Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It is Good to Be the King: Bloomberg: 3 for Me 2 for You

Breaking News Thousands of New York Police Stops Unjustified, Study Says (NYT)
* Stuyvesant Town’s Lenders Take Over (NYT)
 Tammany Hall's Board of Elections Commissioners Cover Their Ass * New York City’s Board of Elections Chief Is Fired * NYC Board Of Elections Chief George Gonzalez Canned: Updated!Andrew Cuomo said the AG’s office will be defending Gov. David Paterson’s layoff plans in court and hinted that more firings could be in the offing if he’s elected governor. (History of BOE Corruption) 
Is a close attorney general race about to get closer?
* NY1 Exclusive: Schneiderman's Use Of Tax Loophole Called Into Question

It is Good to Be the King
Bloomberg: 3 for Me 2 for You

Bloomberg, Term Limits and the Press

Mayor Has Secret Meetings with Media Moguls on 3rd Term - Gothamist

Mr. Bloomberg’s Third Term(NYT Editorial) 
The law is particularly unappealing now because it is structured in a way that would deny New Yorkers — at a time when the city’s economy is under great stress 

New York City lost 17,000 private-sector jobs in September
Bloomberg Seeks Third Term (Video)

A poll we would like to see "Are You Better Off Financially Since Term Limits was extended and Bloomberg Was Elected to his 3rd Term as Mayor

Mike wants to term back time (NYP)  *Bloomberg’s Latest on Terms: 3 for Him, but Only 2 for Everyone Else (NYT) *Mayor Reverts on Term Limit (WSJ) *Bloomberg Backs Repeal Of Law He Championed (WCBS) * Lauder Renews Push For Term Limits Law (NY1) * Bloomy's gun-plan backfire Mayor Bloomberg's plan to slash fees for pistol permits is facing a blaze of opposition in the City Council * State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long, New York Civic founder Henry Stern and billionaire cosmetics heir Ron Lauder have teamed up to champion the reinstitution of term limits.* Jimmy Carter thinks it would be a mistake for Bloomberg to run for president in 2012.

Gov. David Paterson on the misguided hope that comes with an election season: “The reality is that there’s that hope that springs eternal in the human breast, that somehow Albany’s going to change because one person got elected, and it’s just not true.”

Andy rips Paladino over Army blarney (NYP) * Few Women in Cuomo or Paladino Inner Circles (NYT) * Paladino Threatens Shutdown if Budget Is Late * The Syracuse Post-Standard compares the gubernatorial candidates’ economic plans.* Can Cuomo succeed where Eliot Spitzer failed in out-maneuvering the Legislature? * Cuomo’s much-vaunted government consolidation plan is not a big hit with voters.* CSEA spokesman Steve Madarasz accused Cuomo of engaging in “revisionist history” on the role played by unions during the 1970s fiscal crisis.* In an extended interview with The Times, Paladino "was most enthusiastic when talking about his plans to make government more efficient, sounding more like a small-business technocrat than a right-wing ideologue." * Paladino and Cuomo are going after each other's associates. Guilt by Association?

DiNapoli's retirement 'gift' to pal (NYP)

DiNapoli gamed the state pension system to let a top aide and prominent Democratic activist score a plum retirement benefit over the Paterson administration's protests

Election 2010 Corruptocrats' crash? (NYP Ed) * Minor Parties See Threat in Ballot Quirk (NYT)
* 'Stunning' Gillbrand has issues with Bloomberg (DN) * The ballot is 2 damn full: Rent buster Jimmy McMillan shouldn't even be an election choice (DN) * Gillibrand lunched with leaders of Augdath Israel. *
The TU endorsed Sen. Eric Schneiderman for AG, saying if the job required “just a prosecutor” than any competent DA would do. * Newsday endorsed Donovan.  * Jay Townsend Tries to Paladino-ize Chuck Schumer (NY Magazine) * Donovan rides Schneiderman hard on Big A (NYP) * Joe DioGuardi’s new ad hits Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for her work for big Tobacco. * Dueling FOIL requests have been filed in the AG race.* Donovan's Democratic rival, Eric Schneiderman, says he didn't mean that anyone would get special treatment when he said the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network would have an "annex" in Albany if he wins. * At the Dan Donovan fundraiser last night, Mike Bloomberg said, "We're the laughingstock of the country."

