Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is the WFP Trying to Become the Good Guy

PM Update
Bernanke Sees No Quick End to High Rate of Joblessness (NYT) *After Talk of Testifying, Blagojevich Balks

Is the WFP Trying to Become the Good Guy

Are they looking to put Cuomo on their ballot like to remain a party that get 50,000 votes to have a ballot line for the next four years that is always on the voting machine. The WFP & Pedro the piker The Working Families Party declared jihad on state Sen. Pedro Espada over the weekend, labeling the corrupt Bronx Democrat a symbol of "everything that's wrong with Albany" and vowing to defeat him in the September primary. Which is sort of like Boss Tweed giving lectures on political probity.(NYP)

Pay to Play Meeks Meeks' shady $$ man target of 5 state probes (NYP) Senate Leader Did Legal Work for Broker With Ties to Loan ScandalNew York State documents show that John L. Sampson represented a controversial Queens real estate broker as a lawyer while the broker was under investigation. (NYT)

Marty the Freeloader
Officials Disclose Freebies, Debt Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz accepted more free travel than any other elected official in New York City last year, globe-trotting with his wife to Turkey and the Netherlands, records released Tuesday revealed. (WSJ) * Senate Democrats bulk up for election fight by spending $26,000 in Albany restaurants over 6 months Not surprisingly, consultants and attorneys account for much of the Democrats’ spending. I counted no fewer than 13 firms and individuals listed under the “professional” category. (Actually, The Parkside Group, one of the DSCC’s preferred consulting firms, which was paid $260,423, is listed as “other”). (DN)

Play to Play Lobbyist
PR firm repping Aqueduct racino front-runner Genting New York may have lobbyist ties (DN)

Pay to Play Independence Party

Frank Morano Quits Independence Party, Saying It "Stands For Nothing": UPDATED

Give 'em credit, City Council knows how to rack up debt (DN) * Seventeen members of the City Council have serious credit card debt

Council Ethics Committee to Meet Tomorrow, Could Decide Rodriguez's Fate | The New York Observer

Democratic Party Hiring Top Strategist The party is bringing on board the veteran consultant Hank Sheinkopf, one of the state's most experienced political operatives. (NYT) * After repeatedly insisting they wouldn’t spend to defend incumbents in safe districts, the DSCC is doing just that.

Gov. Paterson Moves To End Legislative "Charade" Over Special Sessions * In Albany, Power of the Purse Comes With a Pinch (NYT) * Democratic Party Hiring Top StrategistThe party is bringing on board the veteran consultant Hank Sheinkopf, one of the state's most experienced political operatives. (NYT)

Four siphon $95,000 from federal stimulus money, hit with 23 counts of grand larceny, ID theft (DN)

New York Economic Meltdown
Azi Paybarah Washington may not deliver #fmap $ to nyc. what will get cut in nyc as a result? Councilman Fidler: "That puts everything back on the table"

Election 2010 Carl Paladino will be on the GOP primary ballot this September against Lazio.

Gonzalez: NYCHA puts repairs on hold - for years! (DN)

The Citizens Union wants the NYC Charter Revision Commission to expand its scope.

De Blasio No Fan of Mayor's New Homelessness Approach -- UPDATED

Pardon him, sir: Paterson should clear Brooklyn man of the crime of voting (DN)

Terrorism NY NY airports to be X-rayted (NYP) * Why cheap Faisal was such a dud (NYP) * Weak Times Sq. Car Bomb Is Called Intentional (NYT) * Suspect Denies Role in Kennedy Airport Plot (NYT) * Shahzad Knowingly Used Inferior Bomb (WSJ) * British PM passes buck on probing terrorist's release (DN) * Terrorist wanted to use JFK bomb plot money for mosque (DN) * Suspect in J.F.K. Bomb Plot Is Accused of Spying for Iran (NYT)

Law and Order Jaw and order (NYP) * Thief went from bust to bloom (NYP) * 'Maid off' with gems (NYP) * Cop bike knockdown plea (NYP) * Officer Is Charged in Hit and Run (NYT) * Prosecutors Say Man Threatened Police Before He Was Shot (WSJ) * Mob rats in duel over murder-for-hire plot (DN) * NYPD officer charged in Brooklyn biker hit (DN) * Bouquet bandit now tied to 2nd heist - with plant (DN) * Nearly nine out of ten people charged with smoking pot in NYC are black or Latino, although national surveys have shown that whites are the heaviest users, Jim Dwyer reports * Crime-fighting Operation IMPACT grants from the state to the counties will decrease over the coming year * EMT Charged With String Of Sexual Assaults (NY1) * Cops: 18 Latin King Gang Members Indicted In Arson Case - WPIX * FDNY EMT charged in five sexual assault cases * Police: 18 gang indictments in NYC arson case (NYP) * Ex-Hall coach Gonzalez pleads not guilty in shoplifting case (NYP)

Pols told to be wary of female lobbyists (NYP)

Goldman Sachs in $nub of Dems (NYP) * Goldman’s Go-Round Goldman’s lower second-quarter profits are still outlandish. But at least the S.E.C. got it to acknowledge that it had made a “mistake.” (NYT Ed)

Housing Market Stalls (WSJ) * Atty: Conrad Black likely to be released today (NYP)

City Is Owed $100 Million, and Is Ready to Get Tough (NYT) * Call by Call, 311 Defines the City (WSJ)

Media and New Tech
CNN got Spitzer cheap(NYP) * New Daily News chief Dunn replaced by Boston Herald's Convey (NYP) * New York Daily News Editor Dunn Steps Down (WSJ) * Daily News chief Dunn steps down, Convey to helm paper (DN)O'Reilly: Fox Better, More Influential Than Network News... 'New Sheriff In Town' (DN) * Daily News to move downtown The paper will be joined by corporate sibling U.S. News & World Report Media Group.