Thursday, September 16, 2010

NYP & Daily News are Shocked Corruption At Vito Lopez Non Profits?

Short, severe storm sweeps through city (NYP)
Paterson Says He’ll Lay Off Workers Before Jan. 1 (NYT)
NY unemployment rate up slightly in August (CBS)
1 Dead as Tornado-Like Storm Rips Through the Region
insane wind/possible tornado footage in Brooklyn, NY
Cuomo Takes Queries on Rival, but Doesn’t Answer Them (NYT)

NYP & Daily News are Shocked
Corruption At Vito Lopez Non Profits?

Incompetence at the Board of Elections?

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Vito Lopez-backed charity led by the clueless

"The board of directors at a nonprofit with close ties to Brooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez — where his girlfriend and campaign manager were paid staggering salaries of nearly a million dollars combined — was so clueless that none could even identify the center’s programs, according to a bombshell report by the Department of Investigation."* Council Gives to Lopez Nonprofit

True News Calls the NYP and Rest of the Press Clueless for Not Reporting on Vito Lopez Using the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen Center As his Campaign Machine Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine (True News) *
Vito Lopez and his Hour-of-Power Deconstructing political corruption in Brooklyn

In 1993 the NY Times wrote:
Growth of a New-Age Political Machine
"The organization, the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, employs 1,400 people through more than 50 grants budgeted at more than $33 million annually. Yet at the same time many of those taxpayer dollars -- allocated for pressing human needs -- have been put to work for private, political purposes as well. They have paid for an agglomeration of power that has stunted the neighborhood's political diversity, rewarded a handful of Mr. Lopez's proteges with well-paying jobs, enriched politically connected contractors and produced programs that in several instances have been criticized for accounting and performance. Like the social-service groups connected to Representative Floyd H. Flake in Queens, Assemblyman Albert Vann in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Pedro Espada in the Soundview section of the Bronx, the Ridgewood Bushwick council has managed to fill the vacuum left by the dimming influence of county political bosses and the decade-long decline in Federal anti-poverty money." The Gary Wall of Silence says noting today about Lopez's non profit.

New York Still Loves Their Bums

As the national movement of incumbents congressman losing elections picks up steam with the victory of Christine O'Donnell in Delaware every incumbent except Padro Espada was reelected in New York City, despite the newspapers pushing to "Throw the Bums Out," the push by Koch and other groups to change Albany.

Primaries Weren't a 'Throw the Bums Out' Moment Paladino was one of the only outsiders to win in Tuesday's primaries. In other races, it appears that time spent to Albany wasn't enough to get most incumbents ejected from their seats. (WSJ) * Incumbents and party favorites did well on primary night in Queens.

Koch Failed to "Throw the Bums Out" but spins in the NYT we accomplished our goal Lawyer Tries to Discredit Informer in Synagogue Bomb-Plot Case (NYT)

More spin by the NYT which drop the massage to defeat incumbents in it final editorial the day before the elections, now calls the defeat of Espada Primary Day 2010: A Little Less Sleaze (NYT)

More spin by the Daily News that Albany will change it ways. Why? They all got reelected and fool the voters once again. If anything they will be more bold at what they have been doing. Are the papers trying to Cover their Ass at the failure of their "Throw Out the Bums" campaign.
"One head rolled. So many more were deserving. But all is not lost. Many of the bums swear they've changed their stripes."Bummed out: Albany hacks must deliver on pledges of major reforms (DN Ed)

Charter School Forces Fail at the Polls

Incumbents Survive Wrath of Education Groups (WSJ) Even Education Reformer DC Mayor Dumped Fenty's Loss in D.C.: A Blow to Education Reform?

Election 2010
Andrew Cuomo:
“I don’t know Mr. Paladino and I don’t think my characterization is all that relevant or appropriate, you know? That’s why we have a democracy. That’s why we have elections. And the people of the state are going to tell you what they think.”Paladino? Paladino, Who?

Lazio Changes His Debate Tune (Updated)

GOP pols told to keep Carl 'at arm's length' (NYP) * Paladino, Cuomo Rival, Set to Spend at Will (NYT) * Paladino on a Rival, City Traffic and More (NYT) *Attorney General Candidates Set Out to Sharpen Distinctions (NYT) * Cuomo and Paladino Offer Voters a Stark Choice (WSJ) * Attorney General Race Off to Heated Start (WSJ) * Carl Paladino pulls no punches: Pataki's a 'degenerate idiot,' and Shelly Silver 'belongs in Attica' (DN) * Swamp Thing II: State Dems Unload Ad On Carl Paladino *

*Paladino vs. D’Amato

Carl's all the rage: Paladino channeled voter fury at a spineless GOP establishment (DN) * Democrats for Paladino? * State Conservative chief: We'll stick with Lazio (Newsday) * Former Rep. Joe DioGuardi is on the comeback trail * 'Sharpton' words in AG race (NYP) * City Hall newspaper wraps up primary night in one big package *Carl Paladino: You Talkin' To Me, Gov. Paterson..

