Friday, July 30, 2010

NY's Congressional Delegation Rudderless

NY's Congressional Delegation Rudderless
As Rangel Falls From Power, So Does NY's Clout in the House

As 911 Health Bill Fails

Police Scrutinized in Report That Cleared Paterson (NYT)

With Rangel term in congress coming to an end and the fact that there is no clear successor to he position as dean of the New York delegation, it is easy to see have the 911 responders bill was rejected in the house. Who will replace Rangel, not Meeks or Crowley who are under investigation. Weiner is not like by a lot of house members which is necessary to get bills like 911 past congress. Weiner Video slams GOP Even though he was right to attack the members not voting to help the first responders last, he did not make any friends for the kind of leadership a dean of the New York delegation should have. *Rangel's rise from war hero to DC vet * Harlem to Rangel: resign (NYP) * Weiner vs. King, Take II (YNN)

Congress to 911 Responders Drop Dead

Bill to aid sick 9/11 responders fails in House (NYP) * Plan to Aid 9/11 Victims Is Rejected in House * Pols reject bill that would have assisted Sept. 11 responders (DN)

MTA Board Reconsiders Billions Spent On Capital Budget (NY1)

Even Flack Fail To Help Charley
Bob Liff former Daily News reporter cannot crisis control the media attacks on Rangel

“Sixty years ago, I survived a Chinese attack in North Korea, and as a result, I haven’t had a bad day since,” Rangel said before the charges were announced (he wasn’t at the hearing). “But today, I have to reassess that statement.”

Twitter NY1headlines Obama Calls Rangel's Ethics Charges "Very Troubling" * GlennTh Wow. A Rangel source tells me the Harlem Democrat "doesn't give a damn" what Obama says--and O's statement doesn't change anything/

History repeats itself with scandal-scarred seat (NYP) * Rangel agrees to ethics plea but Republicans indicate it's too late (NYP) * Time's up for Charlie (NYP Ed) * Rangel Case Poses Test for Democrats as Elections Near (NYT) * Congressman Rangel Faces His Peers Rep. Charles Rangel had every right to demand a full airing of the ethics charges against him. Now taxpayers have the right to know the truth. (NYT Ed) * Rangel Hearings Begin (WSJ) * Messy trial on ethics charges looms for Rangel (DN) * Clueless Charlie: Rangel made his own ethics mess, and then made it worse (DN Ed)* 13 House raps wallop Rangel (NYP) * The Washington Post says the only “acceptable” deal would require Rangel to admit to wrongdoing.

Will Hank Morris Roll on Hevesi?
Bet he does... as his lawyer looks for ways to keep him out of jail for the rest of his life

Judge in Morris Case Dismisses Some Charges, Lets Serious Ones Stand - City Room Blog - * Judge Pares Fraud Case Involving a Political Consultant * Springtime for...Morris?

True News on the Pension Scandal
New York's Pay to Play Pension Scandal

Who else will Morris name?

Spotlight on SEC and Ratner Rattner '74 facing ban from securities industry

Insider Deals Continue With the Next Comptroller DiNapoli

Does your office put the bond business out to bid, or rely on a rotation? DiNapoli: "We look at it on a case-by-case basis, so, uh, the last one, we can check and get back to you." DiNapoli: My Last Bond Issue Was ... Um ... »

Lewis “Scooter” Libby Cheney's Leaker Get Indicted, Paterson Walks

The Times says claims by Gov. David Paterson and his attorney that the governor was “exonerated” by the Kaye report are “absurd” and wants to know why Clemmie Harris and Charles Day remain on the public payroll. *An Inquiry Ends With Some of the Same Questions It Began With (NYT) * Kaye’s report suggests the governor allowed information to be leaked during her investigation, which could be a misdemeanor, but apparently she didn’t believe the offense rose to the level of criminality. * Report Suggests Paterson Allowed Evidence to Be Leaked (NYT) * Gov. Paterson’s Non-Exoneration The state’s inquiry may not have recommended criminal charges against Gov. David Paterson, but it paints a damning portrait. (NYT Ed) * Gov could still face civil ethics violations, fines and the boot (DN) * Former Lobbying Commission Executive Director David Grandeau says the report reveals a clear violation of the Public Officers Law, for which the governor could be fined up to $10,000 and potentially removed from office *

Is He Nuts? NY's Paterson: I regret leaving governor's race (AP)
Or Just Play With the Enabling Press Paterson to Booker: 'This doesn't look good for me'

Budget Deadlock - Day 121
Paterson said his patience with the Legislature has run out and warned he’ll call lawmakers back every day next week. * The Senate and Assembly are reportedly near a deal on SUNY empowerment, but the governor’s office says he needs more details. * Absences, disagreements highlight this week's Legislative session Press & Sun-Bulletin * No budget cost taxpayers $100000 again WIVB

