Friday, October 22, 2010

October Surprise: NYP Dicker Says Shakedown May Takedown the Dems

October Surprise
NYP Dicker Says Shakedown May Takedown the Dems

 October surprise ruins the whole party The inspector general's scathing report on the Aqueduct corruption scandal could hand control of the Senate back to the Republicans and take down Democratic Sen. Eric Schneiderman's front-running campaign for attorney general, political insiders said yesterday. (Dicker, NYP) * Analyzing impact of Aqueduct on Election Day Newsday

The ever-astute Tom Precious on the AEG mess: “In a town grown weary of corruption cases, the findings of an investigation of Albany’s newest scandal rocks the very foundation of the Capitol’s three-men-in-a-room system of governing.” * This mess could not come at a worse time for the Senate Dems, Dan Janison notes.*
GOP latches on Aqueduct report: "There is no question that this will be used in all our campaigns around the state. The commercials, in fact, are being prepared as we speak." (New York Post) * NYS Ins. General: Widespread Democratic Corruption  With Election Day Just Around Corner, GOP Gets Huge Gift (CBS News)

AG Race Turned Upside Down  Schneiderman calls IG’s findings ‘horrendous’ - Capitol Confidential (NYP) *For Democrats, Aqueduct Report Complicates a Difficult Election Season (NYT) * Schneiderman said he’ll return the $76,000 in contributions made to his campaign this year by the campaigns of Sampson; the Senate president, Malcolm Smith; and Sen. Eric Adams, all of whom were criticized in the IG’s report.

NYP Editorial uses the IG's report to attack Schneiderman as being to close to the Albany Dems
Schneiderman's corrupt crew (NYP Ed) * Donovan Hits Schneiderman on AEG * Schneiderman Brushes Off Donovan's AEG Criticism, Focuses On Kerik, Corruption

Lobbyist Hank Sheinkopf Take The 5th
Albany's load of horse$#*% Probe rips Aqueduct scheming * Report Criticizes Senators on Casino in Queens (NYT)  * Aqueduct Bidding Under Fire  New York's inspector general said that top legislative leaders and the governor's office angled for campaign contributions when they awarded the slot machine contract for Aqueduct racetrack.(WSJ) * Report rips politicians for betraying public as they jockeyed to influence (DN) * Government
 at its worst (Albany Times USampson must go: Senate Dem chief's role in Aqueduct deal stinks to high heaven (DN Ed) * Report rips politicians for betraying public as they jockeyed to influence Aqueduct racino bid (DN) *  Aqueduct problems: A state official "e-mailed a memo analyzing the bids of all six bidders at the time to AEG consultant Hank Sheinkopf…[John Sampson] leaked information to former state senator-turned lobbyist Carl Andrews." (Albany Times-Union) *  Editors say the Aqueduct report show "Mr. Silver, for all his power, inside knowledge and doubts about the vendor, failing to deal with a clearly flawed process head on." (Albany Times-Union) * Report on casino bid cites 'political free-for-all' - Politics - The Buffalo News *Albany's problem: a culture of corruption * Republican Senate candidates are hitting their Democratic opponents all over the state on AEG.* What Cuomo Gets Out of This Latest Aqueduct Scandal * Republicans blitz Democratic candidates over party's ties to corruption case

Could It Happen in New York?
DOJ Announces 'Astonishing' Alabama Public Corruption Case  Four Alabama state legislators and three lobbyists are among a group of 11 people charged in a bribery conspiracy rooted in the buying and selling of votes tied to pro-gambling legislation.
Election 2010 
A City’s Passion for the Hometown Candidate Wanes Paladino’s victory in the Republican primary for New York governor energized people in Buffalo, but his campaign missteps have weakened his support. (NYP) * New York's Democrats share wealth this election as pols like Carolyn Maloney open war chest (DN) * Gillibrand, DioGuardi Spar in Debate  * Term-Limit Push Launched * Gillibrand praised her former HUD boss, Cuomo, but refused to say whether former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi, the AG’s top pay-to-play-pension fund target, should go to jail.* Surrounded by Brooklyn Democrats, Cuomo unveiled his “urban agenda.”* Cuomo nearly doubled his number of Facebook friends this week.* Harry Wilson dismissed public polls, saying his campaign’s internal show him in a “tight race” with state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.* At the debate last night, Joe DioGuardi said, "Sen. Gillibrand has had her two-year tryout and I believe she has flunked. It's time to give Joe DioGuardi a two-year tryout." * Gillibrand, Republican Rival Joe DioGuardi Debate On NY1 (NY1) * Paladino Says Race Is Closer Than Polls Suggest (NYT) * Bill Clinton For DiNapoli  * "Richard Nixon" Backs Chuck Schumer, Courtesy Of Randy Credico

