Friday, July 16, 2010

Buying Time Budgets To Get Reelected

Buying Time Budgets
To Get Reelected

It is clear that this years budget was pasted together with spit and gum so incumbent pols could run for reelection with a state budget. With three budget modifications last year you would think the media would get the hint that dysfunctional Albany no long passes real budget but spin documents intended to protected incumbents. DiNapoli warns of NY kaboom time$ The latest state budget is about to explode, state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli warned yesterday in a damning analysis of the $134.4 billion spending plan. Proposals based on "risky" or overly optimistic projections make up more than half -- some $4.8 billion -- of the Legislature's efforts to close an estimated $9.2 billion budget gap this year, leaving the state open to future budget woes.* Jealous of Jersey New York's budget is a fiscal time-bomb, packed with huge risks, hit-or-miss revenue and one-time cash jolts sure to leave Albany dry in '11. * New Yorkers gave the Legislature an “F” for its budget performance this year, a Siena poll found

Election 2010 $$$ Andy's $23.6M bankroll (NYP) *Lazio Appears Far Behind Cuomo in Fund-Raising* For Cuomo, Both Politics and Family Fit in the R.V. (NYT) * Andy's war chest dwarfs republican gov. opponents * Democrats Rake In Campaign Dollars It's a good time to be a Democrat—at least in New York. The party's pick for governor, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, and incumbent U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, posted strong fund-raising figures. (WSJ) * The final tally for Mayor Bloomberg’s 2009 re-election campaign: $109.2 million * Carl Paladino has spent $1.6 million of his own cash on his gubernatorial bid to date * Rep. Mike McMahon has a fundraising edge over his two GOP opponents in NY-13 * Gillibrand Hits the $10 Million Mark * Lazio likely lags in fundraising * Donald Trump, Teresa Heinz, and Howard Rubenstein all donated to Kathleen Rice * State attorney general and gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Cuomo is the $24 Million Dollar Man * Of the quintet, Kathleen Rice pulled in the most campaign cash * In the end, Mayor Bloomberg's spending to score a third term topped $109 million * Lazio Trails Cuomo Badly in Campaign Cash

Specter Of Martinez Looms In Race To Succeed Espaillat * Democratic AG Hopefuls Attend First Formal Debate (NY1) * The Times Lays the Smackdown on Linda McMahon (OBSEVER)

Gov Stop Stop and Frisk

“Albany has robbed us of a great crime-fighting tool, one that saved lives,” said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly * Mayor Bloomberg, cops fume as gov purges frisk list (NYP) * Paterson to Sign Bill Limiting Retention of Street-Stop Data (NYT) * Sources: Paterson To Sign Stop-And-Frisk Legislation * Kelly said the database "saved lives," while objectors say it's wrong to keep information on people who ultimately do not get arrested or convicted.

Albany Corruption

Ex-Spitz aide pays 'Dirty' fine ALBANY -- Former Eliot Spitzer aide Darren Dopp paid a $10,000 fine for breaking state law in the Dirty Tricks Scandal involving state troopers * Malcolm Smith readies lawyers just in case * State Senate President Malcolm Smith has already spent $25,000 in campaign cash on lawyer's fees in the face of an FBI probe of grants he steered to a Queens charity * Paterson Spent $866K On Legal Fees, Spitzer’s PR Maven * Watching the AG Debate: Would you prosecute Spitzer

Tusk Double Talk
Some Pigs are More Equal Than Others
Reformer with Koch's NY Uprising and a lobbyist with the Aqueduct bid * Tusk casino: Bloomy aide in Aqueduct bid (NYP) * The Times suggests shutting down the NYC OTB for good might be better for everyone * The Lottery Division is re-starting its assessment of the last Aqueduct racino bid after a judge lifted AEC’s TRO * Mayor Bloomberg’s Secret Weapon | The New York Observer

Local Census fraud by two workers may be just 'tip of iceberg,' says Brooklyn's Rep. Ed Towns

New York Economic Meltdown Port Authority Cuts Its Copters (WSJ) * Chinatown Pulls Back Its BID (WSJ) * America's Most Expensive Place to Park: Manhattan (WSJ) * MTA top earners keep jobs; low-level workers cut

Law and Order Monster went home to rest as fire killed ex, tot: DA (NYP) * Second fiend allegedly tried to attack three women in Riverside Park * Sentence Is Sharply Increased for Lawyer Convicted of Aiding Terror (NYT) * Arrest Made In Fatal Queens Fire (NY1) * K9 cop has a real 'Dog Day Afternoon' with trio * Readers horrified as gal stands by pup-beating beau * Still no arrests 2 years after couple murdered * Pair of cops busted for fake busts, planted evidence

Terrorism NY Tapes of Defendant Plotting to Blow Up Kennedy Airport Are Played for Jury (NYT) * eviewRisky Plan for 9/11 Bill (WSJ) * Undercover informant bedded terror daughter (DN) * Spy Swap Forced Prosecutors Into Balancing Act

You can now search a new public employee payroll database, courtesy of the Ithaca Journal.

A Senate Run Brings Wrestling Into the Spotlight (NYT)

Shocker alert: Manhattan is America's most expensive place to park your car.

Wall Street
S.E.C. Settling Its Complaints With Goldman (NYT) * BofA on Front Lines of Financial Overhaul (WSJ) * Problem of finance reform bill lies in its enforcement, or lack of