Monday, August 30, 2010

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Union makes State Senate Democrats return Walmart money (NYP)

Election 2010 Desperate Rangel wraps self in civil rights (NYP) * Powell vs. Rangel: Testy Remake After 40 Years (NYT) * Monserrate to Fight Odds (WSJ) * Within Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice’s early record as a prosecutor at the Brooklyn DA’s office, there were three cases where defense attorneys and judges cited issues with Fourth Amendment rights, due process and prosecutorial conduct, Edward-Isaac Dovere reports * Cuomo the noncommittal (DN) * Daily News Endorses Cuomo For Governor (NY1) * Rice: Albany a crime scene

Gov. David Paterson has no plans to take further action against David Johnson (suspended without pay) or Clemmie Harris *(still working as a special assistant to the governor).

Charter-change choke a sadly missed opportunity (NYP Ed)

StuyTown mortgage holders snub Ackman, embrace tenants (NYP) * Keeping Track of Tenants, With Help From a Private Eye (NYT)

NYT Makes a Wish

New York Rebounds From Slump, but Unevenly

Hold your bets on the Aqueduct deal - DiNapoli's office has reservations about bid winner Genting (DN)

Worth-less lawyers: Judge did right to slash attorneys' bloated take in WTC lawsuits (DN ED)

New website aims to shine light on city's worst slumlord

Double Dipping Pension Congressman
'Retirement' sweet for New York's eight double-dippers in Congress(DN)
Pay to Play Justice Att'ys $cratch backs of judge wannabes

Mosque 'slumlord' (NYP) * Imam Says Politics Has Stoked Controversy Over Center (NYT)

New York Economic Meltdown Ticket shock for motorists * Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Square to Close Doors in January -

Terrorism Jury hears secret tapes in synagogue plotter case

Law and Order Bronx fiend had murder in his jeans (NYP) * Accusation of Misconduct in Gambino Case (NYT) *Three Die in City on Violent Night (WSJ) *Bloody 25-hour span takes the lives of 4 New Yorkers: police * Two men rob Brooklyn bank, then fire guns at cops (NYP)
* Soccer player shot and killed in Brooklyn (NYP)