Friday, October 15, 2010

Did the NYT and Bloomberg Attempt to Bum Rush Cuomo?

Did the NYT and Bloomberg Attempt to Bum Rush Cuomo?

Yesterday NYT Says Rattner Deal with the SEC "Done"

No Correction of That Story Today

When the NYT released this story yesterday  Financier (Rattner) Is Said to Accept a Ban in Pension Case (NYT) an attempt to get Cuomo to go alone with the SEC settlement.  We know they got the info from the publisher pal Rattner.*4PM Update  What It Means to Manage the Mayor’s Money (NYT)

Today's WSJ Seems to Think So
WSJ said the staff of the SEC rebelled.  When your dealing with powerful people who call Washington it is easy to see how the big wigs at the SEC were part of the NYT plan.

"The SEC staff alerted the office of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, which is conducting a parallel probe, about their deal with Mr. Rattner prior to Thursday. This prompted a negative reaction from Mr. Cuomo's office, according to people familiar with the matter, though the reasons were unclear. One of the people said Mr. Cuomo's office expressed the view that it wouldn't resolve its case with Mr. Rattner based on the terms being offered by the SEC." SEC Vote On Rattner Settlement Postponed (WSJ) * Inside the SEC’s Postponed Rattner Settlement (WSJ)

Village Voice Robbins Think So Also
Steve Rattner Still Has a "Chooch" Problem 
 Sources in the AG's office say the proposed deal with the SEC --a $5-$6 million fine and a two-year ban from market trading --falls far short of an adequate penalty for Rattner's financial escapades. "It's not enough," says one source.

Rattner and His Friends Try to Game the Legal System
Mr. Rattner arranged for one of Quadrangle’s company’s to distribute the film Chooch, and notified Mr. Morris by e-mail which was the opposite of his grand jury testimony which gave him immunity.To grease the skids for his Morris pension deal, Rattner also invested in a slapstick movie, Chooch, produced by the brothers of former pension fund investment manager, David Loglisci, who has also pled guilty in the case.  Anyone without the friends of Rattner would be facing perjury.

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It's one thing to be a loyal friend, but Bloomberg is showing major chutzpah as an elected official. His friend, in this case, may tacitly accept blame in a pay-to-play scheme that involved both the state pension fund and the New York City pension fund. If so, how can the mayor of New York City continue to pretend as if nothing's wrong? Dan Primack, Fortune

Mike Stand Up for His Man Rattner
Rattner finds pal in Mike "Steve Rattner's my friend. Of course I would keep him on," Bloomberg said yesterday at a news conference about the financial guru of his charitable foundation. (NYP) * The  NYT says nothing about the delay in the SEC Rattner settlement and takes a shot at Cuomo (for you fans of the movie the Conspiracy Theory Bond With Past Foe Is Fodder for Attack on Cuomo Andrew L. Farkas. (NYT)

The NYP Still Blames the Workers and Not Wall Street for the Pension Mess  What you owe them: Taxpayers can't afford extravagant retiree health benefits (DN Ed)

Rattner claims Cuomo's office said he could work for WH during probe 
A source familiar with the investigation said that the notion of the AG's office clearing someone for a White House-appointed position in the midst of an investigation was "absurd."  Rattner was on WNYC with Leonard Lopate to promote his book on his time as "car czar," and said he'd spent roughly $400,000 of his own money on lawyers related to his vetting for his White House appointment.   Lopate asked if the vetting "was complicated because of your involvement in the New York State Attorney General's investigation into the pay-to-play pension fund scandal that recenly got Alan Hevesi sent to prison?"

Rattner replied, "That actually had nothing to do with my vetting. My involvement in it was fully disclosed to the people who hired me. And at that point in time it was not a problem. Nobody thought it was a problem, including the New York State Attorney General, and that only came up later." Matthew Broderick Accepts Mayor Bloomberg's Offer to Play Steve ...- New York Magazine

"Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino is This Election's Most Suicidal Candidate."
                       Charles Krauthammer Scorecard for November

"The latest debacle with Paladino the Republican candidate for governor, has ended up in a colossal fiasco that was not only a harsh loss for the Torah community, unprecedented hammering to governor candidate Paladino himself, but also a tremendous thrashing for those who truly yearn to uphold Torah values," says an analysis piece in VIN.

Election 2010
Carl gets gay-trashed (NYP) * Bond With Past Foe Is Fodder for Attack on Cuomo Andrew L. Farkas. (NYT) * In Campaign for Governor, Paladino Pairs Fierce Talk With Spine-Cracking Hugs (NYT) * Cuomo Vows To Make Marriage Equality "A Reality" (NY1) * Paladino is big spender when it comes to his staff (DN) * Cuomo says he will legalize same-sex marriage (DN) * Paladino is claiming the mantle of fiscal conservatism, but he’s spending about twice what Cuomo is on campaign staff and consultants.* Paladino was Public Enemy No. 1 at the ESPA dinner.* “I don’t want to be the governor who just proposes marriage equality. I don’t want to be the governor who lobbies for marriage equality. I don’t want to be the governor who fights for marriage equality. I want to be the governor who signs the law that makes equality a reality in the state of New York,” Cuomo said at the ESPA event.*  Reid Epstein gets a hold of Paladino’s ethics proposal. (Newsday) *  “Why isn’t [Cuomo's HUD] record — rather than some silly sideshows — the focus in the election for Governor of New York?” (American Thinker) * How Does Carl Paladino Get the 'Tea Party' Tag After Teabagging the Tea Partiers? (Village Voice) * While waiting for that Rattner settlement... (Fortune) * Buffalo News: Carl Paladino Campaign Manager Offered To Resign (DN) *Paladino Hires (YNN) * Carl Paladino has lost ground (three percentage points) to Andrew Cuomo, according to SurveyUSA, which declares the Buffalo businessman’s 15 minutes “over.” * DP liveblogged the US Senate debate between Kirsten Gillibrand and Joe DioGuardi.

