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Albany's Fake Election Year Budget Crumbles

Breaking News Play to Play Gambling

The Democrats in charge of picking AEG for the racino plans were Governor Paterson, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and State Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson, and Fisch said, "They all together with the governor had one continuency and one constituency only, and that was the state of New York. "And their responsibility to that one constituency was betrayed."

 Watchdog accuses state Senate officials of self-dealing in Aqueduct casino bid (NYP) * State Senators’ Influence Over Planned Casino Is Criticized (NYT) *** IG Dops AEG Bomb (Updated) * State Inspector General: Fix Was In On Aqueduct Racino Deal   Report on Aqueduct slots award goes to prosecutors (Wash Post) * Probe: Decision Makers In Aqueduct Deal Received Campaign Cash (NY1) * Sen. John Sampson On Aqueduct: "Mistakes Were Made"  * Inside deals, secret lobbying marked the Aqueduct slot machine operator process, report finds  * Report on Aqueduct slots award goes to prosecutors * Dem Hopefuls Running From Senate Leadership Like Seabiscuit Over Aqueduct Mess * Probe: Paterson played politics in slot-machine selection Newsday * IG on Aqueduct gambling bid: Top lawmakers showed “militant indifference” to public interest - Capit *For Democrats, Aqueduct Report Complicates a Difficult Election Season

NYT Campaign Coverage Lacks
We are in a pension meltdown in this state and county and this is the crap the NYT writes about the comptroller candidates.  They spin what the campaign want put out  Comptroller Running a Populist Campaign (NYT) * Opponent Stresses Wall Street Experience (NYT)

Report: State DEC Commissioner Grannis fired


Albany's Fake Election Year Budget Crumbles

Daily News Only Talks About Shortfalls

Back in July when Albany pass it crumbling budget True News reported that the leaders of the legislature were in a shell game with the public and media to hide the truth about the real budget gap to avoid doing the major cuts until after the election.  The Daily News still only writes about the short fall without explaining the political reason why the budget was passed.

Today's Daily News Editorial

Down the rathole: Albany's smoke-and-mirrors budget is already falling apart
The Controller reports that tax revenues have run $600 million short of projections - projections that were only six weeks old. That blows a substantial hole in the current fiscal plan and balloons the massive $8.2 billion budget gap awaiting the next governor. (DN Ed)

True News' July 16, 2010 
Buying Time Budgets To Get Reelected
It is clear that this years budget was pasted together with spit and gum so incumbent pols could run for reelection with a state budget. With three budget modifications last year you would think the media would get the hint that dysfunctional Albany no long passes real budget but spin documents intended to protected incumbents. DiNapoli warns of NY kaboom time$ The latest state budget is about to explode, state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli warned yesterday in a damning analysis of the $134.4 billion spending plan. Proposals based on "risky" or overly optimistic projections make up more than half -- some $4.8 billion -- of the Legislature's efforts to close an estimated $9.2 billion budget gap this year, leaving the state open to future budget woes.* Jealous of Jersey New York's budget is a fiscal time-bomb, packed with huge risks, hit-or-miss revenue and one-time cash jolts sure to leave Albany dry in '11."

Election 2010
Paladino’s Accidental Running Mate Is Also His Mop-Up Man (NYT) * The Buffalo News follows the trail of Andrew Cuomo’s campaign cash and finds he’s taking lots of money from the same special interests he has promised to take on if he’s elected governor.* Dick Morris and Eileen McGann now see 11 potential GOP House pick-ups in NY.* The National Organization for Marriage wants to sponsor ads supporting Paladino, but doesn’t want to reveal who’s paying for them.* The loss of suburban Senate Democrats could be the key to unlocking Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s support for a property tax cap.*
"What's a brash businessman with a beef with big government and a penchant for publicity to do when a news outlet offers to videotape his musings on anything and everything and broadcast them unedited over the Internet? Take it and sound off, of course," and that's just Carl Paladino he did for years before he ran for governor, reports the Rochester D&C.* Cuomo meets Brooklyn, releases agenda (City Hall) * Andrew Cuomo found Monday night’s debate “informative” and “entertaining,” but he’s not inclined to go through that again. * Carl Paladino Slams Andrew Cuomo On Debates, Financial Ties

Poll Results  Paladino punching rest of GOP's ticket (NYP)  For attorney general, Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan trailed Democratic state Sen. Eric Schneiderman, 44 percent to 37 percent. And for comptroller, Manhattan investor Harry Wilson, endorsed by the three major city newspapers, trailed incumbent Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, 49 percent to 32 percent. * Paladino scoffed at the “phonies” at the Siena poll, saying: “They were real accurate on the primary weren’t they?”

Media Loves:   
Rent is Too Damn High Circus 

“I just made stuff up and told them. None of that is true. I’m not a politician. This isn’t about my personal life.  Jimmy McMillan
‘Rent Is Too Damn High,’ Set to Music * 'Rent' guy damn liar  Conflicting stories about how much rent he pays (DN) *  Anti-Semitic Remarks + Lying To Press = Pitchman Offer For Rent Is Too Damn High Guy?  * The Atlantic (with a h/t to Gate) explains why Jimmy McMillan will never be governor.

