Sunday, October 17, 2010

True News Sunday Update: The Media's Cartoon Campaign For Governor

The Media's Cartoon Campaign For Governor

It's really sad that Taiwan has better reporting on American elections than Americans do
People are out of work, hospitals are closing, schools are not working that what the campaign should be aboutIt took a cartoon maker from Taiwan to show how badly the New York media ignores the needs and concerns of their readers   
Watch the Cartoon
Kooky Carl campaigns from the fringe (Video)

Sunday Update Anger management They're ready to rumble! Bouncers will be waiting in the wings in case(NYP)

Is a 2012 presidential run in works for Mike Bloomberg? New York mayor is upping national profile (DN) * Pros give Andrew Cuomo edge in tomorrow's face-off (DN) * Andrew Cuomo Plays Abortion Card In "Carl's New York" Ad * Paladino clams up on $4 million tax deals (DN) * No fakin' grudge match between McMahon, Blumenthal (DN) * $11M unit 'let down' starve tot (NYP) *Minority hire deal at tower  A Zoning change al lowing Vornado Re alty Trust to build one of the city's tallest skyscrapers across from Penn Station includes a side deal for minority hiring that's causing consternation among real-estate executives who see it as a worrisome precedent.(NYP) * Joe DioGuardi, Dan Donovan To Make Their Appeals To The Orthodox Community * 'Thoroughbred' Cuomo softening image Career has had tough spots, but a new style is evident (Buffalo * State AG Candidates Spar Over Issue Of Abortion (NY1) 
* Candidates Prepare For First NY Governor’s Debate (WCBS TV)
*** Sunday TV Update TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Be Careful With These Polls
Amid Anger at Albany, Poll Shows Support for Cuomo (NYT)
Be Careful with the polls In a Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters released on Monday before the 2009 election showed  Bloomberg was leading 53 to 35 — a margin of 18 percentage points.Bloomberg beat Thompson by 5%

No Votes For You 
Richard Winger analyzes the impact of a judge’s refusal to grant the WFP and Conservative Party the injunction they sought.

NY Pension Special Problem

NY Pension are not growing as fast as other pension funds around the nations because it is full of junk investment put there by pals of Morris, Rattner and Hevesi.  

New Yorkers are facing a double whammy with this editorial.  The Daily News publisher pal (business relationships) Rattner who is responsible for many of the problems in the DiNapoli office is also supporting Wilson for Comptroller

"He would shift investments away from the fantasy of scoring outsized returns on risky bets, a move that would save hundreds of millions of dollars that flow to private advisers at little or no gain to the retirement system. Clearly, Cuomo knows that DiNapoli was ill-prepared to serve when pals in the Assembly appointed him to serve out Hevesi's term after Hevesi was revealed to be a crook.  DiNapoli had one qualification: He had affably bided his time as a member of the Assembly for nine terms. He had never managed so much as a mom-and-pop store - nor did he have the slightest bit of financial experience.  . . .  As but one example: DiNapoli's returns on pension investments have lagged behind those of other large public retirement systems, costing the fund hundreds of millions of dollars. * Harry Wilson's Good Day: Three Top Newspaper Endorsements In Hand * Wilson’s Newspaper Trifecta * Two More For Wilson: Citizens Union, Crain’s * The state comptroller’s office has taken on new significance in light of the state’s ongoing fiscal woes.

Pay to Play Rangel $hady Rangel zone Nonprofit dodgy on spending
Mike 'terminal' limits The mayor's new chief investment adviser's first "buy" order was a dud: a $20,871 subscription to a Bloomberg LP computer terminal that he should have gotten for free.

The Great Debate for Governor

Candidates Crowd Stage  The seven candidates in an upcoming debate include a former madam who wants to legalize prostitution, a former Black Panther, a "cybersquatter" and one who considers push-ups essential political preparation. (WSJ) * Carl aide offered to resign * Another Paladino’s Views Carl Paladino’s wife, Cathy, suggested in an interview that she would be open to accepting same-sex marriages, which her husband has forcefully opposed. (NYT) * Paladino has game plan to hit Andy on gays (DN)

Election 2010
Quick Attacks During Senate Debate(WSJ) *Gilly, Joe trade blow * Teachers hand out gold $tars to Dems* Gillibrand, DioGuardi debate in NY Senate race (WABC)Another Paladino’s Views Carl Paladino’s wife, Cathy, suggested in an interview that she would be open to accepting same-sex marriages, which her husband has forcefully opposed. (NYT) * State Dems shift resources, but Savage keeps workers (Capitol Cofindenials) * There will be security on hand at tomorrow’s gubernatorial debate at Hofstra – just in case things get ugly.* Ellis Henican offers Cuomo some advice: Say next to nothing * Chris Smith thinks Cuomo missed an opportunity to start leading by playing it safe during the campaign.

