Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NYP & DN "Throw the Bum Out" NYT Wimps Out

Problems Are Reported With New Voting System in N.Y. (NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg Calls NYC Voting Woes "A Royal Screw-Up" By Elections Board * Bloomberg slams city election board for voting day blunders * NY court allows Indian cigarette tax (NYP) * Board Of Elections: New York, We Have A Problem

NYP & DN "Throw the Bum Out" NYT Wimps Out

Both the Daily News Headline today "Throw the Bum Out"
The NY Times which on September 4th told us to vote against incumbents, did not even include that in their editorial today. New York Primary Election Choices (NYT) The Times also when back on their May 16th editorial.

NYT Sept. 4th
"In the Assembly, there are not enough real contests. And in New York, that means one thing: The Democratic Party has given some of Albany's worst legislators a free ride. Here's the only solution: vote against the incumbents." It’s a Busy Day for Voters as They Narrow the Fields (NYT) * Stars Make the Final Grasp for Candidate Recognition (NYT)

NY Times May 16th
'NYT attacks everyone in Albany for the late budget and says lawmakers are blaming each other and hoping the economy will bounce back or that somehow they can put off painful decisions until after the election. The NYT says the voters should keep in mind two important dates Primary day, Sept. 14. And Election Day, Nov. 2." Jobs for Albany’s

NYT Back to the Future
What the NYT does not understand is that the power of New York's incumbent reelection racket and the bad economy will result in most if not all of the Assembly and State Senate member not being challenged with serious challengers. Incumbent controlled redistricting, member items and million dollar reelection war chests guarantees that most incumbents will not have any oppositon. Those few challenger that do run campaigns will be loaded with special interest and union money that if they are elected they will not rock the Albany Incumbent Protection Society.. The NYT wrote about the lack of challengers in 2004 when it asked voters to Casting a Meaningful Vote

NY Post Editorial
Vote today to boot out scoundrels (NYP)

Daily News Editorial
Make our day: Cast your vote to start throwing the bums out and cleaning up Albany (DN Ed)

If Seniors And Minorities Struggle, Voting Machine Problems May Swing Primary Results

Angry N.Y. Voters? For Many, Disillusioned Is More Like It (NYT)

The Original "Throw the Bums Out Video"

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West gives 'crime-fighter' Coffey AG nod

Machine politics: New York stumbles into the computer age with pen-and-paper voting (DN Ed)

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Play to Pay Skelos Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos owns stock in companies that do business with the state

Mosque man blinks (NYP) * Bail bid nixed in 'bias stab' of Muslim cabby (NYP) * The Imam reconsiders (NYP) * Imam Weighs 'Every Option' on Center (WSJ) *

Casino Plan Clears Final Hurdle (WSJ)

Law and Order Bronx pizza 'pyro' * Woman, 75, in Bx. rape horror * Imam Talks Compromise on Islamic Center (NYT) * Raising the specter of Chicago gangster Al Capone, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani called for creation of a federal anti-gang task force.

Media New Tech Court Sale Collapses For Philadelphia Newspapers * Washington Post To Run Front Page Ads * Tribune Creditors Want To Sue Sam Zell

Here are 10 top US Senate races across the nation, none of which are in New York