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True News Update All weekend: No Jail No Lesson: Selling NY Comptroller Offices and Pension Continues

 No Jail No Lesson
 The Selling of NY Comptroller Offices and Pensions Continues

Reading stories in both the News and the NYP today you would never know that Hevesi and dozens of other pleaded guilty to ripping off the state and cities pension funds.  The current campaign for NYS Comptroller like most of the current campaigns has nothing to do with the realities of the office.  Will the pension of New Yorkers continue to be ripped-off is not an issue that is being debated in front of the public. Questions not being asked: How much will the state and city be forced to pay the pension funds to make up for underfunding shortfalls and bad investments in he pensions from the politically connected lobbyist pals of Hevesi and Thompson were allowed to invested in these funds, through their investment clients?  How many jobs and business created with creative use of these pension funds takes a back seat to Wall Street investors and the lobbyist they hire?

Companies with connections get meetings with Controller  DiNapoli granted private powwows about pension fund business to companies with ties to his political cronies (DN) * Tom DiNapoli's Appointment Logs: He's Just Too Nice a Guy (Village Voice, Barrett)

 'Trolling for favors  Liu's campaign advisers lobbying for pension deals.  Lobbyists at Bill Lynch Associates -- which Liu's campaign paid $95,000 last year -- used their access to try to set up meetings between Liu's staff and private investors, according to e-mails obtained by The Post.(NP)

In NY Corruption Mixes

Bill Lynch is also arranged a key meeting with Paterson and AEG Flake a day after AEG won the contract.  Lynch was work for SL Green at the time.  Green which lost to AEG was not to happy with Lynch's arrangements

After Aqueduct Deal, Governor and Pastor Talk Politics (NYT)

'Cheating' at races  Aqueduct-bid loser axes gov pal as traitor (NYP)


 Six Degrees of Separation 

Cuomo campaign has launched two ads calling into question the background of some of Paladino’s aides.  The ad attacks John Haggertywho is under indictment for pocketing $700,000 from the Bloomberg campaign.  Bloomberg has endorsed Cuomo.  Another Bloomberg aid Steve Rattner is the target of Paladino ads, which says Cuomo has protected him.  Cuomo is in active plea bargaining with Rattner lawyers for crimes against the New York pension funds and according to press report conflicting statements about a movie Chooch he help fund. It is also the some of the same pension fund that according to the NYP Bill Lynch is trying to use his influence with Comptroller Liu to wins some investments for his clients.

Mr. Ferrer made the introduced Vilalobos to NY State Comptroller DiNapoli, Ferrer earned $100,000 in fees and a $10 million fee for Vilalobos firm Alvco

In January 2008, Arvco received $3.6 million in fees from two other firms for serving as a placement agent with the DiNapoli fund.

What the Times could not have known a year ago was that Villalobos would implode. California Attorney General Jerry Brown has sued him for $95 million

CalPERS fires investment firm with Villalobos ties

" CalPers" Villalobos Blows 68 Million. in forum [FedUp] 

Leon Black private equity firm Apollo Management paid Villalobos Arvco Capital Apollo at least $40.9 million in placement-agent fees, Millions in 2007 after the New York pension fund invested $350 million Apollo, even though the state has invested with Mr. Black's firm since 1996

Daily News Endorses  Donovan for AG: Career prosecutor's no-nonsense record makes him best choice

G.O.P. Is Poised To Seize House, If Not Senate (NYT)

Pay to Play Lopez To lease its own  City rents site that it gave Lopez pals * DiNapoli has, for example, rarely missed a Vito Lopez event, doing four between July 22 and August 25 of this year alone, even as scandals around the Brooklyn assemblyman and Democratic county leader were beginning to explode. And DiNapoli doesn't do a drive-by; he's listed for a combined eight hours at just three of the Lopez events, with no departure time noted on the fourth.

Boycott Term Limits Vote?
NYP says politicians treat terms limits with contempt. The people should, too.
Ignore Question One on Nov. 2. Incumbents will be allow to run for a third term

Public Housing Repairs Can’t Keep Pace With Demand (NYT)

Sunday Update Feris Jones was getting her hair done in a Brooklyn salon ... ... when an armed thug busted in and demanded cash. She opened fire. (DN) *  Assembly hopeful Frank Sparaco says he's not connected even though mob-tied firm is a big donor (DN) *  We've gotta get the vote out, say state Dems (DN) * Lisberg: Andy's MTA plan doesn't make cut Andrew Cuomo wants to take control of the MTA, just Bloomberg did with schools. * He makes push for Rangel seat, marathon glory (DN) * 10-year-old girl desperately tried to save her uncle (DN) * Paladino's Facebook Page Hit By Hackers (NBC) * Brown and Boxer Have Significant Leads, New Poll Shows - *Suspect ID'd in beauty salon shootout (NYP) * Paladino's hometown paper endorses Cuomo * "Anger, Alone, Won't Cut It" * The Battle For Upstate, AG Edition * Cuomo shies from practice of openness * Cuomo is rejecting Albany as a concept, but embracing his knowledge of how state government works.* Buffalo News Passes Over Paladino, Endorses Cuomo (NY1) * Subway Construction Affecting Bottom Line, Business Owners Say
* TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

NY Sun Endorses Carl Paladino for Governor
He Is More Credible on the Catastrophe in Albany


Jimmy McMillan Saturday Night Live

The New York governor hopeful talks about his 'Rent Is Too Damn High' platform.

