Monday, August 23, 2010

True News Sunday Update: If the Media Want to "Throw Out the Bums" Cover Their Challengers (Video)

If the Media Want to "Throw Out the Bums" Cover Their Challengers (Video)

Last Monday candidate Doug Biviano (Assembly Brooklyn) release a video which ask why the press who for last couple of years has been blasting Albany and demanding that the Bums be Thrown Out Press Cover the Bums' Challengers (Video)

What is most amazing about the Biviano's video is that not one member of the press has accepted his criticism of press coverage of Albany.

This comment on a blog this said what the political reporters and newspapers should have about the video:

"Absolutely! Why aren't the political reporters at these news stations covering the State Assembly election? For two years now they've run story after story complaining about the state govt. They've dragged Paterson through the mud yammering about the Yankees tickets, They bemoan the late budget, they scream (rightly so) at State Senators like Pedro Espada. But they don't give this man 5 seconds? Shame on them. Everyone except for Celeste Katz."NYC reporters need to interview this man: Diana Williams at ABC News, Josh Robin at NY 1, Steve Scott at WCBS Radio, etc etc"

Papers Talk Like They Want To Throw the Bums Out

NY Times Jobs for Albany’s Do-Nothings (Editorial)
Daily News
Throw the bums out: Here’s the list of legislators to vote against this fall (Editorial)
NY Post Albany's bill comes due (Editorial)

Why the boycott of the media of election coverage in Albany?
The NYP today had a story about how the speaker rips off the system, but nothing about how to throw the Bums Out. The NYP did have a storyNo jokes about 'DC Housewife' Lynda's job!

WABC TV Close up All About Bedbugs

The NYP is Softening Up Silver for the Coming Cuomo vs. Silver War
Assembly speaker's firm gets cut of 9/11-suit payouts

The Daily News did an editorial about the Charter Commission plan to give three terms to incumbent council members which limiting all future ones to two One size fits all: Two terms is plenty for every city elected official (DN Ed) Not one story about throwing the bums out of Albany. They did have room for this story Dogs get glammed up duds at Pet Fashion Week

The NYT which seems to have given up local news in its $5 Sunday edition has stories about Roommates Who Click (NYT) * 34 Laps, and Time to Reflect (NYT) * Music That Rises Above the City’s Roar (NYT)

It is shameful that the over seas press is covering corruption in Albany In New York state, corruption never dies (Times of India)

Platinum Legislature: Taxpayers hurting, but Albany keeps running up the tab
(Ithaca Journal)
Besides having one of the highest property-tax burdens in the country, the state has one of the most expensive legislatures.

The Legislature's budget is 12.1 percent higher than in the 2000-01 fiscal year, due in part to increases in staff salaries. . . In a Siena College poll last month, 47 percent of voters gave the Legislature an "F" for its work on the state budget and 24 percent said lawmakers' efforts merited a "D."

New York trails only California and Michigan in annual pay for lawmakers, and California and Penn for the overall cost of running the state legislative branch. The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) found that California's Legislature spent the most in the 2007-08 fiscal year -- $336.2 million, followed by Pennsylvania at $319.2 million and New York at $216.3 million. . . The California legislature is full time at $95,291. New York Elected officials receive almost the same $79,500 and about 15,000 for Lulus. Lawmakers get their lulus regardless of how many times their committees meet -- even though some met as few as three times this year. The lulus range from $9,000 to $41,500, which Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, and Senate President Malcolm Smith, D-Queens, receive.

Beyond the salaries and lulus, New York lawmakers whose districts aren't close to Albany pocket $171 a day when they are at the Capitol for session days and other legislative business. This means nearly all lawmakers are eligible for per diems: senators who live at least 35 miles away from Albany and Assembly members who live at least 50 miles away collect the $171 per day. . . In 1960s, just 18 legislators got these special payments to over 90% receive Lulus

So far this year, New York lawmakers have racked up about $2.2 million in costs to taxpayers for per diems, in large part because the state budget was among the latest ever adopted. It passed Aug. 3, days before a new record for dysfunction would have been set. Between April 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010, the state paid out roughly $3 million in per diems.

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky runs one of the most expensive legislative offices in Albany.

*** Sunday Update

Fidler Rips Off Government
Council big bets against the cityAssembly Speaker Sheldon Silver isn't the only lawmaker betting against the city in high-profile lawsuits. City Councilman Lewis Fidler gets a $60,000-plus salary from a company that helped finance the lawsuit by police gunshot victim Sean Bell.

True News wrote about other ways Filder has rip off the system Pork Pig Fidler's Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him | Room Eight

Rangel's race ruse The embattled Harlem Democrat has further sullied his tattered reputation by implying that his troubles are racially motivated. (NYP Ed) * Challengers for Rangel's seat hope for an upset (DN)

In 2009 David Yassky was endorsed by the NYT, NYP and Daily News and lost

Sunday Endorsement by the Daily News
Go with Dinallo: He's the top Democrat in attorney general primary (DN) * Crain’s And DN For Dinallo (Updated)

Low pension return may $oak taxpayers State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli revealed plans yesterday to slash the state pension fund's growth forecast for the first time in a decade amid growing concerns about exploding retirement costs.(NYP)

New York Economic Meltdown House buyers $tung Just when you thought it was safe to dive into the housing market, a new survey shows mortgage closing costs have skyrocketed an average 37 percent (NYP) *Pension Bomb Alert (NY Fiscal Watch)* Closing Fees Bite New Yorkers *Governor Has the Power to Control Spending (City Journal)

State’s Budget Gap Grows (NY Fiscal Watch)

New York Economic Meltdown Medics get tixed off (NYP) * 10 Big Retailers That Are Shuttering Stores * A new study says it'll take more than a decade to get back the jobs lost in the recession.

