Monday, October 18, 2010

Debate Preview: Giant Mud Fight

Breaking News Four Men Convicted in Plot to Bomb Synagogues * Jurors convict Riverdale plotters on 30 of 32 counts

Analysis of the Debate
Cuomo, Paladino square off in televised debate(NYP)
* Candidates Spar in N.Y. Governor Debate (NYT)
* Andrew Cuomo, Carl Paladino and zany band of gubernatorial candidates trade barbs in debates(DN)
* Albany Governor Debate Verges on Farce (DN)

Debate Preview
Giant Mud Fight
 Crowded NY gubernatorial race a seven-ring circus (AM NY)                     

The Post endorses Cuomo for governor (NYP) * Send in clowns for gov debate (NYP NY needs answers What gov rivals should say * Assault claim vs. Carl's aide Stone (NYP) * Carl spurs a holy rift (NYP) * Amid Anger at Albany, Poll Shows Support for Cuomo (NYT) * N.Y. Governor Hopefuls Prepare for a Debate (NYT) * Five Candidates, Colorful to Crusading (NYT)

* Cuomo's Tight Rein Chafed Office's Lawyers Former lawyers who worked for Andrew Cuomo at the attorney general's office say he was a micromanager who concentrated even the most routine decisions in a tight circle of advisers. (WSJ) * The debate is on! What Cuomo, Paladino need to do (DN) * All 7 Candidates Prepare For First NY Governor's Debate  ( * Cuomo has reportedly been “consumed” with preparing for tonight’s debate, which presents him with an utterly unpredictable situation – not one of his strong points, Nick Confessore notes.* Jimmy Vielkind details Cuomo’s tight-lipped approach with the press (in public, anyway). It could be a very long four years.* Dan Janison notes ill fortune tend to befall Cuomo opponents.* Senate Democratic leaders are so worried about Sen. Brian Foley’s increasingly likely loss to Lee Zeldin they’ve taken over his campaign.* Powerful special interest groups are hedging their bets by giving to both the Senate Democrats and their Republican opponents.* The Assembly Democrats have launched a rare last-minute fundraising blitz out of fear they’ll lose their veto-proof majority.* The debate is on! What Cuomo, Paladino need to do (DN) * Candidates Prepare For First Governor’s Debate (WCBS TV) * Preview Of New York Governor Debate (Fox 5) * Schumer's GOP challenger says he offers a 'stark choice' (SI Advance) * At tonight's debate, Mr. Cuomo is also said to be concerned that Mr. Paladino might coordinate with other candidates, particularly Kristin Davis, the former madam, and Charles Barron, the city councilman, to pummel him simultaneously from the right and the left. * Special interest money is pouring into state Senate races.
* Jumping The Gun? Dan Donovan And His Orthodox Endorsements *NRCC On The Attack * A Dull Debate Would Best Serve Cuomo (NYT) * Also running for governor (Video) * Donovan Weighs In On That Times Endorsement


This Will Result in A Low Turnout in the City
After 2009 Crackdown On Signs, Campaigns Pull Back From Posted Street Presence
A Times poll of registered voters found Andrew Cuomo leading Carl Paladino, 59-24, in the governor’s race, while 70 percent said they disapprove of the way the Legislature is doing its job in Albany.
Be Careful With These Polls
Be Careful with the polls In a Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters released on Monday before the 2009 election showed  Bloomberg was leading 53 to 35 — a margin of 18 percentage points.Bloomberg beat Thompson by 5% * The NYT Poll is a Heavy Load of Crap

Vito Lopez Controls Where the Zombies Work
Vito's power poll-itics  Nine district voting sites in his buildings  Nearly a third of the polling sites in Lopez's district are in buildings that were built or funded by the massive not-for-profit group he founded. * Your neighborhood zombie: You may have seen this man at your polling station 15% of poll workers had failed or skipped a competency test - but still worked in last month's botched primary. Passing on the open book test is 60%. (DN Ed)

MTA Flyies?  Express Bus Riders Say No

Flies latest Second Avenue Subway-dig nuisance (NYP) * Bronx Cheers for Manhattan's Newest Express BusThe introduction of select bus service with different rules and idiosyncrasies didn't please many habit-bound riders, despite the MTA's promises of speedier bus trips.(WSJ) * Blue lights on express buses may be illegalState law prohibits the use of blue lights on motor vehicles except those used by first responders like police and volunteer firefighters. Those lights are intended to alert drivers that there's an emergency and they should get out of the way. (DN) * Penn to Get Mightier  Stalled Moynihan Station Project Set for First Construction (WSJ)

St Vincent's Hospital Fight Goes On
"For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die." Ted Kennedy Group Renews Call For New West Village Hospital (NY1) * Sick & tired West Siders rally for a new hospital (DN)

Teachers fired for flirting on Facebook with students (NYP)

Pork Pig Fidler

NYC Councilman Lew Fidler routinely – and illegally – parks in a public plaza outside Brooklyn Borough Hall. *Parking perk is a Lew-Lew (NYP)

Terrorism  U.S. Case Against Informer Bares a Tangled Bond (NYT) * Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden is not living in cave, but in a house in northwest Pakistan: report (DN)

Law and Order  Cop shot in Brooklyn gun battle (NYP) * Road-rage cop pulled his gun on me: biker (NYP) * In a Schizophrenic’s Trial, Both Sides Agree (NYT) * A Juror’s Blog Chronicle Stirs an Age-Old Question * Student Is Shot Dead After Striking Two Officers With His Car, Police Say (NYT) * Officer, Suspect Shot in Brooklyn(WSJ) * Arrests Disrupt Major Marijuana Pipeline to City (WSJ) * NYPD Officer Richard Ramirez shot twice in Brooklyn gun battle with teen (DN) * Cyclist claims off-duty cop pulled gun on him in dispute (DN) * Man in custody after cop shot in leg in East New York (DN) * Schizophrenic accused of killing parents extradited to U.S. (DN) * Crime control, please: Albany must pay heed to human impact of weakened drug laws (DN) * Psych exam Monday for accused killer Tarloff (WABC) * Shrink-slay trial declared mistrial (NYP) * Arraignment Set For Son Accused Of Killing Parents On Day Of Funeral (NY1) * Slain WABC newsman George Weber was predator of teen boys, claims alleged killer's defense (DN)

Media and New Tech  Denied Game at Home, Football Fans Go to Bars (NYT) * Cablevision-Fox dispute rules out Giants game (DN)* Fox News Insinuates, but Investor Shrugs It Off (NYT) * Tina Brown and IAC's Daily Beast Pull Out of Talks with Newsweek Over Governance Issues (Updated)

Campaign Money Stealth Money Welcome to the onslaught of anonymous attack ads in post-Citizens United America.(NYT Ed)