Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cuomo and SEC Break Ranks As He Goes After Rattner

Cuomo: Rattner Is ‘Worst Example’ Of Pay-To-Play Fraud

The attorney general filed two lawsuits, seeking at least $26 million from Mr. Rattner and a lifetime ban from the securities industry in New York.  

Suing Rattner, Cuomo Seeks to Bar Him From Industry (NYT)
Rattner Is Sued by Cuomo, Settles With S.E.C. (NYT)
The attorney general filed two lawsuits, seeking at least $26 million from Mr. Rattner and a lifetime ban from the securities industry in New York. Mr. Rattner was also added to a forfeiture action against Hank Morris, a top adviser to a former New York State comptroller, Alan G. Hevesi.

Lawsuit against Rattner under the Martin Act seeking over $13 million in civil recoveries, millions in future fees and profits, as well as additional remedies including injunctive relief. Cuomo sues Bloomberg confidant- Politico (blog) * NY AG sues former car czar in pay-to-play scandal (WSJ) * Steven Rattner Sued in Pay-to-Play Probe ABC News * Cuomo Sues Rattner (Updated) (YNN) * Cuomo: Rattner ‘End Of The String’ For Pension Probe * Rattner’s Statement, Cuomo’s Timing * Rattner Is Sued by Cuomo, Settles With S.E.C. (NYT) * Cuomo sues Rattner in pay-to-play probe Financial Times * Rattner respondsPolitico (blog) * Cuomo charges ex-car czar Rattner in kickbacks scam * Explaining the Charges Against Steven Rattner Wall Street Journal (blog) * Steve Rattner, AG Cuomo's Office Cross Swords Over Kickbacks Lawsuit * Cuomo Files Suit Against Businessman Steven Rattner NY1 * Cuomo Sues Steven Rattner, Seeks Lifetime Ban; the S.E.C. Settles for Less * Rattner case flaunts lawmen's timing againReuters Blogs (blog) *AG: Car Czar Paid Kickbacks In Pension Mess (WNBC) *Andrew Cuomo Sues Steve Rattner -- Twice (Village Voice)

SEC Slap on the Wrist?
The lawsuits came as the Securities and Exchange Commission announced a settlement with Mr. Rattner in which he agreed to pay $6.2 million in disgorgement and penalties. He will also be banned from “associating with any investment adviser or broker dealer” for two years.

Rattner finds pal in Mike

True News Background to the Steve Rattner Pension Scandal
The pension scandal beyond Rattner

Rattner Lawsuit Politically Motivated
Really Steve? Really?
What exactly are the "political considerations" in play here? Maybe you could have played this card before November's elections, but not today. Cuomo won't be on the campaign trail until 2014, at which point no one will remember this episode one way or the other.  Rattner responds... and it's ridiculous
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Steve Rattner, Obama's putative "car czar," was named in an SEC investigation claiming his investment firm funded distribution of a movie named "Chooch" in exchange for NY pension business. But what is "Chooch?

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