More Bad News for the City and State's Growing Budget Deficit Wall Street $hortfalls slam banker bonuses  * Gov. David Paterson’s early retirement incentive might have the unintended consequence of hefty promotions and higher salaries for a select group of state employees. * A judge has blocked to block the Paterson administration’s effort to collect sales tax on cigarettes sold to non-native Americans on Indian land.* Green Party Wants To Know: "Where Are The F-ing Jobs?"
Good News  City gets payday every time Yankees host ALCS (DN)

New York Economic Meltdown Merger Will Save Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, Officials Say (NYT) * Brooklyn Hospital Agrees To State Brokered Merger (NY1) * It’s Official: No Social Security Increase Next Year

 Off the Tax Roll?
City's attempt to raise more funds from Tavern on the Green with no owners failed
Tavern on the Green opening as visitors center

Pols Have Their Blue Wall of Silence 

Their silence is deafening (Queens Crap)

From the Times Ledger:

Hevesi, who faces up to four years in prison plus fines for securities fraud, was released on his own recognizance after turning in his passport earlier in the day.

City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz (D-Forest Hills) and Assemblyman Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows) refused to comment on the Hevesi plea, U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Forest Hills) did not return phone calls and city Comptroller John Liu was traveling on a plane.

Wow, not one tweeder had anything critical to say?

GOP Chairman: Send Hevesi to Jail (WNBC)

Quinn Joins the Establishment
"[Christine Quinn] was liberal and radical when it was chic, and now she's become kind of the button-down Brooks Brother player because that's in fashion and helpful to her now," a former government official tells the WSJ.Quinn Moves to CenterCouncil Speaker Shelves a Sick-Leave Bill (NYT)  * Quinn Sinks Sick-Leave Plan  * Gonzalez: Don't get sick New York; Quinn kills bill (DN) *  Quinn's sound cure: Council speaker rightly diagnoses sick-pay bill as bad medicine (DN) * Quinn is under fire from progressive and labor interests, but got support for her decision from both the DN and the Post.*  Quinn says “I haven’t turned my back on anything,” as she scuttled the paid-sick day legislation. (Wall Street Journal) * Quinn does right on sick leave; what's the price? (Crains NY)

Venting over Vito  Rival 'upset' over losing city contract

On the Waterfront Nothing Changes
In Waterfront Hearings, Accounts of a Union’s Kickbacks and a Mafia Tie

Court: Ed. Dept. rushed to judgment in firing teacher accused of hitting student (NYP)

 Feds Agree To Reimburse City For Tornado Damages (NY1)

There’s a mosque fight in Brooklyn

Terrorism  Judge Says Key Figure in Embassies Bombing Case Isn’t Credible * Ground Zero Rescue Workers to Get Aid (WSJ)

Citing concern over conflicts of interest, PIC Chairman Michael Cherkasky announced his resignation.

Sherr-Una will testify The woman who claimed she had been pressured by Gov. Paterson not to testify against her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend, gubernatorial aide David Johnson, is vowing not to back down. 
Law and Order Staten Island man accused of killing parents arrested in Israel (NYP)* 11th suspect arrested in anti-gay gang attack in Bronx (NYP) *One of 10 Accused in Bronx Beatings Is Released on Bail * Gang bloodies Brooklyn buddies (NYP) * Petit killer's execution-cost argument to$$ed (NYP) * Diplo death a 'suicide' (NYP) * Ex-Convict Is Shot After Failed Holdup (NYT) * Police Seek Staten Island Man in Parents’ Slayings (NYT) * Would-Be Bank Robber Foiled by ATMs, Shot by Police (WSJ) * Police Make 11th Arrest In Bronx Gay Attacks (NY1) * Mentally ill fugitive son accused in stab slay of parents caught (DN) * Ex-con botches robbery after completing 22-year sentence (DN) * Suspect in Staten Island murders may be expelled from Israel; NYPD struggles to obtain arrest warrant * Staten Island man arrested at Tel Aviv airport buying ticket to China (NYP) * Arrest in Staten Island Double Murder * Rap mogul involved in drug bust: feds (NYP)*  Teen busted in connection with stray bullet that hit 10-year-old (NYP) * Sources: Nicaraguan Diplomat Committed Suicide (NY1) * Geriatric bank robber has committed crimes since he was a teen: documents (NYP)

Media and New Tech Cablevision-Fox Dispute Could Hurt Baseball Fans
jeffjarvis  Odd that NYTimes ombudsman is acting as editor second guessing @carr2n's lede  (Twitter)

National Mortgage Mess
The Mortgage Morass An epic housing bust has led to an epidemic of foreclosures. The situation is much worse than you think.(Krugman, NYT) *  How Wall Street Hid Its Mortgage Mess More evidence shows that investment banks kept the shaky nature of many mortgage-backed securities from their clients.(NYT) * Mortgage Mess May Cost Big Banks Billions

The Best and Worst of the 2010 Campaign Ads (NY Magazine)