NYT Endorses Cuomo While Making Demands
"We endorse him with the hope that he would be a bolder and more forthright governor than he has been a candidate. New York cannot afford anything like the scandal, gamesmanship and weakness that have marked the governor’s office in the past four years . . .Getting even a few of these vital reforms through a recalcitrant Legislature will be the first test of Mr. Cuomo’s leadership. But the next task may be even harder: There is a $30 billion gap over the next three years, and his path to closing it is much less clearly defined."  Cuomo for Governor * Audit Faulted Cuomo's HUD Overhaul(WSJ) * Andy a man with a plan to reach out to poor (DN) * Newsday endorses Cuomo for governor * New Carl Paladino Ad: "Albany Insider Cuomo" Won't Clean Up Albany * Catatonic in Manhattan

More IG Report Fallout
* Big A horse 'maneuver'  In State Report on Casino, a Few Cameos for Sharpton (NYT) Republicans blitz Democratic candidates over party's ties to corruption case * Democratic AG candidate Eric Schnei derman is hurriedly returning $76,000 in campaign cash he got from the three Senate Democratic leaders blasted in the state inspector general's devastating Aqueduct report. Schneiderman, insiderman * Will scandal sway Senate? - Times Union

Election 2010  Controller candidate Wilson lost on Wall St. (DN) * Ex-madam Kristin Davis OK with Post columnist's 'sorry' (NYP)  * In Congressional Races, Nonprofits Outspend National Parties (NYT) * Sometimes, Money Can't Buy You Votes - *Silver's Shadow The Assembly speaker's influence looms large in a contest for an open Assembly seat in northeast Queens.(Gotham Gazette)

 After Dozens of Businesses Have Closed Subway salvation  Prettying-up for 2nd Ave. dig (NYP)

 New York Economic Meltdown Deutsche job cuts to come (NYP) * Cuts in State Agency Are Troubling, Environmentalists and Gas Drillers Agree (NYT) * Condo Refund Case Heads to State Court(NYT) * This block along 35th St. walks off with ugliest in city title (DN) *  MTA plans to hike not just fares, but booze too (DN) *  Kissing good jobs goodbye: City and state are driving away high-paying blue-collar work (DN Ed) * A Bumpy First Year Overseeing the Subway (NYT) * A Day Without a Train
* Block along 35th St. walks off with ugliest in city title

 Archbishop Timothy Dolan gives New York Times hell (NYP)

Terrorism  Al Qaeda's American mouthpiece calls for more lone wolf attacks (DN) * X-rated x-rays come to JFK  Smile! You're on anti-terror nudie camera (NYP)

Law and Order Tragic gridder 'drunk' (NYP) * Ex-Giant fraudster, 71, sacked with 20 yrs. jail (NYP) * Widower rescued from aide 'kidnap' (NYP) * Creepy cultist's 'killing' confession (NYP) * Ax-swinging lunatic wrecking cars nabbed by cops (DN) * Crippled killer gets a break from the judge (DN) * Dog perv collared after sexually abusing pup (DN) * Feds find panties, porno pix of slay vics in couple's home (DN) * Justice for creeps who stole from investors & mom (DN) * Suspect Accused Of Sexual Assault, Robbery Of Elderly Brooklyn Woman (NY1) * 10-year-old girl desperately tried to save her uncle (DN) * Gunman On Loose After West Village Shooting (CBS) * NYer Held In Shooting Death Of Girlfriend (DN) * Shooting At Manhattan Diner (Fox 5) * Former NY Giants Player Gets 20 Years in Prison (WNBC) * One dead after shooting spree in Union Square diner (NYP) * Officials Suspect Arson In Fatal Flushing Fire  (NY!)  *** Sunday Update  Cop foils salon heist (NYP) * Gunman kills bodega owner (NYP) * Probers eyeing Pace grid-slay video (NYP) * Police Still Searching For Salon Robbery Suspect (CBS) * Cops Investigate Fatal Discovery At Queens Fire (CBS) * Cop Getting Hair Done Thwarts Robber (Fox 5) * Half of Staten Island slayings involve parents and their kids (SI Advance) * Police Seek Gunman In Fatal Queens Robbery (NY1)

Media and New Tech  FCC Presses Fox, Cablevision to End Fee Dispute(NYT) * Michael Moore: Juan Williams Is Right * What Are The Top 25 Magazines Based On Twitter Followers? * NPR's Juan Williams Disaster (Howard Kirtz) * NPR Defends Firing Williams as Criticism Mounts (NYT) * Candidates Running Against, and With, Cable News (DN) * To Serve and Protect, Perched on 3 Wheels (NYT)

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