Monday, October 25, 2010

Change Take II: Will Everything Change From Day One?

 Change Take II
Will Everything Change From Day One?

Spitzer Swearing-In Ushers in New Era in New York Politics
Eliot Spitzer faced the January cold Monday and belted out a rock-and-roll style anthem for New York's future, full of breaking older generations' shackles with headstrong ideals toward new glory days.

Andrew Cuomo Interview Excerpts Cuomo, the Democratic nominee for governor of New York, discussed what he would do if he won the office.(NYT) * Cuomo Vows Offensive Against Labor Unions Cuomo, the Democratic nominee for governor of New York, will raise millions of dollars for a campaign aimed at countering labor unions. (NYT) *  Medical marijuana vote is another one of Crazy Carl's 'extreme' measures, Cuomo says  * Andrew Cuomo on the Stump at Sunday Services (WNBC) * Andrew Cuomo granted a rare extended sit-down (and on-the-record) interview to the NYT and demonstrated he has learned some lessons from Eliot Spitzer and George Pataki. (He also has a slide show on how he’ll govern if elected).* Cuomo is against medical marijuana. * Cuomo Hits Paladino For False Military Record * Skirmish Over Carl Paladino's Military Service Erupts Into War

'Commander' Carl's Army claims a crock Claims by Republi can Carl Paladino's campaign that he commanded 250 men at Fort Bliss, Texas, during six months of active Army service in 1971 are false (NYP Ed) * A Village in Italy Embraces Paladino (NYT) * Paladino thinks reporters are "locusts." * Paladino’s Goal: ‘Aggravating’ Cuomo * Skirmish Over Carl Paladino's Military Service Erupts Into War

U.S. Senate 
GOP foe hits Chuck as O lackey in sole debate (NYP) * In Senate Debate, Jabs Sometimes Get Personal (NYT) * Schumer, Townsend Spar In NY1 Debate (NY1) * A GOP state senator in Nevada crossed party lines to endorse Harry Reid because, as she put it, if he loses “the next Senate leader will be Chuck Schumer, a vicious liberal from New York City.” 

* Staten Island DA Dan Donovan continued to push the AEG angle against his AG opponent, Sen. Eric Schneiderman.* Aqueduct Mess, Wall Street Dominate Final Attorney General Debate * Former NYSE Chairman Plunges Cash Into Dan Donovan's AG Coffers


 Election 2010 Newcomer Faces Hurdles in Challenging Rangel, the 40-Year Harlem Incumbent

GOP Tries to Turn the Tables Republicans are trying to flip the tables on Democrats in a hard-fought New York congressional race, aiming to reclaim the seat by turning a popular Democratic theme—the shipping of jobs overseas—against the incumbent.(WSJ) *  State Democratic conference leader John Sampson holding on by a hair (DN) *  New York Democrats anxious as Long Island Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, other pols face barrage (DN) * The UFT spent more than $6 million on lobbying and campaign contribution this election season. * Ex-madam peddles political aspirations 


Mayor Declares City Economic Meltdown Officially Over 

Myor Bloomberg: Going Back To Two-Term Limits Fine With Me (Now)

Board of Jerk
George of the bungle: Inept election board chief Gonzalez is in way over his head (DN) * The NYC Board of Elections is crying poor, but somehow found $200,000 to spend on office furniture. *NYC Board Of Elections Boss George Gonzalez Nearing The Precipice?

Joseph Mercurio Texas GOP Republican House candidate Blake Farenthold photo in his duck jammies standing next to a girl in her underwear.

New York Economic Meltdown Rev's loans in 'bad faith'  B'klyn church's future gets mortgaged * 2nd Avenue bizmen call for $$ help (NYP) * Bookies of the living dead  $200 million deal-breaker that should put the final nail in OTB's coffin. (NYP Ed) * Public Housing Repairs Can’t Keep Pace With Need (NYT) * After 35 years, Kings Plaza Diner serves its last meal (DN) * Toll hikes may drive 180,000 off road (DN) * Subway Construction Affecting Bottom Line, Business Owners Say (NY1) * Survey: Gas Prices On The Rise (NY1) * 2nd Avenue subway construction protested (WABC) * Bedbugs are taking a toll on NYC tourism.

Terrorism Queens man Syed Omair Ali leads feds on wild goose chase over bogus Times Square 'terror plot' (DN) *

Where Are the Pols Demanding All Cops Must Live in NYC 
 There are benefits when cops live in the hood Hero cop praised after Brooklyn salon shooter busted

Arrest in Hair Salon Shootout (NYT)
Law and Order Big Apple's bloody weekend (NYP) * Brooklyn salon robber arrested (NYP) * Hero salon cop: It's what I 'do (NYP) * Hospital's top cop had 'B-S' degree (NYP) * Medicaid crackdown paying off * Clerk’s Killing Adds to History of Violence at a Queens Deli (NYT) * Officer Is Praised for Conduct in Shootout at Brooklyn Salon (NYT) * Burton Roberts, 88, Tom Wolfe’s Model Judge, Dies (NYT) * Murder Strikes Queens Bodega Again(WSJ) * Police ID Suspect in Beauty Parlor Holdup(WSJ) * Bullet Strikes Boy in Brooklyn(WSJ) * Father dies a hero as Queens bodega shooting echoes 1999 slay of kin (DN) * Bloody day in NYC shows scourge of guns (DN) * Queens getting high conviction rates for wife beaters (DN) * Hero cop 'looks out for everyone' (DN) *  Queens father of three gunned down during robbery at deli (DN) * Owner says off-duty cop saved lives in beauty salon (DN)
Joseph Mercurio Could it be that economic conditions and unemployment have more to do with gun violance than gun laws? Gunmen on the loose after outbreak of deadly shootings across city - (Facebook)

WSJ UP  NYT Down  
Wall Street Journal Boosts Circulation Amid Widespread Drop-Offs weekday circulation edged up 1.8 percent. The New York Times — the "paper of record" that The Wall Street Journal has been poaching readers from — saw its numbers drop 5.5 percent, while the circulations at the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post dropped 8.7 percent and 6.4 percent, respectively

Media and New Tech    Feds zero in on online video in Comcast deal (NYP) * Fox-Cablevision Dispute May Obstruct Customers’ View of World Series (NYT) * Network TV vs. Google TV(NY Magazine) *Newsboy Looking for one last turn in the spotlight, 92 year old Sidney Harman paid his dollar for Newsweek. And Tina Brown was all set to dance. So why did it fall apart? (NY Magazine)

National Election
Falling Into the Chasm The real story of this election is that of an economic policy that was inadequate to the task. (Krugman, NYT)