black  New chancellor Cathie Black hits the ground running (DN) Daily News never misses an opportunity to blast Murdock Daly: Joel Klein shamefully selling out with new gig (DN)

NYT Editorial Questions if Black is Qualified
"David Steiner, the state education commissioner, needs to thoroughly vet Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed successor, the media executive Cathleen Black, to determine if she is up to the job." The papers also looks into the elite questionTransition in New York's Schools (NYT Ed)Bloomberg Took Secret Path to a New Schools Chief (NYT) * Were You Asked About the School Chancellor’s Job? The mayor said his choice was a result of a search, but The Times has not been able to turn up any candidates. (NYT)

Bloomberg's Elite Dinner Party New Schools Chief   . . .  Where is Sharpton?
"What has become a Bloomberg hallmark, the mayor relied on someone he knew through business and social networks, someone squarely in his comfort zone of wealthy and socially prominent Upper East Side residents, someone with whom he has shared many friends and colleagues, dinners and drinks." UFT-pal state senator out to block Cathie from becoming schools chief (NYP) * Black a 'fearless' straight-shooter: friends (NYP) * Mayor Takes Idea of Education Outsider to New Level (NYT)Who’s Qualified to Run New York City Schools?  Is it necessary to have an education background to run a school district (NYT) * 
In choosing Black, Bloomberg passed over even other outsiders with more pedagogical experience. *  
Barron Denounces Mayor, Choice of Black as Chancellor *  Cathleen Black's First Memo to Her Staff at the Board of Ed * New Chancellor’s Political Donations Tell a Mixed Tale (NYT)

NY1 - The Call NY1thecall  9:26 Miguel, UWS: Chancellor doesn't necessarily need to be an educator. My problem is that she doesn't even have a Masters! #NY1TheCall

Sharpton Hits Cuomo Ignores Black As Black Power Falls
Andrew Cuomo responded to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s criticism of the lack of diversity on his transition committee by noting he has yet to name said committee. * Black Democrats in New York Face Imminent Loss of Clout (NYT) *Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo To State Senate: Get It Together! *   Gov plans to resume teaching when term ends (DN) * Cuomo Announces Transition Team *  Cuomo Starts Transition Team Rollout  *  Cuomo Answers Spitzer and Sharpton with Transition Team *  Cuomo Names Transition Team (NYT) * Charlie Rangel Focuses On Veterans, Not Monday's House Ethics Trial 
Mike Long Makes Nice With Andrew Cuomo (Shocking)

Thompson Setting Up 2013

Former NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson on the impending loss of clout for black elected officials: “African-Americans had a president, committee chairs and other positions in the House, the governor, and control of the State Senate. And all that could evaporate in a short period of time.”

Albany's New Odd Couple  Cuomo & Silver (WSJ)
Cuomo vid vows Capitol cleanup (NYP) *  Cuomo Visits Sing Sing and a Psychiatric Center (NYT) * The debate over capping property taxes is emerging as a crucial test of Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo's relationship with the other Democratic heavyweight in Albany, Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver. * Gov. Paterson: Andrew Cuomo Can Do Battle With Unions, Special Interests * Another breakdown of where Cuomo’s campaign cash came from. * Cuomo’s three-minute ad thanking New Yorkers and seeking their assistance when he takes office will air tonight. * The AP withdrew its call of the NY-1 race for Rep. Tim Bishop. * Cuomo opposes 9/11 mastermind trial in New York (NYP) * Lobbyists Are Waiting for Andrew Cuomo (Barett Village Voice)

Fake Sheldon Silver ShellySilver I am sure the conference can work together with the new governor and, um, reach consensus on a property tax cap and a whole host of issues. (Twitter)

Terrorism US AG Eric Holder is reportedly close to making a decision on whether to hold the 9/11 trials in New York.

Law and Order  Google Street View helps capture drug-ring suspects (NYP) *  $4M scam rabbi guilty (NYP) * City deflects ferry blame (NYP) * In Brighton Beach, Clues to Holocaust Case (NYT) * Brooklyn Rabbi Is Convicted of Extortion Attempt (NYT) * NYPD Releases Stop-and-Frisk Data (WSJ) * Rabbi Tried to Scam Hedge Fund Titan (WSJ) * Federal grand jury indicts teen 'Barefoot Bandit' (DN) * Two Brownsville teens dead in gang war (DN) * Cops fire record-low 296 bullets in 2009 (DN) * 
Candy-bar killer' caught: cops (NYP)