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Vito Lopez Not Living in Brooklyn, "Old News"

Vito Lopez Not Living in Brooklyn, "Old News"
True News Reported for years that Vito Lopez voted from and Illegal room in a private home controlled by a director of one of the non profits he controls.  When a complaint was filed with the Brooklyn DA about his illegal voting nothing was done about it.

Today's Paper Attack Vito Lopez in Front Page Wood  Vito Lopez scandal group got $24M to fix '$10' houses (NYP) *Brooklyn Dem boss Vito Lopez is hard to find at Bushwick home, but spends much of his time in Queens (DN) * The day Vito Lopez (V. Lo?) became sex * Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Paterson Field More Questions About Vito Lopez

In 1995 the NYP wrote:
"Three activists have filed a complaint with the Brooklyn DA, alleging Lopez used a fake address on his voter-registration form and doesn't live in his Brooklyn district. Instead, say the activists, Lopez for years has shacked up in a Queens condo owned by his Former Brooklyn Democratic party bossgirlfriend, Planning Commissioner Angela. A spokesman confirmed that the district attorney had received the complaint, dated Oct. 24, but declined to say if an investigation has begun. "Vito Lopez is not above the law," said Joseph Garber, one of three signatories on the complaint. Garber, an activist in Lopez's district who has worked against Lopez-backed judicial candidates, said the pol's alleged fake address has been an open secret among insiders for years.

Property records show that the address where Lopez is registered to vote, 64 Conselyea St. in Williamsburg, is owned by a woman named Tillie Tarantino. Tarantino is executive director of the Swinging 60s Senior Center in Greenpoint, which is funded by a Lopez-backed nonprofit. Reached by The Post at the senior center, Tarantino was asked if Lopez lives at the Conselyea Street house. "No comment," she said, and hung up."

Convicted of Voting Violation, O'Hara Appeals to Governor

Vito's Voting Record at 64 Conselyea St


One week after the Post article below Vito moved to Stanhope Street to a larger apartment
True News on Vito Lopez through the years

Vito Lopez and Cuomo talking about government reform

Election 2010
Ex-rival McCalls on voters to back Andy (NYP) * Cuomo, Candidate and De Facto Campaign Manager (NYT) * Paladino Turns to Policy Carl Paladino says he wants to put a muzzle on personal attacks and concentrate his campaign for governor around policy ideas. (WSJ) * GOP bigs want loudmouth Carl Paladino to say sorry to Andrew Cuomo over adultery zinger (DN) * Cuomo's 'uncomfortable' encounter with Vito(DN) * Cuomo Rallies Up Support At Brooklyn Church, Blasts Opponent * Why Isn’t Cuomo Mad As Hell? Andrew Cuomo spent years learning to control his inner fury, just when he could really use it. (NY Mag) * Donovan appears to have the tacit approval in his AG bid of former Democratic Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau (for whom both he and Sen. Eric Schneiderman once worked).* The Indestructible Roger Stone (NY Mag) * In Brooklyn, Cuomo and McCall Preach Turnout * Andrew Cuomo, running mate Robert Duffy gang up on GOP foe Carl Paladino for tax breaks* Crime has increased during Republican state AG hopeful Dan Donovan's time as Staten Island district attorney. * Siena On Senate Battle: 2 Incumbents Safe, Two Races Tight * Contest for Congress: In Staten Island, GOP Seek to Reclaim Seat It Held for 28 Years (WNYC) * Paladino Retooled * Paladino Switches Gears (Political Wire) * Cuomo Warns That Angry Vote Could Help Paladino * Vito Lopez Not The Only Questionable Guest At Cuomo/Orthodox Confab * No Church Is Safe From Campaigning Pols * Carl Paladino Winning Poster Election (Robbins, Village Voice) * Hasidic Meeting Fallout Continues * David Dinkins On Andrew Cuomo And Black Voters: Mum's The Word * Lincoln Restler: "Vito Lopez is Basically Pedro Espada Without the $400 Sushi Habit" * New Donovan ad skewers Schneiderman for Sharpton 'access' *Al Sharpton Refuses to Endorse Andrew Cuomo on NY1: The Juicy Background (Barrett, Village Voice) * David Dinkins thinks Charles Barron should be allowed to debate.
Some pro-Paladino entity has launched a new Website targeting veteran Post State Editor Fred Dicker, who made national news by nearly coming to blows with the Buffalo businessman last week at at the state Business Council’s annual meeting in Bolton Landing.* WNYC’s Brian Lehrer sympathizes with Paladino and thinks Fred Dicker was provoking the Buffalo businessman.

