Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is the NY Post Building Cuomo's Power in Albany? Blasting Both Silver and Sampson

Breaking News NY Wins Race To Top Funds * NY to receive at least $350M in Race to the Top win (NYP) * State Awarded $696 Million In Race To The Top Funds (NY1)

Is the NY Post Building Cuomo's Power in Albany?
Blasting Both Silver and Sampson

NYP Hit on Silver
The Speaker's cash grab Leave it to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and his tort-lawyer buddies to grab for a cash bonanza in 9/11-related lawsuits -- at the expense of Ground Zero workers. (NYP ED) * Two Firms Squabble Over Expenses in 9/11 Health Lawsuit (WSJ) * Lawyers for 9/11 responders padded expenses: papers (DN) * Editorial: Show them the money (DN) * 9/11 lawyers in 'fees squeeze' (NYP)

NYP Hit on Sampson

Unions blast Dems' Walmart 'blood $$' Published reports have noted that Walmart is believed to be interested in locating a new store at the Gateway II project being constructed by Related Companies near Jamaica Bay -- within Sampson's district.(NYP)

Bloomberg Hits Back?
Morgenthau Held Stock in Company Seeking Rangel Help

As HUD Chief, Cuomo Earns a Mixed Score A review of Andrew M. Cuomo’s tenure at the Department of Housing and Urban Development shows he voiced warnings about subprime loans but could have been more effective. (NYT)

WOW: MTA Throws Riders Off the Clift
MTA eyeing huge monthy increase From $72 to $130 in 3 years (NYP) * Riders stunned as MTA releases plan for whopping $130 monthly MetroCard (DN)

Election 2010 Rangel on the Hot Seat in Manhattan Debate (NYT) * Rep. Rangel swats back at Bam in candidate forum * Forum Change Rankles Rangel Rivals (NYT) * Incumbent Rep. Carolyn Maloney, challenger Reshma Saujani question each other's mosque support (DN) * Tax tiff over pol Diaz Sr.'s campaign cars at church (DN) * Pols pound GOP gov hopeful Paladino for 'prison' plan * “Frankly, he has not been around long enough to determine what my dignity is For the next two years, I will be more likely to protect his dignity,” Rep. Charlie Rangel fired back at President Obama. * Powell insisted his drunk driving arrest was just one night of bad judgment, compared to Rangel’s long-standing ethical lapses. * Kristin Davis gets some attention from CNN. * GOP Candidates For Senate Debate On NY1 (NY1) * Opening statements in NY synagogues bomb plot case (NYP) * Manhattan BP Scott Stringer: Carl Paladino Is A Racist Bigot * Lazio and Paladino Will Debate, Separately * Speaker opposes Ground Zero mosque, says planners have created 'turmoil' (NYP)

Pro Charter NYP Blasts Perkins Again and Again
Perkins' pre-elex 'frank' incense(NYP) * Judgment day in NY's try for Race to the Top funds (DN)

Gov. David Paterson’s X-Rated Gaffe: Accidentally Praises “Race To The Cock”

Incumbent Councilmembers Control Independent Charter Commission Sitting Council will be able to run for 3rd term. Yea Mail Jumaane D. Williams will get his city pension Commission Votes to Put Term Limits on November Ballot in New York City (NYT) * Term Limits Again Will Get Spot on Ballot (WSJ) * Will New Voting Machines Oversimplify New York Ballots? New election machines making their debut in citywide elections next month may sharply limit how many questions the New York City Charter Revision Commission can fit on the ballot this November. (WSJ) * If NYC voters choose to restore the two-year limit on their elected officials, that change won’t take effect until 2021.* Mayor Bloomberg suffered a term limits loss at the hands of the NYC Charter Revision Commission. * Charter Commission Approves Language On Term Limits (NY1)

New York Economic Meltdown Sliced Bagels, Taxes on Top What's the tax on a bagel? It depends how you slice it—or in the case of New York, if you slice it. State tax officials have begun to enforce one of the more obscure distinctions within the state's sales tax law. (WSJ) * Library Days Get Reprieve (WSJ) * Allen says New York too expensive to shoot films (NYP) * NY'ers Forced To Shell Out More Money For Sliced Bagels - WPIX

Terrorism NY Opening statements in NY synagogues bomb plot case (NYP) * FBI official: Son may have known of spying parents (NYP

Mosque Stand-Off Continues
Test 'slams' Christianity, lauds Islam (NYP) *US worse than al Qaeda: imam (NYP) * Far From Ground Zero, a Goodwill Tour (NYT) * Archbishop Dolan, Gov. Paterson to huddle on mosque (DN) * The Times condemns Rick Lazio’s “increasingly hysterical attacks” on the mosque/Islamic center planned for construction near Ground Zero. (DN) * Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on Park51: “We have been at that location for a long time. The opposition to us has come from outside the community. The fact that there has been this misunderstanding shows the need for the project.” * Assemblyman Dov Hikind called on Mayor Bloomberg to rescind his support for the mosque, saying: “It is unconscionable for this plan to move forward.” * Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf thanked President Obama for his support of the mosque; the White House said the president won’t have any further comment about the matter. * Paterson Meets With Archbishop Dolan To Discuss Controversial Mosque (NY1) *

Who Elected Fox?
News Corp Execs Met With Billionaire Saudi Prince Over Mosque Controversy (Huff Post)

Building vs Building
Will a Tower Block the Empire State Building? A Fight on New York’s Skyline (NYT) * Daly: The Curse of Mother Teresa for Empire State Building (DN) * City Council Holds Hearing On Proposal For 15 Penn Plaza

Brooklyn Bridge's $508M rehab means pain for drivers (DN)

Law and Order Most Wanted' fugitive nabbed in Bx. (nyp) * UN envoy robbed at gunpoint (NYP) * Most Wanted' woman is nabbed in attack on man (DN) * Cops questioning man suspected of shooting Brooklyn liquor store clerk

Fed Split on Move to Bolster Economy (WSJ)

Media and New Tech Southampton Cameo for 'Wall Street 2' (WSJ) * WATCH: Blagojevich On 'Daily Show' * THE VANISH: CBS 'EVENING NEWS' MATCHES ALL-TIME LOW RATINGS...