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Question to the New York Media: Why Attack Vito Lopez Now?

Question to the New York Media
Why Attack Vito Lopez Now?

In 1993 the NYT Wrote:
Growth of a New-Age Political Machine 
"The organization, the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, employs 1,400 people through more than 50 grants budgeted at more than $33 million annually. Yet at the same time many of those taxpayer dollars -- allocated for pressing human needs -- have been put to work for private, political purposes as well. They have paid for an agglomeration of power that has stunted the neighborhood's political diversity, rewarded a handful of Mr. Lopez's proteges with well-paying jobs, enriched politically connected contractors and produced programs that in several instances have been criticized for accounting and performance. Like the social-service groups connected to Representative Floyd H. Flake in Queens, Assemblyman Albert Vann in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Pedro Espada in the Soundview section of the Bronx, the Ridgewood Bushwick council has managed to fill the vacuum left by the dimming influence of county political bosses and the decade-long decline in Federal anti-poverty money."

Yes Media There is Corruption At Vito's Place
All the information to corruption at the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Center to the fact Lopez lives with his well paid girlfriend outside the district has been know for years.  The question everyone is asking is why is the media going after Vito now?  What makes they decided to attack when their no clear election goals?  It is also clear that the owners of the media seek favors from government from their business interests and that of their friends. Why does the media ignore other politicians who their reporters know are corrupt.  Could it be those pols do not interfere with their business interests.  Did Vito Lopez grab of the City Council Real Estate chair when he already controls those position in Albany upset the the big boys?  Did Vito Lopez make demands on the big boys?   At a time when the economic meltdown make government funded housing the only game in town are the big boys trying to swipe housing development away from Vito's non profits like Ridgewood Bushwick? * Vito Lopez's No Good, Very Bad Month [In Pictures]

Bloomberg said "Ridgewood Bushwick does good work and will continue to get funding from the city, though any new contracts are blocked while Cuomo's office reviews the audit."

More muck from Vito  The latest: yesterday's Post report on how the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, which he founded, "bought" 25 buildings from the US government for all of $10 -- to be used, supposedly, for subsidized housing. (NYP Ed) * Sleep habits of embattled Brooklyn Dem boss Vito Lopez get yawn from pols (DN)  "There's been no allegation of a crime made to us," said Jerry Schmetterer, spokesman for Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes

Why Has the Media Forgot About the Council Slush Fund? True News

The NY Post has never done a follow up article on Sally Goldenberger's piece on how much Christine Quinn and her staff's high priced defense attorney's are costing tax payers. Has it past the million dollar mark yet?
More on the City Council Slush Fund

Election 2010
Carl's chancellor-rescue claims called false (NYP) * Paladino’s Pet Pit Bull Adds Teeth to Campaign (NYT) * Even Style Divides Rivals Cuomo's and Paladino's distinct styles underscore their campaign messages. Mr. Paladino is promoting himself as an everyman, while Mr. Cuomo is determined to cast his rival as unfit for office. (WSJ) * Paladino pays himself to run gov campaign (DN) *  The AP wrote up the Paladino vs. Cuomo economic plans.* The Syracuse Post-Standard finds Paladino’s decision to stick by a story from his law school days that others have discounted “curious.” * Sen. Eric Schneiderman spent $328 worth of campaign cash on parking tickets.* Bob Kappstatter offers a ringing endorsement of Rick Lazio for state Supreme Court justice.* Paladino: Cuomo ‘Should Be In Jail’ (YNN) * "Since last spring, [Carl] Paladino has steered at least $1.9 million in campaign money to seven separate companies he controls, paying himself to buy TV ads, provide space for campaign offices and even hire an accountant," * Some of the Rev. Al Sharpton's old foes are working for Team Paladino.*Siena Poll: "Loose Cannon Carl" Paladino Doesn't Have The Temperament To Be Gov * Voters sour on Paladino, poll finds (NYP) * Paladino calls Silver a 'criminal' (NYP) * NYPIRG: State Dems Winning Legislative Cash Contest * Koch: Cuomo Is A Friend, Paladino "Doesn't Care About Common Decency" * Howard Kurtz Joining the Daily Beast as Washington Bureau Chief (NYP) * Cuomo: Speak Softly, Carry Big Stick (YNN) * Albany Grabs Another $16.7 Million From MTA(Street Blog) * Shelly Silver To Carl Paladino: Shhhhh... * Incoming: New Cuomo Ad Says Paladino's Anger "Is Not A Governing Strategy" * Even Lame-Duck Gov. Paterson's Smacking Down On Carl Paladino (DN) * In Paladino vs. The Post, Fox News Comes Down Against News Corp. Allies [VIDEO]* Paladino has a lengthy list of media enemies.* Kirsten Gillibrand is getting some money from Broadway. NPR says her challenger, Joe DioGuardi, might be closing the gap.
DioGuardi is up on the air.* Andrew Cuomo has a new ad that takes some shots at Carl Paladino.

joshrobin Paladino: fire jay walder of the mta. And disband the mta (put it under dept of transportation). (Twitter)

Mad Hatter: Would you like a little more tea?
Alice: Well, I haven't had any yet, so I can't very well take more.
March Hare: Ah, you mean you can't very well take less.
Mad Hatter: Yes. You can always take more than nothing.

