Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Incumbents Reelected Public Ignored Newspaper and Koch Pleas to "Throw Out the Bums"

Albany's Permanent Government
Incumbents Reelected

Public Ignored Newspaper and Koch's Pleas to "Throw Out the Bums"

Like the old Brooklyn Dodgers, New York love its elected bums. Everyone incumbent was reelected expect Espada who was turn on by almost every insider in the city. It took the unions, WFP operatives, elected officials and a ton of money to beat Pedro. Despite Albany's disfunctionalism and corruption the New York City Voter when given the opportunity to choose votes for the incumbent.

Both the woods on the NYP and Daily News pretended the papers campaign to "Throw the Bums Out" was a success. Not a word was mentioned about Koch or his group New York Uprising Espada the bum trounced (NYP) * In Bronx, Political Newcomer Brings Down Espada Gustavo Rivera (WSJ)

Newspapers Tell Us: Throw the Bums Out, But Who Will Do It? (Stern, NY Civic)

The Daily News Endorsments

"Today is the day when New Yorkers can start to force major change on Albany at the ballot box. Let's take the opportunity and run with it whole hog. Voters in 30 New York City legislative districts will have a say in contested Democratic primaries, whose winners are all but guaranteed to prevail in November. This is the time to hold accountable the no-account slugs who made Albany a laughingstock, in the process running New York into the ground." Make our day: Cast your vote to start throwing the bums out and cleaning up Albany Leading edge reformers who the Daily News mentioned in yesterday editorial and lost include: Basil Smikle, Wellington Sharpe, Mark Levine and Lynn Nunes

New York Post Endorsements
"Angry voters, now's your chance! Frrom Pedro Espada to Charlie Rangel, scandal-scarred incumbents are on the ballot in primary elections today, along with those who put special interests ahead of kids. "It's like a political crime wave has rolled through the Capitol," said Blair Horner, of the New York Public Interest Group. "We're hoping there's a tipping point for the voters." Vote today to boot The NYP lost big with Basil Smikle

The NYT Endorsement Scorecard

2 of the 3 incumbent who the NYT wanted out won. The NYT endorced losers Joyce Johnson against Rangel and Lynn Nunes agaisnt Huntley. The NYT also lost with Rick Lazio. The NYT endorsment winners Carolyn Maloney, Eric Schneiderman, Gustavo Rivera and Adriano Espaillat. New York Primary Election Choices

While Democrats Reelect Ever Incumbent

GOP Voters Bring the Tea Party Anger Comes to New York
“New Yorkers are fed up. Tonight the ruling class knows. They have seen it now. There is a people’s revolution. The people have had enough.” Paladino lances Lazio to jolt state GOP (NYP) * Paladino Stuns N.Y. G.O.P. With Victory (NYT) * Tea Party Candidates Win in Delaware, N.Y. (WSJ) * Paladino Sends Lazio to Sidelines (WSJ) * Lazio Event Becomes Pity Party as Tea Partier Paladino Claims Victory (WSJ) * Carl Paladino's ill-informed Tea Party rage will spell doom for GOP's credibility in NY (DN) * The anti-mosque campaign didn’t work so well for Rick Lazio


“With 92% of EDs reporting, turnout for Dem AG is 591,833, which probably means an overall turnout of @13%. GOP Gov Primary has 439,555, which probably mean(s) @18%. This is consistent with national trend of Republican Primary turnout being much better this year than Dem turnout.”

The attorney general is aiming higher than just winning. He has a January agenda that focuses on the insane spending and taxing problems pushing Albany toward insolvency. Inheriting pop's plight

Schneiderman Wins Democratic Attorney General Race (NYT)

Rangel Easily Defeats Five Primary Rivals (NYT) * Maloney, Rangel Win Primaries (WSJ) * Embattled but Ebullient, Rangel Wins Primary and Likely Next Term (WSJ)

The charter school movement’s candidates didn’t do well. Lynn Nunes, Basil Smikle and Mark Pollard all went down to defeat.

In Tight Republican Race, DioGuardi Is Chosen to Face Gillibrand (NYT)

'Secret' is out amid ballot woes (NYP) * New Voting System Is 'Royal Screw-Up' (WSJ) * Bloomy: Voting errors on Primary Day a 'royal screw-up' (DN) * Board of Incompetence: Elections hacks botch introduction of new voting machines (DN Ed)

Judges Let New York State Tax Indian Cigarette Sales (NYT)

FDNY under heat to reach quota-like hiring solution (DN) * Quota alarm: Judge is forcing city to choose between race-based evils in FDNY hiring (DN Ed)

Ground Zero mosque developer evicted from SoHo office (DN) * PM Update Ground Zero mosque imam Faisal Rauf is a no-show in New Jersey court

Law and Order Fake cop pulls over real cop (NYP) * Four after-school officials nabbed in $82,000 swindle * Sicko charged with raping 75-yr-old begs God for mercy (DN) * Ex-Domino's employee burned 2 pizza joints for revenge * B'klyn mom claims amnesia in murder of newborn daughter (DN) * Man seriously wounds intruder during botched Brooklyn home invasion (NYT)

Terrorism Bx. 'terrorist's H'wood 'bomb' (NYP) * Terrorist sting nets city teach (NYP) * Rodriguez Is Warned but Avoids Jail Time (NYT)

Media and New Tech
Soup for Sale! Newspapers Follow Newsmagazines' Lead Towards Guaranteeing Ads