Friday, October 1, 2010

Hey Carl Ever Hear of A Rose Garden? Cuomo's Strategy of Not Talking to the Press Works

Hey Carl Ever Hear of A Rose Garden?
Cuomo's Strategy of Not Talking to the Press Works

How Much Anger Is Too Much? (NYT) * If He Can’t Take the Heat New York State has serious problems. The last thing it needs is an out-of-control governor who can’t handle a little pressure. (NYT) * Governor's Race Takes Nasty Turn(WSJ) * Paladino admits he has no proof of Cuomo 'paramours' (DN) * Paladino ally with multiple names dogged by arrest warrant (DN) * Carl loses it: Paladino's rages, tantrums and threats aren't what's needed in a governor (DN ED) * Paladino: Uh, what smear?? (NYP) * Paladino Defends His Anger Towards Post Reporter (NY1) * Paladino’s allegations against Cuomo drew criticism from his newfound ally, state Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long, who called them “not something I would do.” * Charles Barron: A pox on Paladino and Cuomo  (Amsterdam News)  * Carl Paladino: The Dirty Details in His Campaign Filings (Barrett, Village Voice) * Why did Carl Paladino ask about Andrew Cuomo's paramours? "I'm sick and tired of people asking me about if I've had affairs. I was talking to [Politico] and said, 'Why don't you ask Andrew Cuomo if he has had extramarital affairs?' It's not that I was accusing him." * "In a move that will stun Staten Island politicos and likely anger some supporters, Conservative Borough President James P. Molinaro will endorse Democrat Andrew Cuomo for governor today," reports the SI Advance. * Molinaro Crosses Party Lines For Cuomo

Green Party Candidate Says Gov's Race Is Like "Jersey Shore"
Campaign for Governor
Resembling Reality TV Political world abuzz as Paladino's blowup with tabloid reporter is viewed far and wide  * Andrew Cuomo, Carl Paladino focus on the personal in N.Y. gubernatorial election (Wash Post) * Newsday would like to get back to the days of “reasoned disagreement.” * There’s still a warrant out for the arrest of Paladino ally/Tea Party running mate Rus Thompson, albeit under a different name.* Fred Dicker’s previous bouts: the scorecard (TU) *A great video of Dicker, in a 1987 confrontation * Dicker vs. Paladino, word for word * L.I. Senator Craig Johnson on Carl Paladino: "How is he expected to take a baseball bat to Albany when he can't even handle questions from a single reporter?" * “I’m just Joe Citizen. I’m just your everyday guy and I reacted as any father would react,” Paladino told NY1’s Elizabeth Kaledin. “I was upset with Mr. Dicker, he’s a senior editor at the New York Post, and he sent his attack dogs over to my daughter’s home. They were taking pictures in the window, they were taking pictures of their mail.”

Look Who is Angry Now
Paladino's Anger Raises Questions (NYT)
Spitzer’s Anger 2/5/2007
The Steamroller in the Swamp 7/14/2007
Gov. Paterson, angry at labor leaders, says planning for layoffs ...

True News Had Coverage of Dickers First Fight FIRST

Today's NYP   Fred Dicker: Making Politicos Punchy Since 1987 

Yesterday's True News  Fred Dicker: Making Politicos Punchy Since 1987

Election 2010 GOP state controller hopeful in subprime flap (DN) Six GOP House candidates in NY: Altschuler (NY-1), Grimm (NY-13), Gibson (NY-20), Doheny (NY-23), Reed (NY-29), Hanna (NY-24) 

Bloomberg: I See Nothing

Bloomberg knows that Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, calling him “the real deal” on education policy. But  Bloomy barks that he knows nothing about street signs (DN) and he know the president is not interested in business
 Bloomberg on Obama: "He is a liberal guy, very pro-union, not particularly interested in business. He said this." and he knows about jobs Bloomberg says there are 1 million high-skilled positions that are unfulfilled because companies can't find the right workers. and Bloomberg is an expert on the Tea Party Mayor Bloomberg On The Tea Party: It's Not A Political Movement * Bloomberg blasts feds over lack of NYPD grant money (NYP)

What Out Mayor  Washington Press Might Ask Real Questions

In Washington, Bloomberg Keeps After Congress, Offers to Trade Press Corps

 Group Awaits Contact by City in Abuse Case (NYT)

'Apprentice' Candidate Steps Down as Brooklyn Prosecutor  *Brooklyn assistant DA forced to quit after 'Apprentice' stint (NYP) * Brooklyn ADA, demoted for 'Apprentice' stint, quits job (DN)  Law and Order Ex-Dean Accused of Using Students as Servants (NYT) * Owner Killed After Dog Leashes Are Tangled (NYT) * Before a Suicide, Hints in Online Musings (NYT) * Rutgers freshman complained of video voyeur before suicide * Cops Denied Federal Funds * State Seeks to Repayment of Unemployment Fraud(DN) * Ex-con charged in murder of Bro oklyn barman after dogfight (DN) * A predator walks: Letting child rapist off without prison time is an outrage in every way (DN) * Russians in NY aided '$3M bank hack' (NYP) * E train kills thug (NYP) * Police Investigate Attempted Rape Of 12-Year-Old Queens Girl * St. John's 'scamming' dean granted bail (NYP)