Schumer's Race For Senate Majority Leader
In No Trouble, Schumer Opens Coffers to Democrats CYA $250,000 to the Democratic Party in Nevada, which just so happens to be Majority Leader Harry Reid’s home state.
Recent History of House Gains
Joseph Mercurio Republicans made a 53 seat gain in the House in 1994, which is the largest seat change in the past 50 years. The only other elections that come close are 2006 (30 seat Democratic gain), 1980 (33 seat Republican gain), 1974 (43 seat Democratic gain), 1966 (39 seat Republican gain) and 1958 (48 seat Democratic gain). (Facebook)

Rattner Update
The SEC is reportedly poised to vote on a settlement deal with Steve Rattner, who is still negotiating with Cuomo’s office.*  "Federal securities regulators are scheduled to vote Thursday on a settlement deal with former Obama administration official Steven Rattner, who has been under investigation over pay-to-play charges," a source told the WSJ. * SEC Is Set to Vote On Settlement With Rattner (WSJ) * S.E.C. Set to Vote on Rattner Deal, Report Says

New York Economic Meltdown City Mulls Cuts for Elderly(WSJ) * New Home Foreclosure Rules for New York State (WSJ) * Smith May Fumble Harlem Financing New York City officials fear Hall of Fame football star Emmitt Smith may fail to meet a year-end deadline to remain eligible for federally backed tax-exempt financing for a hotel and retail project in the heart of Harlem. (WSJ) *
Scores of pols have more than $5G in credit card debt (DN)  * More MTA funding or more service cuts, report warns (DN) *MTA crippled by $28B debt: study (NYP) * OTB deal would cut 500 jobs, nix Internet bets and subsidies (DN) * StuyTown stymied  A much-anticipated foreclosure of embattled apartment complex Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village may be delayed yet again, (NYP) * Eliminate the city's Dept. of Doing Nothing (NYP) * If you can shell out $2,500 to boost Dems, you can shell out $75 to boost homeless shelter (DN) * The Bloomberg administration is considering a 40 percent cut to funding for in-home counseling for senior citizens.* OTB Gets Relief (NYT)
Daniel Henninger is all in for Harry Wilson, who thinks he can defuse the public pension bomb  The Biggest Race You Haven't Heard Of   A rare chance to defuse the pension bomb.*
"Here's one possible reason why New York's finances are such a mess: Some 15% of all 212 state lawmakers are carrying more than $5,000 in credit card debt. A Daily News review of the latest financial disclosure forms found that 31 lawmakers have significant debt. They reported having a combined 71 credit cards with a minimum total of $355,000," writes our Ken Lovett. * Gov. Cuomo Might Have To Clean Up Gov. Cuomo’s MTA Mess * NYC To Demote 100 Sanitation Supervisors
Will financial reform drive jobs from New York? (CrainsNY * City Mulls Cuts for Elderly Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration is considering slashing in-home counseling services for senior citizens by 40%, a cut advocates worry would endanger already vulnerable people.

Hide and Seek is Not A Child's Game

Cab bigs will ease cell-out

 Despite Speculation, Dolan Is Not Named a Cardinal (NYT)
Taxi officials will finally end a rule today that penalizes cabdrivers for talking on cellphones while off duty and driving their personal cars. (NYP)

 One Place Where Spitzer Isn’t Forgiven: Harvard Club (NYT)

Troubled carpenters union probed for lavish ways (DN)

Law and Order Police Discretion Is Issue in Injured Bystander’s Suit * Timetable Is Set for the Only Civil Trial in a 9/11 Death (NYT) * Woman, Bystander Shot Near Crown Heights Bus Stop (NY1) * Bronx Man Awarded $18.5M In Wrongful-Conviction Suit (NY1) * WATCH: Chilling confessions in WABC host's slay (DN) * Pace pals tasered (NTP) * Cheshire monster has death wish: doc (DN) * Guards injured in Rikers brawl (DN) *Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. announced a new unit to focus on public corruption.

Terrorism At Detainee’s Trial, Insider Gives Glimpse Into Al Qaeda (NYT) * Bubba's card with nuke codes missing for months: book (DN) *  Islamic cleric with Al Qaeda ties lunched at Pentagon, officials say

Juan Williams FIRED: NPR Sacks Analyst Over Fox News Muslim Comments
Media and New Tech  Fox-Cablevision Dispute in Day 5(WSJ) * Zell on the hot seat  Tribune creditors seek to sue mogul (NYP) * Black Ex-Fox News Employee Sues Over Alleged Racism * Group Announces Offer to Purchase Boston Globe from New York Times Co. * Google Tax-Evasion Scheme Costs U.S. BILLIONS * Jon Stewart To Larry King: 'You're The Last Guy Out Of A Burning Building' * Juan Williams: 'The Left Are Far More Vicious'
* Fox News Embraces Juan Williams With New $2 Million Deal
Azi Paybarah just gets better:"NPR CEO: Williams' Views Should Stay b/w Himself & 'His Psychiatrist' " (glad i'm here 2day) #media * New York Times' Twitter Following Crushes Other Newspapers — Revenue Not So Much * Juan Williams On NPR Firing: ‘I Don’t Even Get The Chance To Have A Conversation?’

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