Mad Hatter Sheldon Silver
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on the property tax cap: “I can not assure anybody that a vote will take place or that if a vote does take place that it’s going to pass, and I can’t tell you on which particular bill, either.”

 In Ads, Democratic Candidates Play Down Part In and around New York, Democrats seldom note in ads that they are Democrats, portraying themselves instead as independent-minded opponents of wasteful spending.  (NYP)

Comptroller Debate

DiNapoli vs. Wilson: The Investigation Question

Comptroller Rivals Debate Wall Street Ties * NY Comptroller Candidates Debate (WSJ) * State Comptroller Candidates Face Off In NY1 Debate (NY1) * Comptroller Debate Liveblog!!!' * Comptroller Debate: The Lightning Round
Guess Who the NYT Will Endorse
The Times Sam Dolnik seemed to think Democratic state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli had the upper hand in last night’s debate, saying Harry Wilson “veered between prosecutorial and stilted.” * The TU’s Jimmy Vielkind had a very different take, saying Wilson’s needling about the pay-to-play pension fund investigation made DiNapoli “boil over.”

Mayor Bloomberg Trashes Board Of Elections And Its $90,000 Poll (DN)

Subway Meltdown

Walder: $104 Metrocard Is a Go

 Subway Work on 2nd Avenue Hobbles Stores (NYT) * MTA's screen play  Plans digital displays for trains, buses & stops (NYP) * Little Ways the M.T.A. Can Ease Riders’ Pain (NYT) * Subway Stops to Begin Wireless in 2011(WSJ) * Readers Tell of More Second Avenue Subway Woes

$2.50 grab could cost 500G pension (NYP)

Taxes Weighed in Stuyvesant Deal Two groups of investors battling over Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village neared a deal that could save the new owners of the complex as much as $100 million in state and local taxes.(WSJ)

It's Spitz in socks & the city (NYP)

Law and Order 'Slay witnesses' assassinated (NYP)SI brutes busted in Stonewall gay bash (NYP) * Stun-gun mystery in man's 'suicide by cops' (NYP) * Fatal Qns. after-party shooting (NYP) * Antigay Attacks Reported at Stonewall and in Chelsea (NYT) * Murder Victims Likely Were Witnesses to Crimes (WSJ) * Victim Benjamin Carver updated Facebook status while at hospital Lesbian sister of alleged attacker Matt Francis says he loves gays.(DN) * Brothers falsely accused of selling drugs getting $300G (DN) * Mom accused of attacking her child attends funeral (DN) * One of two Taser darts failed to penetrate suspect (DN) * Homeless thug suspected in three Queens stabbings (DN) * Knee-jerk reaction: City Councilman is show-boating over fatal Inwood police shooting  (DN) * NYPD: Pair Found Shot In SUV May Have Been Murder Witnesses (NY1) * Arrests Made In Two Alleged Manhattan Bias Attacks (NY1) * Hero soldier dreaming to be a cop says his NYPD application remains in limbo (NYP) * Nine longshoremen charged in separate coke-smuggling, stock-selling schemes (NYT)

Terrorism  With Video Of Test Blast As Evidence, Prosecutors Seek Life Term For Times Square Bomber Faisal Shah * Missing From Trial: Detainee Statements (NYT) * Focus as Bomb-Plot Trial Nears End: Were 4 Men Predisposed to Commit a Crime? (NYT) * Settle down, counsel: Lawyers for Ground Zero heroes must drop scare tactics (DN) ***Update  Shahzad at sentencing promises 'war with Muslims' has just begun - Gets Life * France Arrests 12 in Antiterrorism Raids (NYT)

Media and New Tech ‘Recovering’ Politician, Aspiring ... ?  Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer tries, perhaps a bit too hard, to reinvent himself as TV host on CNN’s latest offering, “Parker Spitzer.” (NYT) *  Hinckley: Spitzer CNN show gets off to a middling start (DN) * Freak show unbearable to watch (Peyser, NYP) * “What Parker Spitzer really shows is just how far behind the curve CNN has fallen in the cable news universe,” writes Benjamin Svetkey (Entertainment Tonight). * WATCH: Jon Stewart Addresses Rick Sanchez Firing On 'Daily Show' * Howard Kurtz Joining the Daily Beast as Washington Bureau Chief 
* Howard Kurtz On Moving to The Daily Beast: 'I Liked A Lot of What Tina Had to Say'  * CNN’s Parker Spitzer debut draws only 460,000 viewers

* 'Parker Spitzer' Debut Gets Scathing Reviews (Huff Post)

At School Named for TV Pioneer, Studios Are Dark

iPhone Users, Relax: AT&T to be Among First Carriers to Work in Subway

www.washingtonpost.com  shows that voters prefer Republican congressional candidates compared to their Democrat counterparts 39% to 43%.

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WATCH Arianna And Pat Buchanan Agree: The Middle Class Is In Jeopardy

 Poll: Hispanics May Skip Midterms Over Immigration