Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ex-Comptroller Alan Hevesi Pleads Guilty to Felony


Hevesi  reading in calm tones a lengthy description of his crime: how he steered $250 million in pension funds to Markstone Capital Partners between January, 2003, and September 2005 in exchange for $75, 000 travel expenses for him and his family; $380,000 in other expenses; and $500,000 in campaign contributions. The travel, he said, included trips to Israel and Italy.
He said Hank Morris, the political consultant who has already been indicted, made the connections.
Mr. Hevesi then read a brief personal statement, saying: “I deeply regret my conduct and I sincerely and deeply apologize to the people of the State of New York, to the court, to my family.”* *Hevesi Documents

Hevesi Pleads Guilty To Single Corruption Charge(NY1)

New York's Hevesi to Plead GuiltyWall Street Journal 

Ex-Comptroller Alan Hevesi arrested

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Hevesi Is Set to Plead Guilty to Felony in State Pension Case 

 True News Says: There is more to the pension scandal then Hevesi 

 Breaking News New York's Pay to Play Pension Scandal

Was Everyone In the Pension Fund Corrupt?

Hevesi at his plea said Hank Morris, the political consultant who has already been indicted, made the connections. 

"Mr. Rattner turned to Mr. Morris after meeting Josh Wolf-Powers, then managing director of private markets for the New York City comptroller, about the beginning of 2005. Mr. Wolf-Powers told Mr. Rattner that he could not think of any investment firm that had persuaded the city’s pension fund to invest without using a placement agent."  Quadrangle Facing Questions Over Pension Funds(NYT, April 21, 2009)' 

To read Hevesis allocution, click here.
To read the charges against Hevesi, click here.

Joseph Mercurio Hevesi says Hank Morris "solicited contributions" & "steered investments to friends." Azi Paybarah (Twitter)

The Wolf at Thompson's Door

Steve Rattner Summary

The Pension Fund Cover-Up: Billions in Government Funds Will Be Need to Keep the Funds Afloat

Breaking News  MTA raises fares again, monthly MetroCard prices skyrocket to $10 * NJ Gov. Chris Christie scraps NJ-NY rail tunnel * Christie Kills $8.7 Billion Train Tunnel

Corporate Happy News
Spin Goal to Soften Bad News

There is a filter going through some news thanks to some of the New York media, helped by the Bloomberg public relations machine and government agencies like the MTA which spin away each fare increase.  That filter does not spin the issue to a positive story just to a less negative one.  Are the goal are the ones doing the positive spin attempting to limit a tea party type movement here?

Not one follow up story about New Yorker's Income Posts a Rare Drop(WSJ) On a day when Bloomberg's flack Wolfson is saying the mayor will get Albany to go along with pension reform to save the city's budget the only story in the papers today about the comptrollers race is one from the NYP hitting the current comptrollers, pushing for the GOP to take over that position No recession for DiNapoli's pals(NYP)  What is gone from the pension story is any independent voice to confirm if Albany will go along with the mayor's pension plays. Does anyone remember congestive prices?   What is gone from the comptroller race is any real discussion on the health of the NY State Pension System.  Pension Fears Are City Focus (WSJ)We're going to fix pension pickle, Bloomy's top aide says (DN) * Wilson Campaign Will Make Hevesi Plea Central To Fall Campaign (City Hall)

Record High Food Stamps
The number of Americans receiving food stamps rose to a record 41.8 million in July as the jobless rate hovered near a 27-year high

Bloomberg NY Media Food Stamp Spin
The New York media changes the record high food stamp story into one that the mayor calls healthier eating habit of those on food stamps.  New York Asks to Bar Use of Food Stamps to Buy Sodas (NYT) * New City Move Against Soda(WSJ) * Bloomberg tries to food stamp out soda, fatty drinks (DN) * Officials Want Sugary Drinks Banned From Food Stamp List (NY1)

M.T.A. Approves Transit Fare Increase (NYT)

MTA Fare Going Up Today
On the day the MTA fares go up the times writes divers face no increase and the WSJ spins the subways are cleaner  MTA Board To Vote On Yet Another Fare Increase, Sharp Rise For Monthly Passes - WPIX  * Riders Prepare For MTA Fare Hike Vote (NY1

NYT Spins that drivers may not see an increase
With Higher Fares Ahead, M.T.A. May Spare Drivers

WSJ Spins Subways are Cleaner
* Subways Improve—for Now(WSJ)

Cheating News
Daily News Rips Off True News Again

True News has been reporting for 5 years Vito Lopez Not Living in Brooklyn, "Old News"

Vito Lopez Not Living in Brooklyn, "Old News"
True News Reported for years that Vito Lopez voted from and Illegal room in a private home controlled by a director of one of the non profits he controls.  When a complaint was filed with the Brooklyn DA about his illegal voting nothing was done about it.

 PM Update
Andrew’s Prowess Is Legendary’ (Updated) * Cuomo Camp On Carl: Trying To ‘Con’ New Yorkers* Paladino To Cuomo: ‘It’s On’ * Carl Paladino Definitely Didn’t Apologize (NY Mag) * Why Isn’t Cuomo Mad As Hell? (NY Mag) * Paladino Plays Defense and Offense (WNBC)

Election 2010 Gov
Poll reversal: Cuomo lead triples in latest poll (NYP)  From 6% to 18% * Cuomo wields Vito Hails scandal pal, but wins biz backing (NYP) * As Paladino Spends on Campaign, He Often Earns, Too (NYT) * Buffalo Native Makes It a Street Fight(WSJ) * Paladino to make 'major' - and mysterious - TV speech (DN) * Carl Paladino is planning a major address at 5:13 p.m. today. * Paladino’s personal wealth and willingness to spread it around – even to the elected officials he denigrates – has made him a powerful political player * The Seneca Nation has launched a $1 million GOTV effort and are targeting Sens. Jeff Klein, Carl Kruger and Craig Johnson.* This comes as the state is threatening to terminate the Senecas’ casino contract.* A 21-minute interview by the WSJ’s Jacobs Gershman of Paladino can be viewed here.* Gov. Paterson: Dream On, Carl Paladino AG  Ad for Attorney General Echoes an Old Opponent (NYT)

Play to Play Campaign Funds  Scandal-scorched state pols, including Pedro Espada, use campaign coffers as legal defense funds (DN)

New York Economic Meltdown
New Yorkers Dazed and Confused by State Budget  A new poll of New Yorker underscores just how little the public understands about state budget woes.* Budget Cuts Put New Yorkers At Even Greater Risk of Falling Trees - * Bloomberg blasts idea of forcing business to offer paid sick days (NYP)

Koch: I Hate Rudy, I Like Rudy
Ed Koch Says He And Rudy Giuliani Are Now Friends

 'Hidden' teachers They were cast out like the crazy uncle. Three teachers who have sparred with their principal said she banished them from their Brooklyn school for the day solely to keep them away during a visit by top education brass (NYP)

Wiesel: Mosque should include Jews, Christians and Muslim (DN) *France's Burqa Ban Official

Brooklyn #5
Don't Look Back, Brooklyn; Houston Is Gaining on You Still No. 4, but for how much longer?

Gov: All bets off, Indians (NYP)

Media and New Tech Did Eliot Spitzer light Rick Sanchez's fuse?  * Richard Johnson's Page Six Era is Over; Gossip Heads West to Work on News Corp. Digital * Letterman Suspects There's Trouble At Fox News (VIDEO) * Brighton Beach Reality Show to Become Reality

Andy Stern's Bizarre Alliance With Private Equity And Biowarfare 
Pension Fund Mismanagement Highlights SEIU Corruption ...