Thursday, July 22, 2010

Breaking News
CBSNews Source says New York Rep. Charlie Rangel will be charged with ethics violations * AP Report: Rangel Will Be Charged

Woman in Paterson 'Aide-Gate' scandal: I won't stop

Crane rigger acquitted of all counts in 2008 collapse (NYP)

New York Economic Meltdown
Budget Rentals Under Fire * Taxes Halt TV Shows, Films (WSJ)

Election 2010 Donovan Takes A Pass On Indy Line

Pay to Play Indy Party Indy Party's tangled Web of deals with the missis *DA to investigate $10K loan to Independence Party chairman's wife (NYP)

Largely Unknown DSCC Consultant Cleared $300k In Last Year (City Hall)

Ydanis Rodriguez wants an investigation into his investigation.

Mayor orders Newark government to stop buying toilet paper

Terrorism Air steward 'terror' rage (NYP) * Trial Focuses on Iran Ties of Kennedy Plot Suspect (NYT) * Newt Gingrich comes out against planned Cordoba House mosque near Ground Zero * Staten Island Convent To Not Become A Mosque * Islamist behind 'South Park' threat jailed on terror charge * Bloomberg, Palin Agree to Disagree on Ground Zero Mosque Plans

Law and Order Crane rigger acquitted of all counts in 2008 collapse (NYP) * City EMT in sex bust * The Final Crime Spree of an Oxygen-Toting Robber * Police Say They Have the City’s Bouquet Bandit in Hand * EMT Awaits Arraignment On Rape Charges * Accused bookie busted in gambling sweep is 78 * Does not compute: NYPD stop-frisk database law not worth paper it’s printed on

Media and New Tech Couric’s Future Questioned at CBS