Monday, September 27, 2010

NYP Discovers Corrupting Member Items Again: Media Bursts Slush Funds Corruption Story , Then Ignores It for 18 Months

NYP Discovers Corrupting Member Items Again
Media Bursts Slush Funds Corruption Story, Then Ignores It for 18 Months

In April 2008 the NYP and Daily News wrote over 60 stories about member item corruption about the City Council slush fund corruption.  Those stories published over two months period started a federal investigation that has not been heard from in over 18 months.

What Happen to the Council Slush Fund Investigation?

Today's NYP list other member item abuses but makes no mention about the City Council slush funds investigation.  The editorial did call current Councilman Seabrook an ex-councilmember.

Bellies to the trough  Assemblyman Vito Lopez of Brooklyn stands blinking in the spotlight these days -- the latest pol to trip while dancing the member-item mambo.

Post-Vito Future In Brooklyn Could Include The Return Of Frank Seddio (DN)

Grimm Raises The Vito Question In Congressional Race

Election 2010
Andy gives blessing to Eric in AG race (NYP) * Early Lessons Forged Paladino’s Combative Style (NYT)* Cuomo Facing Criticism From Blacks (NYT)* Paladino's Wife Stands By Her Man (NYT)
* Lupica: Paladino's rants are a shoutout to mad middle class * Benjamin: Cuomo tries to bait Carl into race talk (DN) * Cuomo backs Atty Gen. hopeful Schneiderman (DN) * Paladino Hits Cuomo On Farkas * Barron Backers Rain On Cuomo’s Harlem Parade * “When you give this guy an inch, he takes a mile,” said Tim Tielman, a Buffalo preservationist, of Paladino. “People weary of fighting, and Carl seems to have boundless energy for the fight, for conflict — it kind of turns him on.” * LI voters to play pivotal role in governor race * Carl Paladino loves Motown, the Yankees and the Rolling Stones, governor candidate tells News (DN) * Cuomo morning subway campaign stop got a little more than rained out -- it got derailed by supporters of the Freedom Party's Charles Barron.* Says Bush speechwriter Curt Smith about Paladino: "He's talking to people who feel their government has betrayed them."

Paladino’s campaign chairwoman, Nancy Naples, steered more than $1 billion in bond business to the current treasurer of the state Conservative Party, which the candidate very much would like to see drop Rick Lazio.

 DiNapoli Launches Another Attack Ad On Web (Updated)

Dawn of the Dead Probe shows people cashed in checks written out to dead people

New York Economic Meltdown Number of Tenants Owing Back Rent Rises Sharply at City Housing Authority (NYT) * N.Y. Sees Job Growth; Space Demand Lags(WSJ) * Real estate king is added to slumlord list (DN) * Future bleak for Harlem nonprofit that helps young adults (DN)

New York Losing Power in Washington Report: Fla. adds 2 seats, N.Y. loses (Politico)

This Is Not a Power List   Because the New York establishment doesn’t work that way anymore.(NY Magazine)

New York’s worst cabby in rate scam confesses (NYP)

A Foot-Friendly Fourth Remains Elusive(Park Slope Housing)

Mosque man blinks  GZ imam: I'll let feds OK funders (NYP)

Law and Order Bronx teacher admits: I'm an ex-hooker (NYP) * Could share Brooklyn tot-slay rap with beau (NYP) * Confessions Are Cited in Beating of Boy, 2 (NYT) * Teacher Reassigned After Sex Article (NYT) * Lax State Gun Laws Tied to Crimes in Other States * Lifestyles of the rich and packin': High-profile celebrities seeking gun permits on the rise (DN) * Dad's horror as daughter is caught in line of fire (DN) * My 'hands hurt': Suspect's chilling description of tot's death

Media and New Tech  Steve Burke is NBC's Rockefeller player(NYP)