Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another New York Party Leader Under Investigation Congressman and Queens Democratic Leader Joe Crowley

Another New York Party Leader Under Investigation
Congressman and Queens Democratic Leader Joe Crowley

Qns. Rep. Crowley faces Wall St. donation probe (NYP)

Campaign Finance Law Changed Face of Elections, Report Shows (NYT) * Furor over taxpayer $$ to pay council caucus dues * NYC Campaign Finance Board Looks Back At 2009 Elections

New Yorkers Hate Albany
Just When You Thought New Yorkers Couldn't Hate The Legislature More... *
Quinnipiac Poll Cuomo Tops Lazio Or Paladino More Than 2-1, Quinnipiac University New York State Poll Finds; Voters Want To Know How Cuomo Will Fix Budget

New York Is Trying Again to Tax Indians’ Cigarette Sales (NYT)

With New Casino, Funds for Tracks (NYT) * US District Court Judge Richard Arcara temporarily blocked the state from starting to collect sales tax on cigarettes sold to non-Indians on Indian land today. The hearing on his preliminary injunction is scheduled in two weeks.

Private Ferry Operators Seek Deal on Disaster Payment (WSJ)

Middle Schools Fail Kids, Study Says (WSJ) * Court Halts Buses Staten Island Seventh- and Eighth-Graders Are Most Affected (WSJ) * The state Education Department has set up guidelines for asking about students’ immigration status.

President Bloomberg
White House flirts with Mayor Bloomberg Is Mayor Bloomberg being wooed to join the Obama administration (Page 6, NYP) *Mayor, the White House Is Calling (WSJ) * The White House is reaching out a lot to Bloomberg these days – perhaps to neutralize him for 2012? * Mayor Opposes Examining Islamic Center's Finances (NYT) * Bloomberg gets asked a mosque question in Forest Hills. Reaction is mixed.

Election 2010 For the GOP: David Malpass (NYP) * Paladino Rides on Anger in G.O.P. Governor Race (NYT) * Staten Island congressional candidate Allegretti bashes rival for failure to vote in GOP primaries (SI Advance) * Paladino pledged the mosque/Islamic center proposed near Ground Zero would be built “over my dead body.” * Carl Paladino, who talks of clobbering state government with a baseball bat, gets profiled in The Times.* Poll: Cuomo Far Ahead Of GOP Rivals *Lynn Nunes Pushes Sen. Shirley Huntley To Debate -- And Then Doesn't Show
* 2013 Manhattan's Stealth Fund-Raiser Scott Stringer * Wayne Barrett Al Sharpton and the 'Times' Endorse Eric Schneiderman: You Gotta Be Kidding

Pension Scandal “The law says I’ve earned it. I am entitled to it. I take it,” said disgraced former state Sen. Guy Velella, who receives a $75,012 annual pension from the state – one of at least 10 ex-lawmakers in similiar situations.

Mosque Issue

Newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin use to say that race is the only issue in New York. It looks like Mosque has replaced race. Teenagers Charged in Harassment at Mosque (NYT) * Muslim 9/11 responders featured in new pro-mosque ad (DN) * The imam must speak: Leader has to address legitimate questions about Islamic center (DN) * Muslim leaders are debating the wisdom of having the FBI provide protection at mosques * Islamic Center Imam: Fight Could Shape Future Of Muslims In America * Rangel Joins Muslims in Rally for Downtown Mosque * Muslim Leaders Rally In Support Of Downtown Islamic Center (NY1)

Wake Is Held For Queens Councilman Thomas White (NY1)

Terrorism 'Hell' for al Qaeda stab fiend (NYP) *Reputed bin Laden Adviser Gets Life Term in Stabbing (NYT) *Tapes in Bomb-Plot Trial Show Suspect Wavering as an Informer Prods Him to Act (NYT) *Details of Bomb Plot Emerge (WSJ) * Government Informant Returns To The Stand In Synagogue Bomb Plot Trial (NY1)

Law and Order
Yes, it was a cop Delayed tragic girl's race to hosp (NYP) *Officer’s Actions Questioned After Asthmatic Girl Dies (NYT) * NYPD Locates, Suspends Officer Who Allegedly Denied First Aid To Dying Girl (NY1) * OTB guy robbed of 29G (NYP) *Queens DA: Man Posed As Transit Worker, Stole Bus (NY1)* Bus bust for transit kook (NYP) * Transit bandit nabbed for stealing bus (DN)* Man Charged With Bus Theft *Subway Thief Now Accused of Stealing a Trailways Bus *Lawyer 'grab' for heiress $$ (NYP) * Woman Escapes Murderers (WSJ) * Cop in wild shootout eyed for excessive force complaints (DN) * Feds seek chat with NYPD crime stat whistleblower * Gonzalez: City's new 911 system suffers meltdown (DN) * There’s a cheese scandal in the state prison system.