True News Wags the Dog on the NY Times
NY Times Saturday
U.S. Anti-Islam Protest Seen as Lift for Extremists (NYT)

True News Thursday

Extremest Take Over New York

Lazio Finds an Issue in Furor Over Islamic Center (NYT)
Clash at World Trade mosque site (NYP) * Ground Zero Mosque Opponents, Supporters Turn Out to Demonstrate (ABC) * Tempers Flare At Proposed Mosque Rally (NY1) *Anti-'Ground Zero mosque' protesters descend on downtown Park51 site (DN) *Muslim Center Dispute Sparks Rallies (NYT)

Balancing Act for Imam in Mosque Furor (NYT) * Paterson: Elected Officials Reacting "Clinically" To Mosque Debate(NY1) * Dueling protests planned at ground zero mosque site
* Surprise, Surprise, SurpriseThe Islamic world needs its own Nelson Mandelas to step forward. (Friedman, NYT) * Going Mad in HerdsObama and Islam: How can America know so little about this president? (Dowd, NYT) * How Fox Betrayed PetraeusThe rage over the “ground zero mosque” is not motivated by a serious desire to protect America, but by a desire for for an election-season payoff. (Rich, NYT) * Paterson wants more unity, less bickering over mosque project (DN) * Gov.'s 'plan' for new mosque site not anchored in reality (DN) * Donald Trump On NYC Mosque: Imam Should Sell For A ‘Little Profit’ And Move Location * Ground Zero imam plays hide & sheik (NYP) * Karen Hughes: Move the New York City mosque, as a sign of unity * Gov. Paterson said in a radio interview that "terrorists are laughing" about the Park51 controversy. * Republican Rick Lazio, gubernatorial hopeful and former congressman, appeared on "Meet The Press," saying, in part, "This Imam Rauf is not one of them. He's not a bridge builder. This is a man, the very same month that people were burying their loved ones that were lost in 9/11, he said that America was an accessory to the crime of 9/11. He said that Osama bin Laden was created in the USA."

*** Saturday 'Ground Zero' imam on Mideast tour to make Islam 'Americanized' (NYP) * Faithful already filling the house (NYP) * Muslim Miss USA: Move the mosque! (NYP) * Ground Zero Imam: ‘I Am a Jew’(The Atlantic) * In Southern California, a Very Local Mosque Dispute (Time) * Fact-checking the 'Ground Zero mosque' debate (

Terrorism NY
Informant is key to NY synagogues bomb plot case (WABC)

Fat Pay to Play Tony
Stays in Jail
No pol jail pass A judge yesterday rejected crooked ex-pol Anthony Seminerio's bid to get sprung from the slammer pending an appeal of his corruption conviction. Manhattan federal Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald said the ex-Democratic assemblyman from Queens was unlikely to win a reversal of his guilty plea in a $1 million bribery scheme.

NYP Supports Charter Schools and Report on Their Supports

Key Dems nix Perkins Support charter backer * Upstart schools better in minority test scores (NYP) * Failure is not an option: Columbus High School wouldn't be any better as a charter (DN Ed)

Election 2010 Spitzer's madam Kristin Davis gets Hooker support for gov bid (NYP)* Successor to Cuomo May Change Job’s Focus (NYT) * AG hopeful gets big donation from firm being sued by Cuomo's office (DN) *** GOP's petition-gathering queen changes parties * N.Y. Conservative Party Faces Threat (Fox 5)

Why the Investigation
When political parties are not charged after an investigation they should be required to publish an explanation on what they did find and reasons for their decision Working Families Party to Face No U.S. Charges (NYT)

With His Involvement in the WFP investigation over De Blasio comes out of his cave swinging De Blasio Aims Against Bloomberg

Dems Have the $$$ Raised $11.6M over RNC's $5.5M * Barney Frank’s Fannie / Freddie Problem * In Striking Shift, Small Investors Flee Stock Market (NYT) * Kill Fannie, Freddie - Boston Herald * Obama Challenges GOP To Stop Blocking Rules That Would Limit Corporate Donations (Huff Post)

Law and Order Jayson gets another year (NYP) * Burger bandit drops the ball (NYP) * Up From the Streets, Then Gunned Down (NYT) * Clerk Gunned Down Inside Kosher Liquor Store (NY1) *Williams Gets Year for DWI (WSJ) * Yoseph Robinson went from criminal to observant Jew (DN) * Williams pleads guilty in DWI case, gets year in jail (DN)* Police Investigate Fatal Stabbing Near Times Square (NY1) * Funeral Held For Connecticut Teen Shot In Bronx (NY1) * Arrest Made In Latest S.I. Bias Attack (NY1) *** Sunday Ex-con shot rabbi's son over $5: cops (NYP) * Heat's on jail guards to cool it (NYP) * Jealous Bronx woman stabs, kills boyfriend: cops (DN) * Gun-toting suspect caught after wild foot-chase in Bronx (DN) * Heist-man: Man wearing football pants robs fast-food joint (DN)