Thursday, September 30, 2010

NYP's Fred Dicker Knows How to Get Under Pols Skins

AP Sources: Emanuel to resign as White House chief of staff Friday, to begin Chicago mayor bid

NYP's Fred Dicker Knows How to Get Under Pols Skins

 Post Reporter Is Shoved By Top Aide to Speaker (NYT October 16, 1987)

Paladino: Ask Cuomo about his paramours (NYP) *Paladino and Post reporter square off (NYP) * Breaking: Carl Paladino Gets Into Confrontation With Albany Reporter: Updated With Video (NYP) * Paladino Spars With Cuomo and Reporter (NYT) * A Paladino Culinary Tour of Buffalo (NYT) * Paladino Clashes With Reporter on Tape (WSJ) * Paladino implies Cuomo cheated on his former wife (DN) *  GOP attorney general hopeful Dan Donovan's math skills lack conviction (DN) * Barking Carl: Weasel wants to replace Albany crooks with bandits of his own (DN Ed) * Paladino campaign manager Michael Caputo told the AP The Post tried to take a picture of the candidate’s daughter through her bedroom window and she’s been crying about it ever since. * In response to questions about Paladino’s allegations, Cuomo campaign spokesman Josh Vlasto said: “We have not and will not descend into the gutter with Paladino, Caputo and (his advisor Roger) Stone.” * “You send another goon to my daughter’s house and I’ll take you out, buddy,” a furious Paladino said to Dicker.* Paladino Scuffles With Reporter Upstate (NY1) * Andrew Cuomo Turns Left: Cuomo Leaves the Center to Rally His Divided Base (Obsever) * Paladino after accepting the Conservative line: "That wasn't easy." * NT2 assigns blame -- to Dicker. * Gov To Paladino: ‘Brother, I Have Been There’ * Paladino: Cuomo cheated on his wife, is a 'despicable character' (DN)  * NRA Shoots Down Gillibrand's "Grade" * Team Paladino: Newspaper Puts Daughter At Risk Of "Kidnapping," "Sexual Predators" (DN) *Paladino: Dicker Part Of Albany ‘Trash’ * Air Cuomo: Positive/Negative

azipaybarah  maybe @AndrewCuomo was right saying he was similar to @RickLazio: Lazio finance chair Anthony Scaramucci joins Cuomo campaign #nygov (Twitter)

The NYP Endorses For US Senate: DioGuardi 

Betrayal of the Public Trust Alan Hevesi (NY Civic)

Pension Investigation
Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is re portedly ending his probe of ex-State Comptroller Alan Hevesi's role in pension-fund hanky-panky -- with Hevesi set to plead to a felony. Keep at it, Andrew
Hevesi Plea to Turn Focus to Rattner, Morris  The expected "pay to play" guilty plea of former New York state comptroller Alan Hevesi would leave in question the fates of two major figures in the corruption probe of the state's public pension fund. (WSJ) * Alan Hevesi's expected guilty plea in pay-to-play pension fund scandal will have to wait until his lawyer comes back to NYC (DN)

Gov-aide gal probe (NYP)  The Public Integrity Commission 

A cut of 209 Dept of Enviromental Conservation employees could mean a slowdown on acid rain research, untrammeled poaching, dirtier rivers and even a poor fishing season, Rick Karlin reports.

Mosque Muslim Center’s Developer to Use Islamic Loan Plan (NYT) * Park51 developer Sharif El-Gamal (remember him?) was on the “Today” show and said the project won’t be relocated.

Terrorism Faisal wanted 40 dead (NYP) * Call to Taliban After Bomb Attempt in Times Sq.(NYT) * Witness’s Last Turn in Synagogue Bomb Trial (NYT) *Prosecutors: Accused Times Square Bomber Planned Second Attack (NY1) * Prosecutors Seek Life Sentence for Times Square Bomber * Freed Lockerbie bomber diagnosis 'ridiculous' - doc (DN) * Pakistan holds government worker in NYC plot (NYP) * Gov't: Times Square bomber plotted 2nd attack (WABC)

Law and Order  Rutgers freshman commits suicide after roommate puts sex tape online (NYP) *Private Moment Made Public, Then a Fatal Jump *Web gives bullies a global audience to their tormenting *Pace University Student Fatally Shot in Robbery Attempt (NYT)  * Pace University student gunned down in Financial District apartment (NYP) * Police Heed Black Clergy And Set Up Panel on Crime (NYT) * Remains of male model IDed, but cause of death a mystery (DN) *  Motorist accused of assaulting traffic agent turns self in  * Dozens In NYC Charged In Computer Virus Scam

Media and New Tech Report: Congress Wants Nothing More To Do With Stephen Colbert

The Middle Has Swung Against Dems - David Broder, Washington Post

The White House After Rahm - Glenn Thrush & Carol Lee, Politico