Election 2010 Cuomo's Running As Sheriff of Wall Street Part II
* Cuomo Probes MetLife, Prudential in 'Major Fraud' (WSJ) *Lazio Taps a New Campaign Manager (WSJ) * Dan Janison wonders if the Lazio-Ralph Lorigo Conservative Party primary is the sleeper of the election season. * Sources tell Newsday two Democratic lawmakers were asked to depart a property tax cap event before GOP Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano would join Cuomo there. * Barbara Clark Petitions With The Dead In Southeast Queens (City Hall) * Hiram Monserrate, back on the ballot

Throwing Mud on the Intern (What does it mean)
* Lazio Keeps Up Mosque Pressure On Cuomo (YNN)
* Dems Call Lazio ‘Bonus Baby’ (YNN)

New York Economic Meltdown
Trump SoHo Tries Easier Condo LoansThe owners of Trump SoHo, facing sluggish condo sales that threaten the viability of the project, are taking the unusual step of providing direct financing in hopes of boosting buyers in the building. (WSJ) * Gov threatens 1,000 layoffs to help balance budget (DN) * The governor says he feels “badly” for the people who are going to lose their jobs.

McMahon's Jewish List
Rep. Mike McMahon still have some explaining to do after shooting the messenger. * McMahon Campaign Hits Grimm For Taking "Jewish Money" * Congressman's spokeswoman fired for list of opponent's 'Jewish money' donors (NYP) * Jacobs On McMahon’s ‘Dumb Move’

The NYC Charter Revision Commission appears to be coming around to Bloomberg’s way of thinking on nonpartisan elections.

Way to go, kids: City public school students have tested higher and higher (DN)

Fewer Public School Teachers Receive Tenure (NYT) *City Cracks Down on School Tenure (WSJ) * Confusion on Where City Students Stand (NYT) * Change in Testing Standards Fuels Education Critics (WSJ) * City using tainted tallies to grade teachers, schools (DN)

Back to the Flophouse? SRO Hotels Set to Leave Tourist Trade (WSJ)

Curbing Obama
Curbing Your Enthusiasm President Obama rode into office on a wave of progressive enthusiasm. But, for many reasons, that has given way to progressive disillusionment.(Krugman, NYT)

Media and New Tech Disney to Sell Miramax for $660 Million (WSJ) * Jon Stewart To Fox News: ‘Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F*cking Happy’ * Mother Jones Criticizes Media For Helping BP “Pretend There’s No Oil” In The Gulf * Twitter As Mood Ring: How Tweets Can Be Used To Study Feelings Nationwide * News Site True/Slant Folding * WATCH: ANOTHER Street Brawl Caught On Tape And Nobody Helps
*PBS Ombudsman Defends Palin Joke: 'Fair Game' * Behind The Media Frenzy Of Chelsea Clinton's Wedding - WPIX * A Brand with a Plan? Washington Post Co. Nixes Private Equity Shop's Newsweek Bid

Sexy spy Anna Chapman's glamorous police mugshot sweeps internet

Tits Accountability
errollouis @MikeBloomberg: "The bloggers...They write things that in some cases literally aren’t true. There’s no editing. There’s no accountability"

Law and Order
Autopsies in Fire Find Mother Died by Suicide and Children Were Murdered (NYT) * A Week After Fire, S.I. Mother's Death Ruled Suicide (WSJ) * Mom's chilling blog post before apparent murder-suicide (DN) * Brooklyn Plumber Is Shot Dead in Home (WSJ) * Program tracking ex-cons to be named for Imette St. Guillen (DN) * NYPD to public:Texting can stop crime (DN) * Cops sting cops (NYP) * Riverside Park picnic-rape suspect nabbed (NYP) *DA goes mild on 'wilding' (NYP) * Pressure got to suicide-slay ma (NYP) * Police Expand S.I. Bias Attack Investigation (NY1) * Police: Man Sexually Assaulted 11-Year-Old Brooklyn Girl (NY1)

Terrorism NY Jewish group opposes ground zero mosque

War Dead Mounts
U.S. suffers deadliest month in history of Afghanistan war * 3 more US troops die in Afghanistan; July deadliest month (NYP)

Wall Street and the Economy
The same bill that dramatically expands the Securities and Exchange Commission's investigative powers also dramatically expands its ability to keep the information it obtains away from the prying eyes of journalists. Darkness at the SEC * S.E.C. Charges Brothers With $550 Million Fraud * Newly Jobless Find Themselves Uninsured And Reluctant To Seek Care
* With Recovery Slowing, the Employment Outlook Fades