Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paterson's Innocent of What? What Will Both the former NYS Police Superintendent Say? Pedro Perez, Harry Corbitt

Late Night
Report Suggests Paterson Allowed Evidence to Be Leaked (NYT) * David Grandeau Former State Lobbying Commission Executive Director David Grandeau tells us why he thinks Judge Kaye’s report clearly suggests that Gov. Paterson violated the Public Officer’s Law. * Bill to aid sick 9/11 responders fails in House

PensionGate Case Clears Court Challenge

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Charges upheld in NY pension fund corruption case A judge has refused to toss out most of the charges against a political consultant accused of conspiring with New York officials to drain $19 million in undeserved fees from the state pension fund (NYP)

Morris was tempered by some harsh language in the judge's 85-page decision, which slams Morris for allegedly being the mastermind behind a lucrative "toll gate" for any equity or hedge fund that wanted a piece of the state's massive, more than $120 billion pension pot. *

Only funds that were willing to pay massive brokerage fees to Morris and his accomplices were able to do business with the state, the Attorney General's Office has charged -- an alleged scheme Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lewis Bart Stone said deprived the state's one million pensioners of the "opportunity to have a safer, better or more balanced portfolio." * Charges upheld in NY pension fund corruption case * Ex-Hevesi Aide Faces Trial on Most Counts in New York Pension-Fund Probe Bloomberg * Political Consultant Faces 77 Charges In Pension Fund Scandal NY1

* Judge in Morris Case Revises Charges (NYT) * A win for the State in Aqueduct case

Spotlight on SEC and Ratner Rattner '74 facing ban from securities industry

Ethics Trial for Rangel Looms as House Panel Details Charges (NYT) * Rangel’s Response (YNN)

Paterson's Innocent of What?
What Will Both the former NYS Police Superintendent Say? Pedro Perez and Harry Corbitt - both forced to leave because of the scandal

Scandal Continues, NY State Police Chief Resigns - Gothamist * N.Y. state police chief retires amid scandal * New York state police chief abruptly quits amid scandal enveloping * Harry Corbitt To Resign: State Police Head To Step Down In Wake Of

Kaye documents the state's chief executive misleading his staff, spinning the press, duping the public and blowing smoke at investigators. He even bamboozled himself - predicting at one point that the story of his close aide David Johnson roughing up girlfriend Sherr-una Booker was "going to blow over." Kaye's unconvincing report The former state chief judge's 57-page account not only rips the governor and key aides for "errors in judgment," it flatly accuses Paterson and his lawyers of failing to "keep [their] public commitment to cooperate fully with the [probe]."(NYP Ed) * Hammond: Half-truth is enough for Gov. Paterson (DN) * Lame duck fouls up: Paterson bumbled his way all over aide’s abuse case (DN Ed) * The aide, David Johnson, may yet face charges from the Bronx DA in connection with the Oct. 31, 2009 incident.

Inquiry by State Clears Paterson of Criminal Acts (NYT) * In Paterson Case, Cuomo Sidesteps Vulnerability (NYT) * After an Ugly Breakup: What They Did and What They Said They Did An independent counsel investigating Gov. David A. Paterson’s actions after an aide’s confrontation with a girlfriend found “errors of judgment.” (NYT) * Judge: No Charges for Gov. Paterson(WSJ)
* “The independent counsel’s 54-page report released on Wednesday reads, in large part, like a how-not-to guide to government management,” the Times says.

JUDGE KAYE ERRORS IN JUDGEMENT AND THE PUBLIC INTEGRITY COMMISSION Former PIC Executive Director David Grandeau thinks the Kaye report missed something big. * Grandeau: PIC Should Pick Up Where Kaye Left Off

The former chief judge did not rule in the Yankees World Series tickets case, which arguably is the more serious of the two probes turned over to her back in March by AG Andrew Cuomo. Recall that the Public Integrity Commission accused Paterson of lying under oath about his plans to pay for the tickets, which he initially received free of charge. The Other Shoe

Paterson Spins to Change the Headline from Negative Reaction of the Kaye Report
Paterson Threatens To Take Legis To Court (Updated)

Corrupt Congress Throw Stones At Charlie

Rep. Charlie Rangel’s ethics committee hearing begins at 1 p.m. today, barring any last-minute deals * Rangel’s fellow Democrats are frustrated by his unwillingness to cop a plea. * For Rangel and House Ethics Panel, the Brinkmanship Continues (NYT) * Dems put heat on Rangel with ethics panel meeting today (DN) * Rangel's deal-breaker Refuses to admit CCNY $$ fault (NYP) * Rep. Rangel in Talks to End Ethics Case (WSJ)

Indies in party uprising (NYP)

A Jewish List?
Rep. Mike McMahon’s campaign provided The Observer with a list of “Jewish money” supposedly collected by his GOP challenger, Michael Grimm. * McMahon Fires Spokeswoman

Albany Does Nothing Again
Albany Special Session Gets Off To Uneventful Start (NY1) * The Legislature is due back in session at 10 a.m. this morning after gaveling in and gaveling out without passing any bills last night. Lawmakers say it’s possible they’ll be back in Albany next week, too. * Gov. Paterson's special session yield's expected result - nothing.

