Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rocky: There ain’t nothing over till it’s over

Rocky: There ain’t nothing over till it’s over

Poll: Paladino within six points of Cuomo (NYP) *IT'S ON! Cuomo has only 6 point lead over Crazy Carl: poll * Dan Janison sees Paladino as WNY’s answer to Eliot “Steamroller” Spitzer * And "Andrew Cuomo's advisers fear his above-it-all Rose Garden strategy is opening up too many opportunities for flame-throwing rival" Paladino. * Paladino board botch 'Panelists': We're on his panel? (NYP) * "The recent primary battle between nine-term Rep. Carolyn Maloney and a young hedge-fund lawyer, Reshma Saujani, highlighted a political fault line for New York Democrats: the ongoing conflict between their core voters and many of their biggest donors on Wall Street," writes the WSJ's Devlin Barrett. * Mayor Bloomberg backs Cuomo: 'I am proud to stand with him' (DN) * Paladino's Camp Says Q Poll Stirred 'Monsoon' of Money * Governor Race Tightens as Bloomberg Backs Cuomo * Bloomberg Backs Cuomo As Paladino Gains In The Polls (NY1) * Rudy Giuliani: Endorse Carl Paladino? I Don't Even Know Him! (DN) * Bloomberg Endorses Cuomo: Wait, Who Did You Vote For Again??

Prepare for the worst: Board of Elections is willfully blind to its own Primary Day foulups (DN)

New York Economic Meltdown
$104 fare card likely (NYP) * Unlimited MetroCard May Avoid Being Capped (NYT) * Bloomberg goes on $2B chopping spree (NYP) * Transit begger hurt in subway bust gets $250G (DN) * Mayor Orders Citywide Budget Cuts Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered city agencies to slash their budgets by another $2 billion between now and June 2012, with roughly $800 million in cuts to be realized in the current fiscal year. (WSJ) * State spends $299M on overtime, workers rake it in (DN) * Study: NY potholes cost drivers an extra $600 a year (Crains NY)

59 Cabbies Arrested in Fare Scheme (NYT) * More than 50 'worst' cabbies busted in overcharging scandal (NYP)

Congress' sick game: Politics skunks health care bill for Ground Zero workers again (DN)

'Mosque' open despite violations (NYP)

Law and Order Ensuring Petty Crimes Don’t Lead to Big Ones (NYP) * Prosecutor Is Investigating the Handling of a Reclusive Heiress’s Vast Fortune(NYT) * Shays Campaign Manager Draws Prison Term (NYT) *Huguette 'not lucid,' according to Manhattan prosecutors (NYT) * Woman Charged With Arson in Bronx Fire (NYT) * Muslim Cab Driver's Alleged Stabber Pleads Not Guilty (NY1) * Dozens Of Local Cabbies Charged With Price-Gouging Scheme (NY1)

Terrorism NY Informer in Synagogue Plot Is Accused of Bullying Defendant (NYT) *EXCLUSIVE: City bags $18M for bomb detection system (DN) * Defense calls alleged temple plot 'movie script' during trial

John Lindsay Campaign Ads

Media and New Tech Google Campaign to Build Up Its Display Ads * Live Blog: Bill Keller Discusses the Future of the News * Sulzberger Clan Member Gets New NYT Beat * There Are About 300 People Left at Newsweek, Not Counting Interns Like Sidney Harman's Son