Thursday, July 15, 2010

Canidates Fear 'Albany Effect'

Independence Party Ready to Give Back Mayor's Money

Canidates Fear 'Albany Effect'

Gov. Paterson turns to higher power by wearing red string kabbalah bracelet to ward off evil (DN)

Gov. Paterson Returns Campaign Cash To Donors: NYPIRG
* Rangel Fundraising Numbers Are In

Voters give NY Legislature 'F' in latest poll (NYP)

Term Limits Could Throw Out Council Members (Gotham Gazette, Jul 15, 2010)

Even Bruno's car sold as legal fees mount (DN)

Driven to distraction: Schneiderman's fender-bender dings his AG campaign (DN)
* Schneiderman Campaign Continues Amid Tumult

The Summertime Money Grab: Candidates — With One Exception — Race to the Financial Finish Line

Early Fund-Raising Success for One, but No Clear Leader in Attorney General’s Race (NYT)

Monserrate Seeks Seat in State Assembly (DN)

Seabrook's big bash Indicted City Councilman Larry Seabrook threw himself a nearly $3,000 victory party after winning an easy reelection by a 16-1 margin in November. Seabrook paid Sea Shore Restaurant & Marina in the Bronx $2,923.40 for his celebration last year (NYP)

New York State Attorney General and Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Cuomo Plans RV Tour

Lottery Moves Forward With Aqueduct Review Despite Court Order * Aqueduct Situation Gets Even Messier, If Possible

Cuomo Campaign's War Chest Is Brimming

Azi Paybarah rep. maloney's campaign says they'll file 23,500 signatures, "more than 18 times the 1,250 signatures needed to get on the ballot" #ny14 * Joseph Mercurio
Maloney will win, but the only correlation between signatures files and vote totals is in a head fake for journalists

Incumbent Comptroller Tom DiNapoli: $1.8 Million On Hand

New York Economic Melt Down MTA Holds Final Hearings On Booth Closings (NY1) * Bloomy raids borough presidents' bank accounts

Should New York Scrap Aqueduct for 'Airport City'? (WSJ) * Study says Racino may be bad bet for state (DN)

School Disciplined After Drowning (WSJ) *Teacher Fired Over Field-Trip Drowning of Girl, 12 (DN) * Low-performing schools can stay open, alone (DN)

Federal Oversight for Troubled N.Y. Youth Prisons Law and Order In Brooklyn, Precinct's Practice Called Into Question (NY1) * No Jail Time in Bike Case (WSJ) * Cop-kill charge for Colombo mob boss in 1997 slay (DN) * Look ma, it's my mug shot in NYPD database (DN) * Cigarette puts ex-con who tried to rape teen back in jail * Be a crimestopper, Dave: Paterson must veto bill to kill NYPD database (DN) * Ex-Officer Avoids Jail Time in Arrest of Times Square Bicyclist (NYT)

NYP Mike Sexy Spy Again With the Help of A Hollywood Flack
Angelina Jolie wants Anna Chapman at Moscow premiere of spy film 'Salt'
Terrorism NY
Times Square Bombing Suspect Outlined Plans In Video (NY1)*** Video Shows Times Square Bomber Vowing to Attack U.S. (WSJ) * JFK Terminal Closes After Passenger Checks a Gun in his Luggage, Runs Off (WSJ) * Iranian scientist returns home, claims CIA offered him $50M * Video Shows Failed Bomber Before Attact (NYT)

Dem House divided (NYP)

Media and New Tech
Under Fire, Apple to Discuss iPhone *

'Beyond the Killing Fields': Why Journalism Is in a 'State of Chaos'

Sydney Schanberg