Sunday, October 3, 2010

True News Sunday Update: What About the State's Economy? Campaign Disconnect

What About the State's Economy?
Campaign Disconnect

Election Day is approaching, but neither candidate is focusing on the economic nightmare facing New York State.  Media covers the mud fight that has nothing to do with the serious problems facing the state.  Voters are clueless

Cuomo Campaigns Most Effective Contributor NYP Dicker Labels Paladino as a Nut

What is Inside Paladino's Box About Cuomo

Cuomo meets with ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders (Updated)(Politico) * Andrew Cuomo -- And Vito Lopez -- Meet With Orthodox Jewish Leaders  *Carl gets millions in tax breaks, but creates only a handful of jobs (DN) * Cuomo calls to keep race with Paladino out of the gutter (DN) * Cuomo Rallies Up Support At Brooklyn Church, Blasts Opponent (NY1) * Fred Siegel thinks NYC residents would do well to try to understand Paladino’s upstate appeal.

Cuomo Meeting With Latino Leaders (YNN)

Cuomo Way Ahead of Paladino in Cash, for Now (NYT)

After Paladino’s Claim Against Cuomo, a Father-to-Daughters Talk (NYT)

Cuomo Lines Up Business Backers(WSJ) * Cuomo Lining Up Business Leader Support (Fox 5)

Mr. Cuomo’s Record Voters need to hear more from the Democratic candidate for governor about his plans for ethics reform in Albany.(NYT Ed)

Contributors: Special Favor List for Elected Officials
Money Wars: Tom DiNapoli Vs. Harry Wilson  * Andrew Cuomo: $19.9M In The Bank  * Dem AG Hopeful Eric Schneiderman Crows About Fundraising; GOP's Dan Donovan Shrugs 

Deadbeat Pedro
Beaten Pedro 'stiffed' staff (NYP)

Traffic jam on road to City Hall: Mayoral contenders find ways to undermine each other already (DN)
The Campaign Disconnect Election Day is approaching, but neither party is focusing on the economic nightmare facing millions of American families. (NYT Ed)

Mike's 'No!' to Cabinet (NYP)

 Governor Back Down on Patronage Job A gal pal demursIt looks like Gov. Paterson is capable of embarrassment after all. Either that, or afraid to go another round with public opinion on an ethics question -- this time for trying to squeeze the girlfriend of top aide and longtime crony Clemmie Harris into the newly created $165,000-a-year job of "chief diversity officer." Dave aide's Jersey girl backs out of NY hire

While Paterson Looks for A New Job  Gov hopes to aid folks he was forced to squeeze (DN) * Dave mulls own jobless dilemma (NYP)

Terminal velocityBloomberg's media properties have to $tand on their own

Redistricting  Crooked Lines, Part 4: Reform Efforts Met With Support, Resistance

The Advance's Tom Wrobleski looks at how the abortion debate will play into the AG race.
Times-Union delves into New York's property tax nightmare
T-U's weekly roundup of the best political cartoons.

Dismantling Vito Lopez Empire
The governor froze some $25 million in state contracts with the council, “pending the outcome of ongoing investigations.”  Good for Paterson.   Indeed, his action is more comprehensive than Mayor Bloomberg’s recent order that merely blocked Ridgewood Bushwick’s new contracts. Neutering Vito
Druggies tapped for Vito's campaign blitz  * Dozens of addicts living at a Brooklyn rehab facility funded by Assemblyman Vito Lopez clocked 16-hour shifts door-knocking, passing out fliers and singing songs of praise to help the embattled lawmaker get re-elected as district leader last month * The Post wants Mayor Bloomberg to get toughed on Lopez.


BOE  2nd-tier parties sue elex board (NYP)

Education UFT charter fools   Union drags down schools' grades * Harlem academy is a lowdown shame  It's the worst middle school in the Big Apple -- but the city can't fix it and can't shut it down

MTA a train wreck   Report bares cronyism, laziness & waste (NYP)
New York City is tearing down each and every one of its 250,900 street signs, scrapping their all-capital-letters style for signs with a new font and lower-case letters. A BIG WASTE
New York Economic Meltdown New Yorkers hit with nearly 5% state clothes tax (NYP) * Home Slump? Not on City Tax Bill Through all the turmoil that erased billions of dollars from the value of U.S. homes, owners in New York City are seeing their property tax continue to rise without skipping a beat. (WSJ) * Latest Tax Bill Places Big Bite on City Elite(WSJ) * City will no longer cover kids' after-school activity costs (DN) * Dam the water, dammit: West Side subway station should never be flooded again (DN Ed) * Shoppers Upset By Revived State Sales Tax (NY1) * Midnight Shopping On The Brink Of Poverty : NPR  On the last day of every month, low-income families descend on many Walmarts to stock up on necessities. That's because it's when their food stamps and government checks kick in

Terrorism  Judge Delays Detainee’s Trial Over Issue of Witness (NYT) * The Federal Judge With Terror on Her Docket (WSJ) * Exclusive: Concern That Terror Teams Have Selected Targets, Ready to Strike (ABC) *** Sunday Mayor Bloomberg, NYPD's Ray Kelly On New Europe Terror Alert (DN)

 Law and Order  Legal Debate Swirls Over Charges in a Student’s Suicide (NYT) * Judge Backs 2004 Arrest of Protesters (NYT) * Man accused of killing bartender can't remember act: wife (NYP) * Ex kills wife, stabs 3 others (NYP) * Brooklyn Man Arrested in Stabbing * Off-duty Corrections officer shot after pointing .9mm at NYPD (DN) * AG Holder wants former crime boss 'Gorgeous' dead (DN) *Couple to sue Medical Examiner who kept son's brain in jar (DN)* Ex-wife slain and 3 others slashed in Brooklyn (DN) * Bronx woman gunned down while fleeing gang of thugs (DN) * 'I remember blood running down neck,' bar fight stab victim says (DN) * Armed and 'drunk' off-duty corrections officer shot by cops (NYP) * Cops Wound Off-Duty Corrections Officer (Fox 5) * Correction Officer Is Wounded in a Police Shooting (NYT) * The Torturous Trials of the Idle Juror (NYT) * Teen gets 12-month sentence for minor offense - and thug gets probation for raping her (DN) * 'Burly bandit' bus driver pleads guilty to 11 bank robberies (DN) * Jilted ex-husband charged in bloody rampage * Outgoing federal prosecutor Benton Campbell sticking around to help in Brooklyn (DN) * Arrest NYPD bashing: Running a numbers racket with crime-fighting statistics (DN Ed) * Maniac slashes 3 in Qns. (NYP) * 17-year-old girl gunned down in Harlem; second victim shot (NYP) * Knife-wielding man laughs off Taser, killed by cops (NYP)

Media and New Tech Craigslist Founder: NPR Will Be A Dominant News Force By 2020
* The Daily Show Guide To The Best Of Rick Sanchez * For a Newsman and His Town, the End of an Era (NYT) & SNL’s Rahm Emanuel to Peter Rouse: “Are You Ready To Kill A Man, Pete?”  * ‘Saturday Night Live’ Takes On Rahm Emanuel (NYT)

The Terrible Election Race Race Several states are having absolutely appalling campaign seasons. Here are a few of the very worst. (NYT Ed)

Third Party Rising  There’s a revolution brewing in the country. Could a third party be coming to challenge the Democrats and Republicans in 2012? (Friedman, NYT)

Rahm Emanuel Launches Web Site (NYT)  * Rahmbo's White House Legacy - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune

The Wisdom of Pat Moynihan - George Will, The Washington Post