High Drama In Brooklyn District Leader Race

Cuomo Keeps His Strategy
“The best spokesperson to win votes for Andrew Cuomo is Carl Paladino,” said Phil Singer, a consultant to the Cuomo campaign. “Our strategy is to just let him talk.” *Robert Duffy says Carl Paladino's win won't change Cuomo team's plan * Paladino called Gov. David Paterson “a wimp” and “pathetic” and deemed former Gov. George Pataki “a degenerate idiot.” (He makes the wood of the DN, which trumpets: “MEET CRAZY CARL!” * The newly-minted GOP gubernatorial nominee challenged his Democratic rival to a series of debates. * And: Paladino "I'm just not embarrassable."

True News Has Pointed Out the Problem with the Board of Elections Against and Again (History of BOE Corruption) Media discovers problems at BOE Election Assured, Victor Over Espada Will Face a Tough Job in Albany (NYT) * Primary Day 2010: The Machine and the Machines Voting in New York City was an ordeal, but don’t blame the new optical scanner machines. Blame the Board of Elections. (NYT Ed) * Before Vote, City Officials Fretted About New System (NYT) * Board of Incompetence: Elections hacks botch introduction of new voting machines (DN Ed) * Rage Against the Machine: The Primary Day Voting Fiasco (WNBC)

NY BOE Under Investigation Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating the awarding of a $50 million contract by New York City in January to Election Systems & Software.

Primary Turn Out

Democrats: 11.28 percent * Republicans: 16.27 percent * Conservatives 13.48 percent

Consultant Politics NY1 “Wise Guys” – former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, former state Comptroller H. Carl McCall and former US Sen. Alfonse D’Amato – Cuomo supporters all, sent out an open letter deeming Paladino unfit and unqualified. * Team Paladino hits 'pathetic political insiders' "The Cuomo campaign rolled out three pathetic political insiders to attack Carl Paladino because they know he will destroy the status quo
in Albany and throw the bums out.

Insider Consultants Won
Anyone working for Incumbents Won, those consultants working for challengers lost Political Consultant Scorecard—Updated

Pay to Play Pensions
Former Intrepid Museum Chief Agrees To Pay $1 Million In Pay-To-Play Settlement » Six people have entered guilty pleas as a result of Cuomo's probe, including Hevesi's former chief investment officer, David Loglisci. More than a dozen companies have also settled with Cuomo, paying fines and agreeing to adopt a new code of conduct the AG was pushing. . . The investigation focuses on often politically connected people who Cuomo says acted as unlicensed “placement agents” seeking to get the comptroller, as sole trustee of the pension fund, to invest in their companies. (DN) * Hevesi fundraiser agrees to pay $1M in pension probe (NYP)

It's a bus mess for city's special ed kids (DN)

Manufacturing in New York: Decayed, but Still Important (WSJ)

Some top SUNY official received big pay raises amid a financial crisis

No butts about it: Smoking banned in city parks, beaches

Mosque Ground Zero imam's NJ buildings 'firetraps' *Two Men Behind Islamic Center Have Their Differences (NYT) *Woody Allen: Build The Mosque *One Project, One Faith, and Two Men Who Differ NYT)* Russian chess chief bids for Ground Zero mosque site (NYP) Terrorism NY Charges of Getting Cash to Failed Times Sq. Bomber * Lawyer Tries to Discredit Informer in Synagogue Bomb-Plot Case * Man Accused of Funding Times Square Bomber * Terror defendant wants to be at trial (WABC TV)

Law and Order $900M Ponzi man 'fesses (NYP) * Grandpa avenger B'klyn retiree shoots burglar in his kitchen * Crime Blotter Has a Regular: Yankees Caps (NYT) * Missing Painting Turns Up, but Case Isn’t Closed * Harlem Monsignor Accused of Abusing Students Resigns * Intruder With Toy Gun Is Shot * Ex-NYPD sarge was a force for no good - stole $50M (DN) * Cops say six made lowdown moves in upscale shops * Rich Brooklyn couple nabbed in $9G Medicaid con(DN) * Traffic agent slaps dead guy with parking ticket (DN) * Conviction tossed because of name-calling judge (DN) * Drunk and packing heat? It's OK if you're a cop! (DN) * Auxiliary officers need better protection, says union (DN) * Suspect Wanted in 3 Subway Robberies (NYT) * Uniform For NYC Criminals: Yankees Caps * Illegal Cigarette Sales Uncovered, Bloomberg Says * Lennon’s Killer Wavered (NYT) * Mark David Chapman can't remember some of his other potential targets' (NYP) * Manhattan man pleads guilty to stealing to feed his lottery habit (NYP)

Media and New Tech Sharpton creates Sunday morning show * The Times and WSJ Battle Over Publicity Staff * 60 Minutes' Goes Overtime on the Web * What is Becoming of the Washington Post? * Twitter Is Getting A Makeover * How Daily Show Gets Made * Newspaper APOLOGIZES For Showing Muslims Praying On 9/11 Front Page

FHA: Banks Should Share Fannie, Freddie Bailout Costs

AP Poll: GOP Pulling Further And Further Ahead Of Dems

Obama Taps Elizabeth Warren To Set Up Consumer Protection Bureau

Jon Stewart On The Tea Party Primary Wins And ‘How The Will Democrats F*ck This Up’

Michelle Obama 'can't stand' being first lady: report (NYP)

Poverty Rate Rose Sharply in 2009, Says Census Bureau