Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Koch a Bum is Not A Criminal: Defends Speaker Silver Who He Calls Enemy of Reform

Koch: A Bum is Not A Criminal
Defends Speaker Silver Who He Calls Enemy of Reform

Koch went to bat for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who many see as a roadblock to reform in Albany and with whom the former mayor has clashed repeatedly over the assemblyman’s refusal to sign the NY Uprising pledges.  It seems that Koch is confused what he main mission is reform or politics.  Koch on Silver: "Throw the Bum Out!"

After Paladino Called Silver A Criminal
“He’s not a criminal,” Koch declared. “It’s an outrage. Every public official should stand up – including those who support Paladino – and denounce him. He’s demeaning public office. He’s causing people not to run. Who wants to be in a situation where someone who doesn’t care about common decency can say anything they want?” Koch Backs Cuomo, But Defends Silver (UPDATED) * Carl calls Sheldon Silver a 'crook' (NYP) * The Post, which has been highly critical of Silver, protected him against Paladino, insisting the speaker “is not a criminal.”  * Cuomo called on Paladino to either substantiate his claims against Silver or not make them.

If Koch only understood how important reforms he is pushing are to get anyone to run against any incumbents he would make this point.  Every challengers except against Padro Espada lost last year.  The former mayor should say that if changes are not made to New York's election system nobody will run in the next election cycle in 2012.  In the 1980's Koch screamed at the City Club a good government group (on video) at the publisher of a local paper called Talking Turkey after he was told some of the politicians around him were criminals and corruption his Parking Violations Bureau. "The Bronx Democratic Leader is my friend, if you know of any wrongdoing go to the Manhattan DA. He did.  The following scandal, largest in city history, in which the Queens Boro President killed himself and the democratic leader of the Bronx when to jail made Rudy Giuliani. FRIEDMAN IS GUILTY WITH 3 IN SCANDAL -

Election 2010  Carl's forked tongue(NYP) * For Paladino, a Softer Edge, if Only Briefly (NYT) * Cuomo strikes out on union donation tale (DN) * Top Advisor Says Paladino Campaign Has Taken "Detour" (NY1) Carl Paladino Tries To Soften Images But Fires New Salvo - WPIX * Roger Stone on Team Paladino: “I just think that they have gotten a little afield here and the campaign needs to dial back to Carl Paladino’s very specific issue prescription for the state. Any discussion of extramarital affairs, divorces, girlfriends – that’s not what voters want to hear. This state is in a death spiral.” * Carl Paladino, Buffalo Bully (Robbins, Voice) * Paladino is being dogged by conflict of interest claims in connection with parking in Buffalo.* A new Siena poll shows Cuomo regaining the momentum in the governor’s race.* On the Record, Off the Rails: Paladino, With No Predictable Schedule, Struggles With the Political Press (NYP)* C line named NYC's worst subway line (NYP) * Carl Paladino: These Polls Are "Sort Of Getting To Be A Joke"
* Paladino: Paterson A ‘Weak Person’ (YNN) * Mahoney Crosses Party Lines For Cuomo (YNN) * Howard Wolfson made some trouble for himself on the homefront by saying “Democrats are in big trouble” this fall.

A War Horse Thinks His Time Has Come Republican Senate candidate Joe DioGuardi has made a career over complaining about government spending. Now he hopes it will propel a bid to upset incumbent Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand. (WSJ) * Joe DioGuardi accused his target, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, of being a tool of the tobacco industry prior to holding elected office.

Dailies Vito Free Today
For the first time in a week there is no new attacks on Vito Lopez this morning.  True News understands that readers need they Vito Fix.  The picture to the left is Vito with Joseph Goldberger and Joseph Menczer and other all stars from the UJO community.  At a time when the Brooklyn Democratic leader Lopez headed Democrats for Pataki Goldberger and Menczer raised 500,000 for the former governor.  Government programs and investigations for Goldberger and Menczer followed Pataki election win.  THE TWO JOSEPHS/A special report.; Uncommon Albany Access Stirs Questions of Improper Influence  (October 16, 2000, NYT) * Cuomo called Assemblyman Vito Lopez (whom the AG’s office is reviewing in connection to a Brooklyn nonprofit) his “good friend” during a visit last weekend with Hasidic leaders.

