Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Councilman Seabrook $177 Bagel Plan to Balance the Budget

Councilman Seabrook $177 Bagel Plan to Balance the Budget

When indicted Councilman Seabrook altered a $7 receipt for a bagel sandwich and diet soda so that Mr. Seabrook was reimbursed $177 for the purchase, he was just trying raise more tax dollars for the city. Seabrook was just ahead of all of us and knew that a sliced bagel means dough for the city. NY's cut of bagel 'dough' Extra tax for slicing (NYP) * City Councilman Larry Seabrook Eats Bagels Made of Gold Dust and Panda Tears (NY Magazine)

MTA Spin Higher $$$

The MTA have been playing the dopes in the press with this game for years. Announce a higher fare and when you pass the face hike role it back and the press will report that the public dodged a bullet. Got off easy with a lower fare hike the media reports. $130 MetroCard idea a force play (NYP) * MTA backtracks: $41 fare hike for MetroCard not 'official' (DN)

Workers at City-Run Laundry to Protest Privatization (NYT)

"America does not have a religious problem the Middle East does" Thomas Freidman, Morning Joe

Defiant Mike stands firm on mosque (NYP) * Flip-flopping Silver says site is 'holy' inappropriate (NYP) * N.Y. Political Leaders’ Rift Grows on Islam Center (NYT) * Bloomberg Defends Mosque (WSJ) * Park51 Gets Bloomberg’s Political Support, But Not His Money (WSJ) * Backup mosque sites may be too close for comfort (DN) * A holy mess: Archbishop weighs in on mosque location (DN) * Mayor Hosts Annual Iftar Dinner; Reaffirms Stance On Mosque Debate (NY1) * After meeting with Gov. David Paterson, Archbishop Timothy Dolan said he has no “strong feelings” about moving the mosque, but does believe there needs to be a more peaceful “dialogue” on the topic. * Ben Smith says the mayor’s remarks “confirmed his status as a rare national spokesman for an embrace of American Muslims.” * Pro-mosque Mike kos compromise - * Russel Simmons Supports Mosque (Fox 5) * Silver: Mosque Should Move * Laura Ingraham And Alan Colmes Drop the Pleasantries During NYC Mosque Debate * Pearl's father: Move mosque * A helpful guide to who stands where on the mosque issue. (Downstate edition).

Terrorism NY Trial in Synagogue Bomb Case Opens With Clashing Images of 4 Defendants (NYT) * U.S. Weighs Expanded Strikes in Yemen (WSJ) * Trial Opens in Synagogue Bomb Plot (WSJ) * Federal Prosecutors Outline Case Against Alleged Synagogue Bomb Plotters (NY1) * NY trial starts for 4 accused of temple bomb plot (WABC TV)

NY Wins the Race to the Top

New York won a big prize yesterday: $700 million in federal funds from Team Obama's Race to the Top competition. New York at the top (NYP Ed) * New York Wins Nearly $700 Million for Education (NYT) * After Aid Win, Now Hard Part (WSJ) * Top of the heap: N.Y. must put $700 million in federal education funds to work for kids(DN)

BOE Corruption Old Story
Anything Goes at NYC's Bizarro World Elections Board (Robbins, Village Voice)

True News has reported corruption at the BOE over the last 4 mayoral administrations More Throw The Bums Out: Board of Elections Bozos Have to Go!

Election 2010 Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, who's running for attorney general, has it exactly right when he wonders what potential ticket head Rick Lazio is talking about.Donovan points the way * Deadbeat Dem Espada breaks promise to repay $13,500 (DN) * Police question possible suspect in hero clerk murder (DN) * Carl the crude: Paladino's jibes at Assembly Speaker Silver were way over the line(DN Ed) * Gillibrand's GOP Challengers Face Off On NY1 (NY1) * Rick Lazio has a new TV ad, released to the AP, that claims AG Andrew Cuomo is part of the problem in Albany. * DSCC Spends On Consultants, WFP, But Not Espada (City Hall) * Paladino’s campaign manager was unapologetic, saying: “Carl speaks in New York kitchen table language. He’s not fluent in Albany’s dialect of political correctness. (Critics) need to pull up their underpants, because it’s not going to be pleasant for them.” * The TU takes Carl Paladino to task. * No Debates Planned For GOP Candidates For Governor * State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Jr. owes the state Board of Elections more than $10,000 in fines for failing to file timely disclosure forms, despite his promise to pay up, our Ken Lovett writes. * Espada won the endorsement of the Spanish-language New York De Dia newspaper, which argues that "Experience Is Not Improvised." * Former Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau has stood behind embattled Rep. Charlie Rangel -- but what Morgenthau hasn't talked about is the fact that he owns stock in a company owned by Eugene Isenberg, an oil drilling exec who got a tax break when Rangel was Ways and Means Chairman -- and donated generously to a City College school being built in Rangel's name. * Lazio Turns Down Invite To Debate Primary Opponent * Rick Lazio Defends Mosque Stance On "Hardball" * State Sen. Joe Addabbo Loses Bid For Working Families Party Line * Eric Schneiderman: Al Sharpton's House Of Justice Will Have Albany Annex If I Become Attorney General

New York Skyline 1949
New York’s Iconic Skyline New York’s City Council is poised to decide whether to let developers build a skyscraper as tall as the Empire State Building just two blocks away. Any decision to alter the skyline so radically deserves more consideration. (NYT Ed) * Bloomberg supports rival skyscraper near Empire State Building (DN) * Manhattan Gains as Broader Housing Market Stalls (WSJ)

No Money to Build and No Tenants Means That the Skyline will not change soon (10-20 years) City Council Approves Anthony Malkin's Nightmare

St. Vincent's to sell facility to Westchester hospital (NYP)

New York Economic Meltdown Servicer Objects to W Hotel Transfer *St. Vincent's Sets More Unit Sales (WSJ) * Dance Studio Faces Eviction (WSJ)

Morgenthau Held Stock In Company Rangel Aided (NYT)

Vote for Term Limits in 2021

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied Commission Delays Two-Term Limit * The Term Limit Scam (NBC) * Update On Ydanis Rodriguez: Now With Video

Granddaughter Nabs Granny
Granddaughter rats out secretary spending school dough (DN) Law and Order Albanian big busted in NY slay, kidnap (NYP) * Liquor-slay grill (NYP) * Possible suspect in slaying of hero liquor store clerk tries to flee (DN) * TV producer, model wife assault each other in 'war of roses' * Cops bust woman with no rap sheet in robbery spree * Firefighter fingers fellow Bravest in pot-growing scheme * Man Is Held in Anti-Muslim Stabbing (NYT)
* Ex-con charged with killing hero clerk (NYP)

Media and New Tech The ABCs of E-Reading Book lovers have long worried that technology would lead to the demise of long-form reading. But research shows that owners of e-readers may be reading more than ever before. (WSJ)

As midterms loom, Democrats work to shore up faltering recovery (Wash Post)