Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"It Good to Work for the King" (Bloomberg) Mel Brooks

WATCH: A-Rod Hits 600th Career Home Run

"It Good to Work for the King" (Bloomberg)

Mel Brooks

Bloomberg staffer owns stock in company building B'klyn arena (NYP) * Bloomberg's '200G' aides in double dip (NYP) * Bloomberg’s Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson owns stock in the company that is building the controversial Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn.

Rattner works for Bloomberg's Non Profits Organizations

Rattner clams up Ex-car czar took fifth 'many times' with SEC: mag (NYP) Former car czar Steve Rattner was mum on several occasions last year when the Securities and Exchange Commission interviewed him under oath about his role in the messy New York State pension "pay to play" scandal, according to an upcoming report. Rattner, the founder of Quadrangle Group, a private-equity firm, has been implicated in a kickback scheme that paid bribes to a middleman in return for his fund receiving wads of investment cash from New York's robust $140 billion public pension fund.(NYP) * Kelly: Mayor's Frequent Flier (WSJ) * NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly took five free trips to Florida on Bloomberg’s private jet last year, the value of which, according to Kelly, are “unknown”.

Mosque: NYP & WSJ NO, NYT & DN YES

Money behind the mosque (NYP Ed) *A Monument to Tolerance New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission voted 9 to 0 to reaffirm one of the basic tenets of democracy: religious tolerance. (NYT Ed) * Don't play the bigotry card, Mike! (Goodwin, NYP) * Mosque Plan Clears Hurdle in New York (NYT)* Ground Zero Mosque Gets OK (WSJ) * Broadway and the Mosque A concert of Broadway show tunes sung by a diverse cast brings to mind reasons why it is O.K. to build a mosque near the World Trade Center site. (NYT) * Dorothy Rabinowitz: Liberal Piety and the Memory of 9/11 (WSJ) * El-Gamal: 'Ground Zero mosque' will serve all N.Y. (DN) * Landmarks Commission Votes Down Preserving Site Of Proposed Mosque (NY1) * Elsewhere: White House Mum on Mosque *Group sues to stop mosque near NY’s ground zero * Judge orders hearing on Ground Zero loan charges * Opponents Of Mosque Near WTC Site File Lawsuit

Terrorism NY Target New York: Trial showed JFK bomb plotters were a deadly threat

Judge Rules FDNY Exam Still Discriminatory * Rider Catches MTA Booth Worker Snoozing On The Job

Congressman or clown? Weiner's odd floor show (NYP) * Rep. Anthony Weiner explains his angry outburst on the House floor over the Zadroga bill in a Times OpEd, writing: “I didn’t break decorum, but I did say what I was thinking and feeling.”

Election 2010 Samuels Defends PAC Allegations From Espada * AG hopeful Rice admits to 'dabbling' with cocaine in her 20s (DN) * Eliot Spitzer's Favorite Madam is Running for Governor on a 'Sex, Drugs, Gay Marriage' Platform * DiNapoli Responds To Wilson's Fundraising Missive * Bloomberg Businessweek's Peter Green finds Harlem voters are largely unfazed by Rangel's ethics woes.

NY Even the State Fair is Corrupt
Even fair's foul NY corruption taints 'wholesome' state expo (NYP) * Sad state of a fair (NYPEd) * Fair Director Misapplied State Funds, Report Says (NYT) * Cookie-jar lid comes down on ex-principal (DN) * Feds, DA probe alleged stealing at Medgar Evers College (DN)

Paterson’s Security Chief Is Transferred and Put Under Ethics Scrutiny (NYT) * State Police Official Transferred Over Domestic Dispute Scandal (NYT) * Pediatric Nurse Suspended in Connection with Paterson/Johnson Case

Albany's Sting
Fake Budget Pass 125 days late
This budget will be modified right after the election when more service cuts are announced. Were are the papers following up the state comptroller claim that revenue projects by those who write the state budget are unrealistic? There were last year when the budget was changes three times and that was not even an election year. Eureka! Budget finally passes (NYP) * 125 Days Late, a State Budget With New Taxes (NYP)* New York State Legislature Passes State Budget 4 Months Late - WPIX * Finally! Albany gives approval to long-overdue state budget (DN) * Albany Lawmakers Reach Deal, Pass 125-Day Late Budget * DiNapoli: Budget ‘Not Worth The Wait’ (YNN)

Hedgers on ledge Gov. Paterson and the State Senate pulled the plug on a $50 million hedge-fund tax plan yesterday -- but skeptical financial managers say they don't believe the controversial levy is dead for good. (NYP) * Hedgers on ledge Could jump to Conn. despite NY tax nix (NYP) * Hedge-Fund Tax Scuttled (WSJ)

Bad Councilman! No Chairmanship! Ethics Committee interviewed witnesses and said today they believe Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, poked a Council staffer between the throat and upper chest during a budget argument in City Hall in late June. They recommend he be suspended as chairman of the Higher Education Committee until he completes an anger management class.

No Party For Us
The party's 'over' Excuses galore for missing Rangel ba$h (NYP) * Neither Rep. Carolyn Maloney nor Rep. Mike McMahon will attend Rep. Charlie Rangel’s Aug. 11 birthday party/fundraiser. (Aretha won’t be there, either).
Twitter Run Offs
Joseph Mercurio The debate should not be about holding partisan or non-partisan elections, we should have partisan primaries with candidates of all parties on the same ballot with all registered voters voting, followed by the two top candidates running against each other in November even if they are from the same party. * Joseph Mercurio ‎"Citizens Union Report = Voter Turnout is Greater in Nonpartisan Elections than Partisan Elections"

New York Is Home of the Most Millionaires (WSJ)

MTA estimates $52 million in unused rides next year (DN)

Law and Order Gambino plea deal in '89 hit (NYP) *'Stabbing' pains for mob crew (NYP)* Sicko strangle guilt (NYP) * Troubles Preceded Connecticut Workplace Killing (NYT) * Man Arrested in Queens Subway Killing (NYT)' * Conviction in Strangling Case (WSJ) * Woman's life of terror after stalker husband's release(DN) * Cops involved in NYPD sex scandal cut deals (DN) * Man guilty of fatally choking his date (DN) * Arrest Made In Fatal Subway Platform Stabbing (NY1) * Crown Heights rapist convicted
More Workers Face Pay Cuts, Not Furloughs (NYT) * Jobless rate could go up again, warns Geithner
Fannie, Freddie, Big Banks Helping Lawyers Make Millions Pushing Families Out Of Their Homes