Thursday, November 18, 2010

Draft Bloomberg Movement to Begin Shorty: The Mayor has Already Paid for It

Draft Bloomberg Movement to Begin Shorty:  The Mayor has Already Paid for It
Shortly their will be a groundswell of leaders, non profits and just ordinary people who will  demand that the mayor change his mind and run for president.  True News will pay any reader who correctly predicts the date the Draft Bloomberg for President Begins Bloomberg Denies Presidential Rumors. Again. (WSJ)

The White House is warily watching Bloomberg’s maneuvering for a potential presidential run (which the mayor insists isn’t in the cards).

Meanwhile for the Rest of Us

Job Cuts  Bloomy's ax to fall today Thousands of layoffs loom * Bloomberg Calls For Layoffs, Cuts * City slashes budget, cuts thousands of jobs (NYP) 6000 Teachers Cut
Class Sizes Grew in City Despite Deal to Cut Them (NYT) * Teachers will bounce out of 'rubber rooms' (DN)
Bloomberg Brings Out the Big Guns for Black
"The Art of Negotiation and Compromise” Bloomberg on Black
Bloomberg gets endorsements from Oprah, other heavyweights to bolster case for Cathie Black * Chancellor Choice Begins Calling Skeptics (NYT) * City Releases Letter Requesting Waiver for Schools Chancellor Appointee (NYT) * Bloomberg Rallies Business Leaders Behind Black (NYT) * Waiver Requested for Mayor's Schools Pick(WSJ) * Credentials? Black Has Plenty, Bloomberg Says (WSJ) * Mayor Submits Waiver Request For New Schools Chancellor (NY1) *  4 mayors boost Black (NYP)* Steiner hopes to make a decision on Black’s waiver before outgoing Chancellor Joel Klein officially departs on Dec. 31.  * Bill de Blasio Debates Charter School Exec Over Black [VIDEO]

Questions Linger About Cuomo Agenda(WSJ)* Andrew Cuomo hasn't revealed how he is going to close the yawning state budget gap. * Cuomo’s Timeline

Pols Already Organizing Against Cuomo

Feds Bring Most of the Political Corruption Cases in NY

It is no secret that the local DA's who count on local pols to get elected have problems going after political corruption.  The crime epidemic of corruption in Albany and City Hall is proof that New York's system of local DA's is not effective in stopping political corruption.  Now that DA's are organizing with the backing of the pols to stop Cuomo from backing a corruption-busting special state prosecutor 'Very unwise' move if Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo's special prosecutor can trump districts attorney

With the Democratic Behind in 2 Senate Races They Need to Win Cuomo Pressures the Court

Senate 'chaos' Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo yesterday called on Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman to "fast-track" court cases involving three contested state Senate seats, warning that legislative chaos may result if he doesn't. (NYP)* A spokesman for Lippman said the chief judge agrees the matter is both “important and urgent,” and will address it ASAP.* Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer expanded her lead over Bob Cohen in the 37th SD. * Mark Grisanti is still leading Sen. Antoine Thompson in the 60th SD. * Chief Judge Expedites State Senate Vote Counting

Mass Transit Will Be Cuomo's Most Difficult Problem: No Clear Solutions

 Cuomo Faces Transit Troubles(WSJ)  Subway Extension Would Transform Travel(WSJ) * Transit pros say feds won't pay to extend subway (WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg floats a fascinating proposal to extend the No. 7 subway to New Jersey (DN ED) * Red light on 7 train (NYP) * Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo’s transition team has been told to focus on recruiting, not policy, even though critics say his policy proposals have lacked details to date. * A new report by LG Richard Ravitch warns of looming financial issues with the MTA* "The state will likely need more tolls, as well as special taxing districts and more streamlined environmental reviews if it is to keep up with its road, bridge and mass transit needs in coming years, Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch said," reports the T-U.

Lippman Heeds Cuomo’s Call (Updatedx2

It is not the courts that take the time in the recount it is the counting of the ballots. If the number are close and there is a ruling for a full recount of each ballot it will take months. * Andrew Cuomo Gets His Wish: State's Chief Judge Says Senate Should Hurry Up And Get Itself Settled

Vito Vs Cuomo?  Two Brooklyn pols close to Assemblyman Vito Lopez insist their opposition to a homeless shelter proposed by Cuomo’s sister has nothing to do with the embattled local Democratic chairman.

