Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NY Pols Play Games While the State Burns

Breaking News New York Legislators Finalize Budget, Four Months Late (NYT) * Mosque Plan Clears Hurdle in New York (NYT) * Budget Done, SUNY Not So Much * Bloomberg staffer owns stock in company building B'klyn arena Wolfson * Lottery officials back Aqueduct ’racino’ operator * Video: Mayor Bloomberg's Address On Freedom And Tolerance

NY Pols Play Games While the State Burns
Putt-ering pols play as NY budget burns Democrats and Republicans alike, vying for control of the narrowly divided state Senate, held their annual golf fund-raisers.* Assembly Forced To Albany Due To Senate’s Inaction

The head of Gov. David Paterson’s security detail, Maj. Charles Day, will be transferred to a less prestigious job in the wake of the Kaye report that detailed his role in the David Johnson domestic violence case.

Groups involved in the fight over the soda tax and wine in grocery stores contributed more than $1 million into the campaign coffers of lawmakers over the past six months.

Subway insulin 'shock' Suit in diabetic bust (NYP)

Checkups for fire di$ability Commish vows reviews (NYP) * A pension perk worth vetoing (NYP)

Election 2010 Election 2010 Scandal-scarred state Sen. Pedro Espada demands federal probe of chief rival Gustavo Rivera (DN) * Espada Ad Cites 'Double Standard,' Proclaims 'Senator Espada Is Our Hero' * Trimming time for wannabe candidates: Fernando Tirado can't get enough votes for petition * Brace Yourselves: The Petition Brawls Are Underway * The Ground Zero Mosque goes before the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Rick Lazio is slated to attend.

In spite of state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s claims to the contrary, the pension fund still invests in companies that have interests in Iran.

NY's Economic Drain NY funders wined and dined by Conn. gov (NYP) * Expanding Fight for Gamblers, a Revived Resort Adds Table Games A once-shuttered Pennsylvania getaway, reconstructed as a casino-hotel, has increased the competition for the New York metropolitan region’s gambling dollars. (NYT) NY's Economic Meltdown Fifteen Buyers File Lawsuit Against Trump SoHo Project (NYT) * Fee increases for Bronx market could drive out business (DN) * FDNY chops staff as sick days surge * Need a seat on subway? Wait till next year! MTA expects drop in ridership after 2011 fare increase (DN)

Larry B. Seabrook Moonlighting?
Are City Council Members Underpaid at $112,000? That's the argument at the core of an op-ed by City Council member Daniel J. Halloran, who argues that the level of pay encourages the council members to moonlight for additional income. (WSJ) * Bronx City Council member Larry Seabrook hit with laundry list of corruption charges

Restaurants Call Health Web Site Unfair (NYT)

Daly: Rangel's good work overshadowed by scandal (DN) * Team Obama: Let trial decide Rep. Charles Rangel's fate on ethics charges (DN)

Terrorism NY
Guilty in JFK plot Duo in fuel-pipe terror (NYT) * Landmark vote on Ground Zero mosque (NYT) * 2 Men Convicted in Kennedy Airport Plot (NYT) * Two Found Guilty in JFK Bomb Plot (WSJ) * Bid to Revive 9/11 Health-Care Bill (WSJ) * Ground Zero Mosque Founder: 'We Want to Repair the Breach' (WSJ) * Ground Zero Mosque Debate Figures into N.Y. Races * Unmask the mosque: Downtown Islamic center must reach out to New Yorkers (DN Ed)

At the Heart of Reformer Koch
By turning of city agencies like the Parking Violations Bureau what did Ed Koch do to reform government when he was in the seat of power. What are the others in seats of power doing today to encourage reform? * Bill Hammond thinks it’s fair for NYC Mayor Ed Koch to brand the Senate and Assembly Democrats as “enemies of reform”, saying: “They have no one but themselves to blame.”

Law and Order Gas-station slay arrests (NYP) * NYPD Set to Aid Haitian Cops (WSJ) * Wanted 'Granddad Bandit' is Times Square star (DN) * Rape suspect attacked me, prosecutor says (DN) * Teen victim in hate crime: 'I thought I was gonna die' (DN) * Port Richmond's poison: Staten Island must combat bias attacks on Mexicans (DN Ed) * Ice-T plans ‘revenge’ lawsuit over New York arrest: report

Political Ads Off Limits, Goldman Promises (NYT) * Probes Spotlight Dual Roles in Housing Deals Probes of the collapsed mortgage-bond boom are shedding light on how Wall Street firms, including Deutsche Bank, sometimes created securities and sold them to some investors, while advising others to bet against them. (WSJ)

Media and New Tech Plagiarism? Daily News Article Lifts From UK Paper * Washington Post Critic SLAMS Amanpour Debut * Billionaire Buys Newsweek For $1... Meacham To Leave...
* The WSJ has a good pundit round-up. * Every reporter for Forbes will be required to have a blog.

California GOP gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman is on pace to break Mayor Bloomberg’s spending record.

The Superdelegates are staying.

The Empty Chamber Just how broken is the Senate? (New Yorker)