Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Mud Bowl Election: Paladino on the Attack

NYC Budget Update: We're Still Broke (DN)

The Mud Bowl Election
Paladino on the Attack

Election 2010
Paladino & Cuomo wallow in smears (NYP) * Paladino Campaigns in a Borough He Mocked (NYT) * Paladino Seeks Pataki's Help (WSJ) * Poll: Cuomo Opens Double-Digit Lead Over Paladino (WSJ) * AG's top team mulls how to hit back at Crazy Carl's attacks (DN) * Bill Hammond on Paladino: “(H)is real talent is for milking taxpayers. * Paladino said that Cuomo lacked the "cojones" to debate him. * Carl Paladino: Buckle Up, "Andy" Cuomo *
"The state Conservative Party is standing by its man, Rick Lazio - and would rather lose the governor's race than see Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino win it," writes our Ken Lovett * A Jovial Cuomo Laughs Off Paladino's Attacks * Cuomo disavows piggish attack on Paladino (NYP) * Travels With Carl (NYT)

Schneiderman's fraud bill blasted as anti-Wall Street (NYP) * While on Long Island, Sen. Eric Schneiderman said the MTA payroll tax is a “bad tax” – even though he voted in favor of it.

Erstwhile Senate candidate Lynn Nunes’ NYC Council bid might be derailed by petition problems.

The Media Turns on Vito
Vito Lopez Adds 6 At Larger District Leaders

When the Press Attacks and you are faced with 3 news district leaders who will attack daily you take on more weapons. At the Bi-annual county committee meeting last night, Vito (with the acclamation of the newly "elected" county committee) added sx more at large district leaderships so now (with the five he added the last meeting) he has eleven additional votes besides the elected leaders at his "disposal." Two of the "new" leaders are Steve Cohn and Mary Hobson. * Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who built his political empire in Brooklyn on the backs of the elderly, was caught on tape threatening a group of old ladies during an effort to consolidate power as Kings County kingmaker. Vito's victims *
New York Economic Melt Down Mayor to Impose Job Freeze (WSJ) *

Bloomberg Calls For Hiring Freeze, More Budget Cuts

Bloomberg Calls For Hiring Freeze, More Budget Cuts* Computer in $114M Medi-botch (NYP) * NY's $50B Medicaid morass not ready for reform (Crains NY)

Election Monitors Sought for City Federal monitors should be dispatched to New York City to monitor the Nov. 2 election in the wake of widespread violations of voter privacy during last week's primary, a City Council member said. (WSJ)

Education Cutbacks Part of Plan to Save Parochial Schools (NYT) * Incoming freshmen must retake 8th grade after screw-up (DN)

City Tries to Collect on Bus-Stop Tickets * Queens Straphangers Take Turn To Address MTA (NY1)

Terrorism NY Defense Presses Informer in Synagogue Bomb Case (NYT) * Terrorism Trial Security Relatively Scaled Back (WSJ) *9/11 responders rip Dems for vote delay on health bill (DN) * Taxpayers foot giant bill to keep Iran madman safe at UN (DN)

Law and Order
Spy-der web of security (NYP) * Hot-dog ice heist (NYP) * High Flier in Real Estate Is Sentenced for $17 Million Theft (NYT) * City Expands Security Camera 'Ring' (WSJ) *With New Subway Cameras, an Attempt to Recreate 'Ring of Steel' in Midtown (WSJ)*

Mosque Standoff Mosque ally's vid shows 'Hez' true colors (NYP) * After Day of Intense Talks, Muslim Leaders Unite Behind Community Center (NYT) * Muslim Leaders Plan 'Open Mosque' Events to Counter Backlash (WSJ) * Mosque was my idea and I won't give up on it, developer says (DN) * National Muslim Leaders Call For Increased Interreligious Dialogue (NY1) * Feisal Abdul Rauf Avoiding New York City Due To Security Concerns (NY Magazine)

As Rules Shift, Donor Names Stay Secret Nonprofit groups, which are not supposed to be primarily political, are becoming big players in midterm elections, in part because of the anonymity they afford donors. (NYT)

Outsmarting ourselves: U.S. universities are producing top scientists for everyplace else (DN Ed)

Bill Clinton has become one of Barack Obama's most important defenders.

In Maine for DADT repeal, Lady Gaga said, "Shouldn't everyone deserve to wear the same meat dress I do?"