NYT Endorses Republican candidate, Harry Wilson, who helped turn around General Motors last year. New Yorkers, however, have a chance to choose someone who knows finance and is not beholden to the Democrats in control in Albany.  DiNapoli has adopted a questionable plan from the pension fund, and he has failed to push hard enough to create public campaign financing for the comptroller’s office. * Beyond Hevesi's Shadow (Gotham Gazette)

NYT Endorses Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General he would would continue taking on powerful interests gone bad in Albany, on Wall Street or elsewhere. 

DiNapoli Double Dip Problem
DiNapoli employing 'double dip' pensioners (NYP)

Pay to Play Crowley  Queens Rep. Joseph Crowley pays nearly $40,000 to fight ethics probe (DN)
Ballot battle  In violation of federal law, four counties and all of New York City missed an Oct. 1 deadline for mailing out absentee ballots -- including to overseas members of the military * State BOE extends voting for overseas G.I.s (DN) * Immigrants Find Voting Can Come At a Co Noncitizens who register to vote in federal elections can be fined, imprisoned or deported, but immigrant advocates say most don’t mean to break the law. (NYT)

The Media's Steve Rattner Blackout
On Thursday the NYT said an SEC deal with Rattner was close.  Over 330 newspapers stories were written abou the deal on Friday.  Since Saturday not one article about why the SEC delayed the deal.
Bloomberg and Rattner (Gotham Gazette)

NY pension reneges on commitment to Morgan Stanley   The New York State Common Retirement Fund is extricating itself from a $300 million commitment to Morgan Stanley's real estate investing group.(Crains NY)

New York Economic Meltdown
  Seniors slam pols for 2nd year without Soc. Sec. raise * Report: NYC Pension Funds Run Out of Money in 2021 (Room 8) * Second Avenue Subway Offers Wealth Of Lessons (NY1) * Midtown restaurant could close by January Bice on East 54th Street will lay off 82 employees. Revenues were down 30% last year. (Crains NY) *  This Wonder Bread plant in Queens is toast (DN) * Top 400 Charities See Billions Less In Donations, Biggest Percentage Drop Ever Recorded (Huff Post) * Queens Residents’ Call To 311 Could Cost Them Thousands (WCBS TV) * City Spent $11 Million On Provider For Dead Girl (WCBS TV )

If One Precinct is Faker Are Others
It took a sting or hidden taping to discover that 81st Precinct fixing parking tickets.  The charges, reported Friday evening by The Associated Press, stem from the department’s inquiry into allegations made by Adrian Schoolcraft, a patrol officer who reported suspicions of rampant manipulation of crime statistics in the 81st Precinct in 2008 and 2009 to the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau. 5 Officers Face Charges in Fudging of Statistics (NYT) * Five NYPD cops charged with crime report tampering (DN)

Terrorism  U.S. Had Warnings on Plotter of Mumbai Attack * Agencies Conduct Emergency Response Drill At Grand Central (NY!) * Harrisburg, Milwaukee Airports Get Full Body Scanners Before NYC * Agencies Conduct Emergency Response Drill At Grand Central (NY1) * Wives told FBI of India terror plot that killed 166 (DN) * OEM Response Drill Simulates Large Scale Attack (NY1)

Law and Order A Failed Bank Robber's Lifetime of Run-Ins With the Law (NYT) * Murder Suspect Caught in Israel (WSJ) * N.Y. Real-Estate Developer Pleads Guilty to Mortgage Fraud(WSJ)
*Shoot bust in 'TV kid' case A thug was nabbed on charges that he fired a gun wildly, shooting a 10-year-old boy who was watching cartoons in his Brooklyn home (NYP) * Shrink-slay trial halt (NYP) * John Solarz, shot after botched robbery, had long crime career (DN) * Rap mogul who helped launch Jay-Z arrested in pot bust (DN) * City, cop to pay her $27,000 for strip search (DN) * Bust in stray bullet shooting that hit kid watching cartoons (DN) * S.I. Man Accused Of Killing Parents Apprehended Overseas (NY1) * Openly Gay in the Bronx, but Constantly on Guard (NYT) * NYPD Makes Arrest In Boy’s Stray Bullet Shooting (WCBS) *** Sunday Update Peace' cop being probed for beating three people (DN) * 'Killer' son told pal: I'm in Mossad (NYP) * Cops kill Pace football player during noisy bar brawl (NYP) * FBI Agents On Coffee Break Nab Fugitive (WCBS TV) *Cop, suspect shot in East New York (NYP)

Media and New Tech Fox goes dark for Cablevision viewers (NYP) * Fox pulls plug, Cablevision viewers may miss NLCS opener (DN) * Bill O’Reilly’s Ratings Skyrocket After The View Confrontation * News Corp delays plans for 'iPad' news aggregation app
* Times Link to Its Own Course Is a Lesson A blog post linking to Times-sponsored online courses left some readers wondering whether The Times had gone too far. (Public Editor, NYT)

Lending Magnate Settles Fraud Case  Angelo Mozilo, the former chief executive of Countrywide Financial, agreed to settle a civil fraud case against him. (NYT) * The Foreclosure Crises - New York Times

Polls Imply Some Ambitious Targets Within G.O.P.'s Grasp. -

The Education of a President (NYT Magazine)