Play to Play Smith  Senate President Malcolm Smith ran a mortgage title company from the offices of a nonprofit that is under investigation by the feds.

New York Economic Meltdown  NYPD high-profile patrols take big hit (NYP) * Dim Outlook for Holiday Jobs (NYT) * Archdiocese to Release List of Schools It May Close (NYT)  * At Brooklyn High School Named for Murrow, the Television Studios Are Dark (NYT)* MetroCards Set to Bust $100 Mark(WSJ) * Zagat Trends: Eating Out Less, Dining in Brooklyn More (WSJ)* Foreclosure in the Family Harms School Performance, Report Finds (WSJ) *  MTA blew $722G in safety incentives, report reveals (DN) * Gov. David Paterson insists he has more to do before he leaves office, and set a date to start layoffs: Nov. 15.* That hurts! MTA blows 722G on 'injury' bonuses * $104 MetroCard on the table for next round of MTA fare hikes (NYP) * Decline is the first in 70 years and almost twice as much as the rest of the nation* The state’s fiscal woes have taken a toll on the Adirondack Park.* Siena finds the state's consumer outlook is still pretty lousy.  * Gov. Paterson says the Senecas better pay up the $214 million they owe the state.

Board of Election
New York Missed or Ignored Signs on Girl Who Died (NYT) * Agency Faulted In Girl's Death(WSJ)
The investment performance of the NYS pension fund lagged behind that of other retirement plans with more than $5 billion in assets over the past five years, Bloomberg News reports

Amherst President Is Expected to Lead New York Public Library (NYT)

Law and Order  Dock men in one-ton coke bust (NYP) * 'Perv' given a pass (NYP)* Pee-brained Bx. lawyer faces public-piddle rap (NYP) * Convictions on 16 Counts in Triple-Murder Case (NYT) * 8 Longshoremen Charged With Smuggling Cocaine (NYT) * Informant Draws Fire(WSJ) * Busted taillight leads cops to suspect in double murder (DN) * DNA nails thug for 2004 attack on 15-year-old girl (DN) * NYPD Transit Bureau now deploying electric standup vehicles at major subway stops (DN) *Jury convicts woman in slaying of 91-year-old granny (NYP)

Spews Evil: "War Has Just Begun"
Terrorism What we're up against: Times Square bomber's rant gives chilling look at jihadi mindset (DN Ed) * Times bomber's rant as he gets life (NYP) * 'He should be fried,' says hero Viet-vet street vendor (NYP) * Moderate' Islam's PR nightmare(NYP Ed) * Shahzad Gets Life Term for Times Square Bombing Attempt (NYT) * Times Square Plotter Gets Life Term(WSJ) * Faisal Shahzad schooled by judge at sentencing (DN) * Undaunted Times Square street vendor still at post (DN) *Summations Wrap Up In Bronx Bomb Plot Trial (NY1)
* Federal judge bans key witness in Gitmo detainee's trial (NYP)

911 Compensation 
$712M GZ deal near with 75% on board (NYP) * Settle down, counsel: Lawyers for Ground Zero heroes must drop scare tactics (DN Ed) * Bloomberg Urges Plaintiffs To Accept WTC Health Settlement (NY1)

Media and New Tech  Critics Blow Raspberries at Eliot Spitzer's CNN Debut (WSJ)
Joseph Mercurio The text-polling firm kgb answers reached out to 750 people and asked what they think of CNN's Parker Spitzer, 81% replied it's "awful, CNN should pull the plug." Maggie Haberman (Facebook)

National Politics

Clean and Open American Elections The government needs to make sure that the tax code — and American control of American elections — is not being violated. (NYT Ed)

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is actively seeking foreign funds for midterm campaigns, and the Federal Election Commission can't do anything about it.

Hillary: I don't want VP nod - Maggie Haberman * Bob Woodward says an Obama-Clinton ticket is on the table for 2012.