NYT Endorsements
U.S. Senate Charles Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

House of Representatives
District 1 Timothy Bishop
13th Congressional District  Michael McMahon
19th Congressional District John Hall
20th Congressional District Scott Murphy

Ex-aide sues pol - claims abuse, witholding pay An ex-aide to Queens Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras filed suit Monday, claiming he was denied pay and verbally abused because of his cerebral palsy. (DN)

Board of Jerks
Shake-Up Imminent In NYC Board Of Elex?
True News Has Pointed Out the Problem with the Board of Elections Against and Again (History of BOE Corruption) *According to an official statement, "The Commissioners of the Board of Elections voted 6 in favor, 0 against and 4 abstentions to dismiss its Executive Director, George Gonzalez, effective immediately. The responsibilities of the Executive Director will be handled by Dawn Sandow, Deputy Executive Director and Pamela Green Perkins, Administrative Manager, until the Board selects a permanent replacement. Deputy Executive Director Sandow and Administrative Manager Perkins have the full confidence of the Board in taking all steps necessary to ensure a smooth General Election." *

As Crime Rate Shoots Up NYPD Spins Crackdown on Drivers Using Cell Phones
NYC suffers frightening 15% jump in homicides (DN) * NYPD Cracks Down, Again, On Drivers With Cells (WCBS) * Kelly's 'Harvard' freebies (NYP)* Crime rate rises around city; East Harlem murder rate jumps 400% * Gunfights in 4 Out of 5 Boroughs (NY Magazine)

Rattner Appeared on the Charlie Rose Show Funded by  Bloomberg Media
Steve Rattner told WNYC he’s “working for the mayor.”*  Mayor's New Personal Investment Team Has Many Old Faces

Rail shaky ground  2nd Ave. bldgs. must be shored up (NYP)
Pay to Play AEG  Hammond: Albany Dems on sleaze stampede * Department of not-so-great-timing? The groundbreaking for the Aqueduct racino project will take place Thursday.* AEG became an issue in the AG debate.* The GOP filed a FOIL request seeking documents related to Schneiderman’s involvement in the AEG contract.

Paid Big Bucks To Do Almost Nothing?Some state workers make almost $90k to watch over juvenile detention facilities with no kids inside.  (Fox 5)

Economic Meltdown Atlantic City’s Borgata Cuts Work Force * Are bed bugs taking a bite out of tourism? (WABC) * Pilot Program Raises Brooklyn Street Parking Fees (WNBC) * Bloomberg isn’t sure whether there will be enough cash to build a performing arts center at Ground Zero.* New Yorker Dressed As Elmo Heckles Tourists

Terrorism SI man in plot to join Talib: feds (NYP) * NY-born man arrested in Hawaii in terror case(WSJ) * Feds nab ex-Staten Island resident in failed Taliban bid (DN) *  World notices as Iran moves one step closer to nuclear power (DN)

Law and Order  Deli on block as family tries to cope with third death * Deli clerk dies a hero in shooting that mirrors brother's slay (DN)

Salon perp's mom to cop: Hair! hair! (NYP) *Cop shot crook's gun out of hand in salon hold-up (DN) * In Salon Shootout, an Officer’s Well-Aimed Bullets * Officer's Crack Shots Foiled Robbery(WSJ) * Accused in newsman slay acted in self-defense: lawyer (DN)  * Bust beau in Bronx gal pal's slay (DN) *  Veteran Bronx police officer thinks shift transfer was punishment because he wouldn't kill a summons (DN) *  Teen accused in murder acted in self-defense: lawyer (DN) *  Bravery in the line of fire: Gallant Officer Feris Jones is truly one of New York's Finest (DN) * Police Search For Queens Deli Owner’s Killer (NY1) * 25 yrs. to life for Bronx grandma's heartless killer (DN) * Jury Selection To Begin In Wife Hitman Plot Trial * Hero Hair Salon Cop Will Be Promoted to Detective Today (WNBC) * Charges Dropped Against Three In Bronx Gay Attacks (NY1) * Are We Really Supposed to Get Worked Up About Ray Kelly’s Harvard Club Expense Account? (NY Magazine)

Did the Gov Try to Get Paid Off for Looking the Other Way?
Bill Lynch is also arranged a key meeting with Paterson and AEG Flake a day after AEG won the contract. Lynch was work for SL Green at the the time a competitor of AEG.  At that time the gov was trying to line up support for his campaign for governor.  SL Green was not to happy with Bill LynchLobbyist's 'bad' advice (NYP)

Media and New Tech  Fox, Cablevision Respond to FCC Request(WSJ) * NPR chief exec: Sorry for Juan Williams mess, but not for firing (DN) * Politico to Launch Subscription News Service * Wall Street Journal Boosts Circulation Amid Widespread Drop-Offs * WATCH: Jon Stewart On NPR's Firing Of Juan Williams: 'Fox Won That Fight' * Washington City Paper Pokes Fun At NPR, ‘Bans’ Employees From Laughing During Jon Stewart Rally