Pay to Play Carl McCall  Carl Paladino Slams Andrew Cuomo Over McCall Endorsement Carl Paladino, Republican, Conservative and Taxpayer candidate for Governor, slammed Andrew Cuomo for accepting the endorsement of former State Comptroller Carl McCall, who Cuomo investigated in the New York State Pension Fund scandal. * Paladino And Cuomo Spar Over McCall

True News: Carl McCall was paided 50,000 by the pension fund

New York Pensions Set Return Expectations Too High, Mayor Bloomberg Says (Bloomberg)

Paterson will drop his pre-Election Day threat to call a special session of the Legislature to cap local property taxes if Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver commits to passing a "meaningful" limit in January, The Post has learned. Gov offers Shel an olive branch (NYP)* History in the taking: Gubernatorial documents must be preserved as public property (DN ed)

NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli will launch the Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending to coordinate efforts in different cities and states across the US to push back against the Citizens United decision.

 Cowboy Blows Away Political Competition
Times Square's Naked Cowboy to run for president and he is a conservative * Donald Trump Swears He's Not Doing Presidential Polling

StuyTown and Peter Cooper Village on the Auction Block (WNYC) * Stuyvesant Town Foreclosure Auction Postponed (NYT)

Election Season Puts Politicians in the Pews (NYT)

The City Council is playing doctor again, prescribing a bitter-pill bill that can only poison New York business -- especially small business. Sick-day job-killer (NYP Ed)

Goo-Goos Optimistic For Redistricting Reform

Flashier Times Ahead Next month, the most technologically sophisticated digital billboard in Times Square goes live. It will be capable of everything from exchanging data with cellphones to broadcasting high-definition video feeds. (WSJ)

Law and Order Stray bullet horror (NYP)  Innocent teen slain * DA in war over putting suspects on the grill (NUP) * Cops kill madman Threatening 911 call spurs showdown (NYP) *2 Officers Shoot and Kill a Man Carrying a Knife (NYT) * Manhattan Teen Slain, Friend Hit(WSJ) * Knife-Wielding Man Is Killed(WSJ) *2 men found shot dead inside SUV in NYC  (WSJ) * Man shot, killed by cops after he pulled out Taser darts (DN) * Paperwork keeps us from getting bad guys: NYPD unions (DN) * Police Investigate Double Shooting In Gramercy Park (NY1) * Stray bullet horror (NYP) * Police Investigate Double Shooting In Gramercy Park* Police Shoot, Kill Man With Knife During Deadly Night in Upper Manhattan - * "I'm Ready to Kill Some Cops": 911 Call of Man Stabbed by Police (Video) (Village Voice)Murder witnesses shot dead inside SUV near Union Square: police (NYP)

Imam’s Wife Tells of Death Threats (NYT)  * We have received death threats, says mosque imam's wife (DN)

Terrorism  Behind the Scenes at a Bomb-Plot Trial * * Closing Arguments Set For Bronx Terror Plot Trial* Jihadists in Germany at heart of Europe terror scare; Japan joins U.S., U.K., issues travel warning* Supreme Court won’t hear appeal from 9/11 families (NYP)* Failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shazad faces possible life in prison at terror sentencing Tuesday (DN)

Spitzer Joins Talk Show Circus
Analysis: CNN host Eliot Spitzer should not be advising America * Ex-madam who set up Spitzer loses Brazil election bid (DN)  Media and New Tech  Times sets '12 target to pay 'Slim' tab  "intent on bringing debt down." (NYP) * Fear and Favor Media moguls have often promoted politicians who would serve their interests. But at Fox News, it isn’t stopping there.(Krugman, NYT) * “The fact this guy now is going to tell America how to function after what he did to New York is a disgrace,” Hank Sheinkopf said of Spitzer’s new TV gig.* The WaPo's Kurtz writes of the new Parker-Spitzer show: "The net effect is of a cocktail party conversation where the hosts often share private jokes. Some moments are amusing, others make you wince; at times their body language is more attention-grabbing than their arguments." * Red Eye Is The Only Show On Fox News To Mention Rick Sanchez * The New York Post's Keith Kelly: 'Nobody’s Right 100 Percent of the Time' * New York Times Co. to Pay Back Loan in January; Carlos Slim to Walk Away with More Than $150 Million * ‘The Social Network’ Logs in on Top of Box Office * Parker/Spitzer is Coming on to CNN: Tonight, The Liveblog!(Village Voice) * Google TV Signs Up Media, Web Firms

Today's Steve Rattner Sightings
As the SEC waits for ever to make a its decision whether to ban Rattner for 3 years he makes the rounds.  Rattner was on morning Joe again this morning plugging his book. Are they going to make him into a spitzer a TV commentator like spitzer?   After Steve Rattner Friends Protected Him Against Charges at Being At the Center of the Pension Scandal
DiNapoli unsuccessfully courted Steve Rattner as a campaign contributor and is now lambasting Wilson for associating with the financier.

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