Monday, August 23, 2010

NYP Editorial Contradiction Now Says Give People What They Want "Two Term"

The NYT examines -- and gives mixed reviews -- to Cuomo's time as head of HUD * Reshma Saujani's Road to Congress? Right Down Wall Street. Let Me Be Your Guide. (Barrett, Village Voice)

NYP Editorial Contradiction
Now Says Give People What They Want "Two Term"

Now the NYP says the people voted twice for Term Limits and there will should be obeyed by the charter commission which is trying to hustle three terms to incumbent councilmembers.
When the NYP wanted the Mayor to run for a third term they forgot about the people's will.

Limits & loopholes How many times do New Yorkers have to say, "Two terms is enough," before the political class gets the message?(NYP ED)

In 2009 When the NYP Wanted to Reelect Bloomberg They Never Talked about the peoples will of two terms. Bloomberg for Mayor - * MIKE & TERM LIMITS - NYPOST.COM * D'AMATO: I'M ON BOARD FOR GOV. BLOOMY - NYPOST.COM * BIGS BACK LAW CHANGE TO KEEP MIKE - NYPOST.COM* Bloomberg, Term Limits and the Press - City Room Blog - * Bloomberg's Term Limits Scheme How Mayor Mike gamed the system (Robbins, Village Voice)

Conservative Civil War Fight: Paladino, Roger Star * Haggerty and Vs Long & D'amato

New York's Conservative Party faces threat * The Post would like Lazio to decide about debating Carl Paladino ASAP.

Is Long Fanning the Anti-Mosque Flames To Stay In Power

State Conservative Chairman Mike Long admitted the use of 9/11 images in anti-mosque ads for Rick Lazio will likely be a “double-edged sword.”

Roger Stone and John F. Haggerty, Jr. Playing the Media
Both are working for Paladino and Davis. Paladino’s ‘Dignity Corps’ are the same people behind Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis will be the first woman in New York history to run for the office while on probation (for one count of promoting prostitution in the third degree)

Where Are the Leaders?
Mosque foes & backers clash at Ground Zero (NYP) *Imam: Center will help us all get along * Leaders bungle outreach (NYP) * 'Same as anti-Semitism' Khan: Yanks hate Muslims (NYP) *Proposed Muslim Center Draws Opposing Protests (NYT) * Protests, Rhetoric Feed Jihadists' Fire (WSJ) * Scary fanatics like Newt Gingrich turn Ground Zero mosque debate into ugly, stupid spectacle (DN) * Protesters stage dueling 'Ground Zero mosque' rallies (DN) * A rabbi who hired Rauf in the late 1990s to teach about Islam questioned his following and ability to secure sufficient resources to build the project. * Supporters, Opponents Of Proposed Mosque Rally Downtown (NY1) ( Ground Zero lawyers billing for questionable expenses: court papers (NYP) *Ground Zero imam's comments from 2005 sparking fresh controversy (NYP) * Paterson, Dolan to discuss mosque near WTC site (NYP)

NYPD Reviewing Response to Domestic Violence Call Involving Governor's Aide (WNYC)

Election 2010 Lazio falling (NYP Ed) * Lazio Finds an Issue in Furor Over Islamic Center (NYT) * Lazio Finds an Issue in Furor Over Islamic Center (NYT) * Diaz Sr. shelling out thousands for fleet of 'Vote for Diaz' vehicles (DN) * Espada $lips on bananas Breaks elex law (NYP) * “Outsider” Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice’s top aide is a double dipper. * Kristin Davis is the first woman in NY history to run for governor while on probation * Fred Dicker says the Cuomo camp favors Paladino * Coffey Campaign Pans Times AG Endorsement +++PM Lew Fidler Challenges Charles Barron's "Freedom Party" Petitions

New York Economic Meltdown Threat of Wall Street Job Cuts Looms (WSJ)

Teach aide booted after lying about mother's death to miss work (NYP) * The UFT's worst nightmare: Public can see how well Los Angeles teachers teach (DN) * With just weeks to go before the start of classes, local school districts still have no idea how much funding they're going to get from the state.

Nuclear Power Nuclear Plant’s Use of River Water Prompts $1.1 Billion Debate With State (NYT)

NYT: What About Election Law Reform Three Weeks Before An Election?

An End to Prison Gerrymandering Gov. David Paterson of New York took a stand for the principle of one person, one vote when he signed a bill that bans prison-based gerrymandering. (NYT Ed)

Genting Bets Big on Aqueduct Racetrack (WSJ) * This pick's too quick: State is playing games with Aqueduct racino bid (DN)
Nursing-Home Plan Sets Off Protests (WSJ) * Fashion Week Meets the Neighbors (WSJ)

"As the Sept. 1 effective date of taxing Native American cigarette sales nears, tempers are rising in Indian Country," writes the Times-Union.

Parents, pols: School-skipping staffers 'unacceptable' (DN)

Alligators in NYC Sewer
Alligator Surfaces Beneath a Car in Queens (NYT) * Baby crocodile hiding under car shocks Queens (DN)

Guss' Pickles To Be Replaced By A Cigar Shop

“What’s wrong with a Jewish man egging on a black man to shoot an Indian?” said Onondaga leader Oren Lyons of recent comments by Mayor Bloomberg that upset Native American tribes.

Law and Order
Arrest in fatal Times Sq. stabbing (NYP) * Cop files $11M suit over 'racially motivated' NYPD arrest (NYP) *Dolan Speaks on Staten Island Attacks * In a Complaint Room, a Prosecutor’s-Eye View of Crime (NYT) * Man Fatally Stabbed Outside Manhattan Bar (NYT) * Police Look to Turn Out Lights on Parties (WSJ) * Carpenters boss gets ax in hire probe (DN) * Brooklyn pols decry violence that took life of Yoseph Robinson (DN) * New York City Cops Are Looking For a Woman Wanted In Connection With Two Queens Robberies - WPIX

Media and New Tech Harman Ready to Become 'Institution Builder' at Newsweek (WSJ) * This Week In Crazy Campaign Commercials: A Young FrankensteinParody? * Report: Conservative Paper Washington Times Near CLOSURE * National Enquirer Editor: 'I Dream Of' A DC Bureau

Housing Fades as a Means to Build Wealth, Analysts Say (NYT)

Israeli official declares: 'We're preparing for war'

The New Yorker Reveals Who’s Paying For The Tea Party…You May Be Surprised (New Yorker)