Post Reid Schumer's High Noon

The Daily News Schumer may be only one who can seal Zadroga Bill (DN) * Schumer and Gillibrand don't like the idea of an earmark ban.

New York Economic Meltdown Some worry the Empire State Games might be gone for good.

Empire State Games will go on: officials

Who Are These Clowns Kidding?
Going After Rangel Will Not Stop Corruption In Congress

Rangel Asks For ‘Fairness And Mercy’

Call for Censure at Rangel Hearing (NYT)* Awaiting a Verdict (NYT) * Rangel breaks down at hearing -- wants to be declared 'not corrupt'

For Rangel, a Downward Path, With Destination Uncertain (NYT) * Today is judgment day for Rep. Charlie Rangel (DN) * Rangel May Make Last-Minute Plea Before Ethics Committee (NY1) * Power 'house' gave Harlem VIP tenants TLC (NYP) * Paterson: Rangel’s Deeds Like A Traffic Violation * Rep. Charles Rangel's landlord provided him and other prominent Harlemites with below-market rental apartments as part of an insider "friends and family incentives" program to boost the image of the housing complex, according to a memo released as part of the congressman's ethics trial. * Bonner To Rangel: Look in the Mirror if You are Looking for Someone to Blame

Paterson the Modern Dennis Who Thinks He Can Talk His Way Out of Anything . . .  What to Bet?

Who is the lobbyist for Catskills Casino?

Does he think folks would already have forgotten the scandalous mess surrounding the Aqueduct racino deal? Or, with just six weeks left in his term, does he simply not care anymore?  No dice, Dave A Deal to Build a Casino in the Catskills Draws Ire * Gov. Paterson needs to forget his Catskills casino pipe dream and leave office quietly (DN Ed) * Gov's final calling (NYP) * Genting, which landed the Aqueduct racino contract, isn’t thrilled with the idea of the Catskill casino, either.* The Post says the casino deal needs sunlight, “a lot of it.”* The nearly-completed deal between Gov. Paterson and a Wisconsin-based Indian tribe for a casino in Sullivan County faces tough odds of being approved by the federal government and likely legal challenges from other Indian tribes that could keep it in limbo for years.

Exxon Mobil Settles State Suit on Newtown Creek Cleanup (NYT)




What is Gitmo's Plan B?

Embassy bomber's near acquittal may kill chances for Gitmo trials Test case could cost Obama chance to try terror suspects in civilian court. The acquittal on all but one of more than 280 charges of the first Guantánamo detainee to be tried in a civilian court has reignited the debate over the Obama administration’s approach and plans to try the 9/11 terrorists in Manhattan. “This is a tragic wake-up call to the Obama Administration to immediately abandon its ill-advised plan to try Guantánamo terrorists” in civilian courts, said Rep. Pete King.


Terrorism   1st Gitmo detainee to face civilian court could get life after single conviction (NYP)Terror-trial travesty (NYP Ed)  * Terror Verdict Tests Obama’s Strategy on Civilian Trials (NYT) * Detainee Acquitted on Most Counts in ’98 Bombings (NYT) * Ex-Gitmo Detainee Guilty of Single Count * Guantanamo Bay Inmate Acquitted Of Most Terror Charges In Manhattan Trial (NY1) * Bomb case blows up in feds' face (NYP)

Broken Windows Checkmate

Cops bust seven men playing chess in upper Manhattan park Will this stop the murder rate from increasing by double digits?

Law and Order  School Official in Child Porn Arrest  * Shackled Suspect Drives Off in NYPD CarWATCH: NYPD needs help in identifying rape suspect (DN) * Huge manhunt as fugitive escapes from cops (DN) * Hookers manage to get pimp busted on rape rap (DN) * B'klyn's Bernie Madoff convicted in $40M Ponzi scheme (DN) *  Police Seek Suspect In Brooklyn Sexual Assault (WSJ) * Turkey-rob suspect: 'I didn't fowl my pants' (NYP) * Lawyer gets 6 months behind bars in Dead Sea Scrolls case (NYP) *  Murder Conviction In Pace Chelsea Death

 Media and New Tech  Republican Push To Defund NPR Fails (VIDEO) * The best campaign ads of 2010 (Wash Post)

Wall Street Corruption   Feds arrest 'back office' workers in NJ, FL with connections to Ponzi scheme

Fed Up With Politicians, New System Taps Citizens To Draw Political Districts