Election 2010
Lazio Campaign Shake-Up? (NYP) *Eric Schneiderman's hit-and-run set to music (Wonder who dump this on the Internet lol) * The TU takes Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice to task for failing to vote for 18 years, and wonders at her attempt to cast that in a positive light. * Lazio shakes up campaign team * Espada challenges petitions of leading opponent * Ex-GOP big John Haggerty insisting $1.2 million Mayor swindle was really just a legal payday (NYP)

MTA 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 . . .
No Savior Seen as M.T.A. Takes Step to Raise Fares and Tolls (NYT) * MTA Slashes Services (WSJ) * MTA Unveils Fare Hike On "Unlimited" MetroCards; Approves Station Agent Layoffs (NY1) * Everyone feels crunch in MTA, but not its boss (DN) * Albany's fare beaters: Blame the pols, not the MTA, for looming hikes (DN Ed) * And It's Near Five Subway Lines! M.T.A. Chief Buys $1.6 M. Condo
* A group of New York City lawmakers wants to thin the herd of illegal commuter vans flooding outer-boros WPIX

In$ane drain on city Mike burns over FDNY 'disability' (NYP) * Heartless traffic agent STILL writing off drivers * A cyclists advocacy group plans to protest outside Bloomberg’s Upper East Side townhouse.

Consequences of Test Cheating
'Hard Truth' on Education Erasing years of academic progress, state education officials acknowledged that hundreds of thousands of children had been misled into believing they were proficient in English and math, when in fact they were not. (WSJ) * Alarming drop in pass rate at charter schools

New York Begins Restaurant Grades (WSJ)

Obama takes Manhattan Prez reveals his 'View' point, attends fund-raiser at Anna Wintour's home (NYP) * Rosie: Obama Shouldn't Go On 'The View' * Daly: Bam, U.S. focus on triviality, not real issues The death of Marines received little notice, which is not surprising, for most of us walk around as if there were no war. (DN)

Hi-tech scopes that Anna Fermanova tried to smuggle into Russia are for assassins, say pros (DN) Terrorism NY 9/11 bill toxic: King predicted that a bill that would pay billions of dollars to people exposed to toxic dust at Ground Zero will fall short in a House vote.* 9/11 Care Bill In Jeopardy(WSJ Twitter eyewitnessnyc Breaking News Abandoned SUV sparks closure of Throgs Neck: An abandoned SUV sparked the closure of the southbound ... * Bloomberg: Democrats' Approach to 9/11 Bill 'Outrageous'

Ex-Leader of Carpenters Union Pleads Guilty to Racketeering (NYT) Law and Order Bronx family horror Mom kills son, 12, self (NYP) * Bell Case Underlines Limits of Wrongful-Death Payouts (NYT) * Mother, Son Found Dead in Bronx Home * Police Investigate Possible Bronx Murder-Suicide (NY1) * Bronx mom, autistic son dead in suspected murder-suicide (DN) * NYPD sarge tried to entice underling into threesome (DN) * Medical examiner: Mom’s death in Staten Island fire ruled suicide * NY judge denies appeal based on scared Astor juror * Canarsie Man Killed In Home Invasion * Teen takes no-jail plea in Times Square Easter riot (NYP)

Media and New Tech How The WikiLeaks Story Got Published * The report revealed an unusual reporting technique * Wall Street Journal Jacks White House Price Up $600K * Shirley Sherrod To Sue Andrew Breitbart ***PM Obama Makes Historic Appearance On 'The View,' Talks Sherrod Firing, Afghanistan, Lindsay Lohan * WikiLeaks Media Reaction: A Frenzy Of Frantic Yawning Over Nine-Year Long War (VIDEO) (HUFF Post) * Honk if You Just Can’t Get Enough of Chelsea and Marc * YouTube Allows 15-Minute Videos *Amanpour Says Her Version Of This Week Will Bring ‘Different Voices And Perspectives’ * News Anchor Rendered Speechless by Christina Hendricks' Hotness (Gawker)