NYT Campaign Coverage Lacks
We are in a pension meltdown in this state and county and this is the crap the NYT writes about the comptroller candidates.  They spin what the campaign want put out  Comptroller Running a Populist Campaign (NYT) * Opponent Stresses Wall Street Experience (NYT) * An Inquiry Into the Breed of Paladino’s Pet, and a Sharp Response From His Campaign (NYT)

How Quickly They Forget About 911
Thanks Wall Street

A Favorite Villain in Election Ads: New York City More than 200 candidates around the country have run ads demonizing Wall Street, and the taint is also spreading to the city itself. (NYT)

New York Economic Meltdown Term-Limit Push Launched(WSJ) * Employers Slash Private-Sector Jobs New York City's economic recovery took a sharp step backward in September as employers slashed thousands of jobs (WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg to fight Gov. Paterson's attempt at saddling New York with OTB's health care (DN) * Sanitation Department To Streamline Positions (NY1)
*   Saddled with $200M OTB tab

BOE The Gang That Could Not Shoot Stright
The political appointed mob at the BOE keeps screwing up.  6 mayors have tried to reform the Tammany Hall relic without success.
NYC Elections Board Bungles Ballot Ballots in New York City erroneously tell voters to blacken an oval next to or above their favored candidates' names. The problem: That's not where they put the ovals (WSJ) * Voters must fill in the bubble below their choice, not next to or above it. * Everyone Makes Mistakes... And The Board Of Elections Just Made Another One
Tickets May Not Be the Only Thing the Police are Fixing
Top Official to Investigate Police Conduct The official is looking into allegations that crime complaints were ignored and that supervisors imposed ticket and arrest quotas on officers. (NYT) * NYPD expands ticket-fixing probe, now eyeing Queens and Manhattan too (DN) * Ray Kelly Taps Deputy Inspector To "Reinvestigate" NYPD Tapes allegations (Village Voice)

Education Wars
UFT claims parents won't be able to make sense of ratings (NYP) * City and Union Agree to Wait on Release of Teacher Data (NYT) * Teacher Data Held Back (WSJ) * Andrew Buck is the dumbest principal in city, says he's against 'text books' in idiotic letter (DN) * Gonzalez: Klein can't wait to release teacher data (DN) * Mom declares she is 'appalled' by State Sen. Bill Perkins' choice of words on charter row (DN) * Ugly in the extreme: Upper West Side charter school foes are out of control  (DN)

FDNY chief backs hiring older applicants (DN)

Bloomberg' City Hall Spins Bike Paths
 After a vocal rallies by both pro and anti bike land groups in Park Slope the mayors office got around commenting on the controversial bike land on Prospect Park West by spinning they were starting a crack down scoflaw cyclists

City Will Crack Down on Scofflaw Cyclists (NYT) * Two sides spoke out on bike lane controversy (DN)
* Group ride sites singular flops, city taxi czar says (DN)

* FDNY May Raise Age Cap

Full-body scanners installed at NYC airports

NY environmental commissioner fired (NYP) * Environmental commish is axed by Paterson (DN)

Taped crusader   US Atty pushes wiretaps, rails vs. insider trading (NYP

  Deutscher Bank Trial A Go
Judge won't dismiss indictment in Deutsche Bank fire (WABC)
* Charges Stand Against Construction Workers In Former Deutsche Bank Building Fire

Law and Order Bronx 'Goonies' may get plea deals: lawyers * Suspect asks rape victim, 'Can we get together?' (DN) * Three ex-cons sue city for 'moral' support (DN) * Investigation Finds Teacher Had Inappropriate Relationship With Students (NY1) * Judge sustains charges in Ground Zero tower fire (NYP) * Pace student’s shooting not about race: parents (NYP) * PHOTO: Cops release image of man wanted for calling in fake bomb threats * WATCH: Chilling confessions from teen charged in slay of WABC radio host (DN) * Man sexually assaults, robs elderly woman in Brooklyn (WABC) * Shot Pace student was legally drunk: report (NYP) * Suspect Accused Of Sexual Assault, Robbery Of Elderly Brooklyn Woman

Media and New Tech  NPR goes off the dial: Firing Juan Williams is political correctness on steroids(DN) * FOX RESCUES JUAN: Williams Gets $2 MILLION Fox News Contract * Whoopi & Barbara DEFEND Juan Williams, Call NPR Firing 'Ridiculous,' 'Wrong'
ABC, CBS and NBC Stupidly Block Google TV

*Major NYT Co. shareholder reduces stake to 7.4 pct  NYT Co. shareholders sell 2.9M NYT Co. shares to lower stake to 7.4 pct as publisher struggles * News Corp. to Shelve Hubristically Named News Aggregator * Washington Post Critic: I'm Leaving Newspaper, Heavily In Debt * Tribune Company Ousts Randy Michaels as Chief