Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leaders Rockefeller, Javits and Kennedy Would Have Solved the Mosque Problems Before It Got Into the Papers

The Coverup is Always Worse Than the Crime Ask Nixon

Breaking News
Gov. faces possible criminal charges over Yank tix testimony: report (NYP) * Paterson Misled Inquiry Over Tickets, Report Says (NYT) * Gov. Paterson facing possible criminal charges for 'misleading' statements over Yankees tickets (DN) * Rangel affirms support for Obama at NY debate * Ex-con confesses in murder of B'klyn hero clerk

Kaye's Wiggle Room
Joseph Mercurio Oops! "The independent counsel, Judith S. Kaye, said it was up to the local district attorney in Albany, P. David Soares, to decide whether Mr. Paterson, a Democrat, should be prosecuted for perjury."

New Health Center Will Not Be at St. Vincent's (NYT)

Leaders Rockefeller, Javits and Kennedy Would Have Solved the Mosque Problems Before It Got Into the Papers

Today some politicians use the mosque problem for their own political advantage. Most just hid completely from the issues. Now because of our dumb and selfish leaders the mosque problems has become an international incident. Oh yes Obama is on vacation. Now we have an international problem and Stabbed Cabbie Joining the Mosque Debate Not to mention how the terrorist will use this growing problems.

'Bigot' slashes Muslim cabby (NYP) * The cabby attack (NYP Ed) * 'Drunk' desecration at mosque (NYP) * Arrest in liquor slay (NYP) * Looking at Islamic Center Debate, World Sees U.S. (NYT) * Rider Asks if Cabby Is Muslim, Then Stabs Him * Student Charged With Hate Crime in Slashing (WSJ) * Man Who Allegedly Attacked Taxi Driver Arraigned On Hate Crime Charges (NY1) * Muslim cab driver Ahmed Sharif, victim in bloody attack, saw 'so much hate' in face of assailant (DN) * Suspect in cabbie hate crime 'wanted better for everyone' (DN) * Bloomy cites Pearl in mosque push - reporter's dad differs (DN) * Muslims face decades of 'Nope, not here' in downtown Manhattan * Attack On Muslim Cabbie Is Just What The 9/11 Terrorists Wanted, Gov. Paterson Says * Mayor Bloomberg meets with Muslim cabby, calls attack 'a disgrace'

You Can Get Away With Anything in New York

Election 2010 Andy, Rick in ad duel (NYP) * GOP Leader Cox Under Fire (WSJ) * Forget Obama slam, Rangel now Prez's BFF (DN) * Six degrees of desperation: Lazio should be careful whom he accuses of terror links * Councilman Lew Fidler Abandons Challenge To Freedom Party Petitions: Updated (DN)

The NYP Attacks Perkins So Much It Should Be Listed As An INKIND CONTRIBUTION for his opponent Basil Smikle
Sampson, shamelessly, hailed Perkins "for his persistence and consistent advocacy in making sure we get the most value and the greatest attention to our children from our state's investment in education." Supersize that lie, sir? (NYP Ed)

With no finance and no tenant this building will not be built for 10 t0 20 years if at all

Unwelcome Neighbor for Empire State Building * New Tower Clears Council (WSJ) * City Council Approves New Midtown Skyscraper (NY1)

New York Economic Meltdown Developer Turns to Goldman to Aid the MarkThe Mark Hotel's developer and a New York real-estate fund are looking to Goldman Sachs Group to help dig the troubled co-op conversion project out of a financial hole. (WSJ) * You can rest easy: Seatless subway plan nixed by MTA (ED)

Proposed Gas Pipeline Sparks Opposition A battle is heating up over a proposed natural-gas pipeline that would run through New Jersey and Staten Island before winding up in Manhattan. (WSJ)

Council votes to unmask phantom landlords (Crains NY)

NYC will spend $7.8 million on upstate land in its watershed.

Terrorism NY Agent Tied to Informant Testifies in Bomb Plot Case * FBI Agent Takes Stand in Bomb Case (WSJ) * FBI Agent Testifies In Trial Of Men Accused In Synagogue Bomb Plot (NY1)

Law and Order
Catty 'rob' gal caged (NYP) * Teens held in gunpoint rob & rape (NYP) * Arrest in liquor slay (NYP) * Charter teacher in kid-sex bust (NYP) * Police Arrest Suspect In Connection With Fatal Liquor Store Shooting (NY1) * Fellow cops clobbered me after wife called 911 for help vs. thugs, NYPD Officer Larry Jackson claims (DN) * Suspect in liquor store murder liked slain man: super (DN) * City firefighter convicted of running massive pot farm (DN) * Manhattan judge probed after porn found on work computer (NYP)

New Life in America No Longer Means a New Name (NYT)

Despite Reform, Banks Have Room for Risky Deals (NYT)

Save-the-Senator Program Senator Blanche Lincoln’s proposed disaster relief for Arkansas farmers would overcompensate many of them. The White House seems all too eager to oblige the important Democrat during her difficult re-election race. (NYT Ed)
Palin, Tea Party is brewing up trouble for GOP: Dems

President Obama's fiscal commission co-chairman, former Sen. Alan Simpson, outraged feminists, Social Security recipients and liberal Democrats by calling Social Security "a milk cow with 310 million t!ts."