Tuesday, July 27, 2010

****PM UPDATE Rep. Rangel scrambles to save reputation, job in Congress (NYP) * New York named Race to the Top finalist in bid for $700M in government education funds * Kruger Challenger: I'll Be Back * Appeals Court Rejects Effort to Create Hybrid Taxi Fleet (NYT) * State Among "Race To The Top" Finalists (NY1) * New York to Pay $7 Million in Police Shooting Case (NYT) * How Many Public Workers? Albany Doesn’t Know (NYT) * Sources: Senate Dems May Be Short Votes Ahead Of Special Session (NYT)

Albany's Budget 120 Days Late

Gov reneges on no-layoff vow (NYP) * Gov says planning for layoffs must begin 'immediately' (DN)* Governor Responds to Brewing RevoltThe Paterson administration, under pressure from county governments owed hundreds of millions of dollars by the state, is promising to wipe out a backlog of unpaid bills by the end of August. (WSJ) * How Albany Legislators Live Without a Pay Day Lawmakers haven't cashed a paycheck since April 1, the date when the budget was supposed to be completed. The unpaid salaries now total $5.6 million. (WSJ) * “Some unfortunate people who don’t deserve it are going to get laid off, and it burns me to have to say that because I don’t think it’s fair to them,” Paterson told reporters * Public employee unions are accusing Gov. David Paterson of renegging on a no-layoff pledge they insist was binding. * How Many Dems Will Show Up Tomorrow? Sampson Can’t Say

State budget estimates often end up short, widen deficit

Once I Built A Rail Road . . . Buddy Can You Spare A Dime
More Fare Hikes and Cuts in Service

MTA mulling plan to hike cost of monthly MetroCard by $15 (DN) * New MTA hikes are on track (NYP) * 95% of Trains On Time? Riders Beg to Differ (NYT) * Young and Cashless Take the LIRR (WSJ) * Equipment failure delays 2nd Ave. subway AGAIN! (DN) * Transit Advocates Launch "Riders' Rebellion" Campaign (NY1)

“I think Charlie should think about what’s best for Charlie and his legacy,” said an anonymous Democrat, who stopped short of calling for Rangel’s resignation.

Wait! There's even more dirt on Rangel (NYP) * What did Charlie do?(NYP Ed) *Black Lawmakers Defend Rangel (WSJ) * Rep. Charles Rangel lashes out over ethics storm (WSJ)* Rangel opponent Joyce Johnson defended Rangel * Fundraiser? What fundraiser? Bloomberg gives Rangel ‘wait and see’

Election 2010 Is it Paladino's party now? Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino race to the bottom in GOP primary * Charlie Ramos challenges Ruben Diaz Sr. for state senate seat - Bronx County Political Buzz Examiner * Bloomberg Turns Prickly About Taylor

Pay to Play Free Bruno
Bruno will be 'free' to appeal

The Politics of Garbage Of all the recent cuts to local budgets, one in particular is raising a stink: scalebacks in garbage collection. (WSJ)

Mayor Gets Results on Towing New York will retain the power to tow parking scofflaws' cars after Albany officials negotiated an amendment to a bill that could have put in jeopardy the city's towing program. (WSJ) * The fix is out for cop pals' parking tix (NYP) * Write off getting cop pals to fix that ticket (DN) * Pols but breaks on bill that would protect scofflaws (DN) * Dunces at work: Albany bill had a hole big enough to drive a tow truck through (DN Ed)

Does New York's New Hotel Law Mean No More Craigslist Vacation Rentals? Renting an apartment for a vacation stay in New York is now illegal, but it's not clear that everyone who uses AirBnB or Craigslist to rent a room will face trouble. (WSJ)

NYC Charter Revision Commission Chairman Matthew Goldstein urges voters to stay involved as the commission moves toward determining what changes will be on the fall ballot.

Vendors' violations at NYC stadiums (NYP)

Terrorism NY 9/11 $$ judge: I failed * JFK Bomb Plot Trial Concludes (WSJ) * Gingrich Blasts Cuomo Over Proposed WTC Mosque (NY1)

Law and Order SI massacre clues up in smoke (NYP) * Autopsies Suggest Mother, Not Son, Was Killer in Staten Island Case (NYT) * One Police Plaza or Peyton Place? More details of NYPD sex scandal emerge (DN) * Report: Pills May Have Played Factor In S.I. House Fire Deaths (NY1)

Ex-Financial Regulators Get Set to Lobby Agencies

Media and New Tech
Detroit Worried About ABC Drama Pushing 'Murder City' Image * No Easy End in Sight for Tribune Co. Bankruptcy